Gifts for Guitar Players

Best Gifts For Guitar Players: 12 Top Options

Guitar players are so essential in a band. If you know someone who is into guitars, what is a good gift for guitar players? Below is a list of the best gifts for guitar players.

Top 12 Best Gifts For Guitar Players

These earplugs are by the brand HEAROS. They are comfortable and have hearing protection.


  • White
  • Noise attenuation of 20 dB
  • Affordable price
  • Has a case so you don’t lose them
  • Made & manufactured in the US
  • Noise attenuation of 20 dB
  • Comfortable for long usage wear
  • Foam plugs that people may not enjoy
  • Works for a while but not lifelong use

Sample Customer Review…I play music on a semi professional basis and I have used these Hearos for many years on stage during every performance, weekly more or less…. They bring everything down evenly…the fidelity is still there, it just cuts off all the harshness of drums, the snare, and the guitars, especially if the amp is pointed at your head…the triple flange is nice, you can have them all the way in for ultra noisy situations. .. or have them partially out and you can still have a regular conversation with them still in. I sing in the band, too and these do not hinder that in any way. I have four sets just to make I always have a pair…sometimes after a gig they go into my pocket and then on to the counter and I have forgotten them for shows. … my hearing is precious to me, so I have the extra pairs tucked away in my gig bag or instrument case. They are comfortable enough, I sometimes I forget I’m still wearing them.

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2. Mogami Instrument Cables     

These instrument cables are like your iPhone or Android charger. You need them to plug into an amplifier so people can hear you. There are a lot of them you can get but some fit people’s preferences better. These cables are mid-range for the price but pretty good for 6 months to 1-year use. 


  • Mogami brand
  • 8 ounces
  • Black cable
  • Compatible with a
  • 10 feet long
  • It is designed to prevent handling noise
  • Clear tone and a silent background 
  • Nice clear tone
  • Good Price
  • Comes with a manufacturing warranty
  • Could be overpriced to some people
  • Only 1 range clean tone

Sample Customer Review…i bought this cable in an emergency situation – one where I was on the road, needed a great cable, and didn’t have access to roll my own using, what would’ve been, essentially the same parts. I exclusively use canare and mogami in the studio, and in critical places of my live setup. The cable itself is top shelf, quiet, and will provide years of use if you treat it even with modest respect. As an instrument cable, this could possibly be a little short if you move around a bunch, making it worth it to go for the 18′ cable as a bass or guitar player if you don’t like being tied down. I used this as part of a keyboard rig, where it was perfect on all levels – quality reproduction of sound across the entire spectrum (the highs were crystal, the bass clear), connection is solid (I am not a gold fanatic, but these are excellent), great warranty, and a reputation that holds value. (These are real deal pro cables, as opposed to some cables priced similarly that have a monster price, but not necessarily a superior build or sound, which is why I didn’t walk into guitar center and buy a pair of monster 1000’s and waited for these to be delivered overnight instead,,,)

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3. 6-pack Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are used to pick the string when strumming the strings. These picks are customized and personalized to have a personal touch. The size is 0.96mm, as a musician, it is really good for strumming. You can customize a range of fonts and colors. This guitar pick has multiple sizes useful for most fingers.


  • 0.96mm
  • Made with polycarbonate material
  • Custom colors
  • Protect your fingers even after practicing for a long time
  • Improve exercise or performance.
  • Useful for other stringed instruments
  • Not for lifetime use

Sample Customer Review…I stumbled across these on amazon. I uploaded a pic from my wedding reception. I got the picks rather quickly. I was worried they would not produce the same sound. That worry was unfounded. My guitars sound the same as with the fender picks. I was concerned using the picks would cause the image to come off. Again, unfounded. I am already planning on buying more!

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4. D’Assario Pro Capo

A capo is used as a clip that a musician will use on the neck of a guitar to shorten the length of the strings. It can raise the pitch, transpose sounds.


  • D’Assario brand
  • Comes in black
  • Works for 6 and 12 stringed instruments
  • Good price
  • Comes with tension adjustment for buzzing-free performance.
  • Multiple uses on instruments.
  • Designed for classical guitars with zero fretboards
  • Does not come with a warranty

Sample Customer Review…I have a wide neck Guild 12 string and I trialed this vrs Shubb. I have a Thalia and have used and gotten by with Kysers and other axis capo’s on both 12 and 6 strings, both Guilds. However, on a 12 you need 3 things. 1. firm pitch lock 2. ability to adjust tension. 3. Ease of use. I have been playing for over 40 years 6 & 12 and several features make the D’Addario top drawer- 1. When tension is adjusted it holds solid pitch across the fretboard. 2. It can be adjusted on the fly (during play if you need to) 3. There is no disruptive cam action as with Shubb. As you go up the fingerboard the D’Addario gives a positive stop and a smooth change with the tension adjustment the same from fret to fret. It is simply the most “peaceful” capo I have used. Axis capos are never as firm, even the Thalia which is nice on all 6 strings. And Shupp with its cam and roller is a bit awkward, especially if you want an octave shift. To top it all- D’Addario is the least expensive of the lot. Enjoy and be blessed.

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5. Snark Pro Tuner

This is a tuner device to help musicians tune strings faster. I have this tuner myself and I love it. I had it for a long time and it works wonders. This is a SNARK tuner. It comes in black. It tells you if the string is undertone and overtone. It tells you the letter keys from the “CDEFGAB” scale.


  • 1 lithium battery
  • Weighs 1.58 ounces
  • Alkaline battery
  • It has a full-color display that is easy to read.
  • Has multiple frequency ranges.
  • The tuner can be used in front of the back of the head.
  • Rotates 360°
  • Lightweight
  • Can break off easy
  • Needs battery replacement constantly

Sample Customer Review…This is my second Snark Tuner. I am still using the first one I bought and am very happy with it. I own and play an acoustic guitar, a classical guitar, a ukulele, a bass guitar and an electric guitar and this tuner works nicely with every instrument. I am not replacing the first one, just adding another one for the convenience. The display is bright and easy to read and rotates 360 degrees so this works for right or left handed players. The “grip” on the clip is sturdy and holds just fine on every head stock on every instrument I have. No frills added, just a good basic tuner that is reliable. The cost is very competitive making this a nice choice.

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6. Guitar Tool Kit

This tool kit includes a wide variety of tools and has plenty of pockets to store picks, extra string, and other guitar accessories. This is the perfect gift for any guitarist.


  • 2 in 1 screwdriver
  • 5 allen wrenches
  • 1 rod wrench
  • 6 storage pockets
  • String winder
  • Bridge pin remover
  • Comes with a variety of tools
  • Does not include a string stretcher

Sample Customer Review…I recently purchased this kit, at the same time I was setting up the intonation on my Floyd Rose. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. All of the allen wrenches I needed were in the kit. Including one for adjusting the D-Tuna. Add in the truss rod hex for my Martin, some wire cutters, a string winder, and a flashlight, and you’ve got the perfect little guitar toolkit. Awesome!

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7. Guitar Pick Case

This stylish guitar pick case holds plenty of picks, and is also a great gift for pick collectors. It is made of leather, and protects picks from damage. Any guitarist would love this gift.


  • 20 slots for guitar picks
  • leather
  • includes a lanyard
  • Can hold over 20 picks
  • Prevents damage or misplacing
  • Only available in one color

Sample Customer Review…Exactly what I was looking for to carry my awesome Star Wars picks in. It is a little bigger than the palm of my hand and the material feels really nice. My bandmates from the band Hi-Azure find it amusing because I can carry so many picks in it. haha!

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8. Pick Maker

This pick making kit is perfect for the guitarist who also likes to diy. It comes with starter strips with various designs, a pick punch, and a small pick case. The lucky receiver will never have to purchase picks again.


  • Pick punch
  • 15 starter strips
  • Small pick case
  • Makes 100 picks
  • Once the strips are used up, you can continue using the punch on old credit cards, hotel cards, or ID’s
  • Probably not a great gift for the guitarist who doesn’t go through picks quickly

Sample Customer Review…I bought this as a gift for my son, but of course I had to try it out. It comes with a goodly supply of stock in various colors and patterns, just like the picture. I made a few picks for a friend because the pattern was very appropriate. As another reviewer pointed out, if you seat the stock firmly back in the machine, you end up with a little flat spot on the top of the pick. I solved this by moving the stock a little forward. To me, it’s not as big a deal as it sounded. With careful spacing, I think you could get six picks from each piece. Everything was there, the pick-holder keychain and the little guitar, which is actually an emery board! That comes in handy, because the edges of the picks are a little sharp. Just a few swipes smooths them out. This seems like a very well made product that I think my teenage guitarist will be thrilled with. We’re including some used-up gift cards so he’ll have a variety of thicknesses. I actually prefer tri-corner picks for my bass, I’d love to see this with a different die for that. All in all, well worth the $30 I paid. This thing is cool!

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9. Hand Grip Exercisor

This gift is great for a beginning guitarist or any guitarist who is trying to improve their endurance and grip on the frets. It has adjustable resistance, which helps even the most newbie guitarist improve.


  • 4 lb to 7 lb tension
  • silicone
  • Improves grip strength and endurance
  • You can set each finger to different levels of tension
  • May not fit all hand sizes

Sample Customer Review…My hubby loved this gift. He said his hands felt stronger and more flexible after using it the first time. His bass playing was more fluid and he said he knew it would sound crazy but his brain was more apt with reading the sheet music after excruciating his hands with it the first time. He has used it everyday since he got it. An added bonus was his hands we’re becoming arthritic and he says they do not hurt at work as much as before. Glad I got it for him.

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10. Callous Builder

This gift is great for beginner guitarists who experience soreness when playing. Over time, using this tool will build up callouses, which protect the finger pads from soreness.


  • Rough grip
  • Black
  • Keychain
  • Helps build callouses which improves performance and endurance
  • Keychain may be annoying for some, however it can be removed

Sample Customer Review…Great product, this is the only guitar conditioning tool I can see myself using in the future. I’ve tried the finger strengthener to improve finger straightening tools, but didn’t stick with it. This product is so far what I wanted. I used to try to maintain finger calluses when bored by rubbing my fingers on credit card edges, office char plastic textured arm rests and so on. This item is better than anything else. It has a string like texture and fits well in my left hand, but not great in my right. I want to get into taping on guitar, but this product is shaped for left hands. I would of preferred a right and left hand general shape, but it’s still miles better then alternative products, which is why I still rated 5 stars. Perfect and small enough for doing while one hand is available, and sort of a stress reliever as well.

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11. Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand 

Everyone needs a guitar stand to hold their instruments and with this universal guitar stand it can hold both electric and wooden guitars. It’s lightweight and doesn’t need any to be assembled. It is the perfect size to place in the corner and hold the guitar when not being played!


  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Dimensions of 8.12 x 14.6 x 3.4 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes assembled
  • Can only hold one guitar

Sample Customer Review…What I like about this product is that it simply works. The stand came folded and in a small box, no assembly required. You simply push in a pin, stretch the stand and that’s it, couldn’t be simpler! It’s sturdy and holds my acoustic guitar well! This stand will also hold an electric guitar because as you can see on the second image there is space where a smaller guitar will fit perfectly – I’d also like to note, my guitar does not move and hasn’t ever fallen out of the stand. This stand has a lot of cushions that will not harm your precious guitar. One big pad of the back where the guitar will rest, at the bottom and the feet of the stand have rubber so it will not scratch hardwood floors, tile or anything. I recently bought my first guitar and decided to go with the Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat. I needed a simple stand that will protect my guitar but also be strudy as mentioned before and this does just that. Honestly, couldn’t be happier with this.

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12. Guitar Savers Premium Strap Locks

With this easy to install strap locks, your strap will be locked in place in just seconds. This product is a simple solution that ensures your guitar will never fall from the straps coming out. They come in 2 different packs and are offered in many colors. 


  • Weighs 0.32 ounces
  • Dimensions of 5.91 x 3.54 x 0.79 inches
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to use
  • No tools required
  • Small
  • Easy to lose

Sample Customer Review…So you have a favorite old guitar strap that’s getting a bit stretched around the hole? Or perhaps the angle of your strap button on the guitar doesn’t quite match the direction gravity wants your instrument to hang? Squeezing these rubber grommets on over the strap adds a layer of security against dropping your ax on the ground. I’ve done those mid-air grabs a couple of times, but never once I’ve used these, everything else (guitar, strap) being the same. Are there other cooler, shinier alternatives out there, maybe more permanent? Sure, but they cost more and might require specific straps to work, unlike these low-tech fittings, and I’m not above appreciating a simple, effective and inexpensive …. dare I say “elegant” ….. solution to problems.

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Things To Consider


Earplugs are super essential. Music 101. Don’t ruin your hearing from listening to loud music. Your ears are a special gift to have and to not lose. Your ears can only hold a special decibel for a moment but when you lose your hearing it will suck. Losing your hearing sucks for someone who’s a musician. When you are playing at a live event with loud amps, it can damage your ears. In the long run, it’s not worth it. This person will thank you in private because you help them get an essential thing that not a lot of people think about at the moment.  


This is a tuner device to help musicians tune strings faster. This device will tell you how far the pitch is off desired note.


A capo is a clip that you put on the neck of the guitar shorten the strings.

About Guitar Players

Guitar players are essential in a band. A Guitar player gives an extra background layer to a live band. Independently, a guitar gives the riffs and the chords to the music. In the development of Rock & Roll, guitars are super important. As a musician myself, guitar is so beneficial to have in a live setting. It can do lead, chords and is the engineering in of music production. In music production, the guitar can be the lead or background of the band. The guitar can be different pitches, tones, and is a great element in music production.

Benefits to playing Guitar

Playing guitar is really good for mental health. For some people, playing the guitar helps them develop a sense of achievement. Music is the universal language. Everyone knows at least one song that is timeless. Or, everyone has that one song that you can clearly remember the first time you listened to the song. Playing the guitar has a lot of benefits. In the list above, there are great gifts for guitar players in your life.


All of these gifts are beneficial and great gifts for guitar players. Guitar players spend a lot of money on their craft and these are perfect helpful gifts to get. Even if they already have a gift lifted, they will always need another because guitar players have to constantly update their guitar accessories. 

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Written By Tyesha Marius and Katherine Roberts

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