Coffee Bar Accessory Ideas

Creative Coffee Bar Accessory Ideas

Heading to Starbucks every day for your gourmet coffee eventually starts to become pretty expensive.  If you’re a coffee fanatic, it may be time to consider putting together your own high-quality coffee beverages at home, while recreating the coffee shop atmosphere you love, by setting up a home coffee bar. 

Simply organizing, stocking, and decorating your coffee bar with help from our list of coffee bar accessory ideas will allow you to enjoy all your favorite parts of going out for coffee, without having to worry about spending $5 per cup or even changing out of your pajamas.  All you have to do is carve out a small space in your home, look for your favorite versions of the necessary components and the best coffee accessories for your taste, and get started inviting your friends over for breakfast and gourmet coffee.

Components and Coffee Bar Accessory Ideas

Components and Coffee Bar Accessory Ideas
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Here are a few things to consider when crafting your very own at-home coffee station:

The Set-Up

There are quite a few ways you could go about setting up your coffee bar.  While it is unlikely that the coffee bar will take up a great deal of space, it is important to consider how you’d like to organize your coffee corner depending on the size of the space you’re planning to fill with everything ‘coffee’.

You may want to set up on a section of your kitchen counter, while other options include setting up on top of a wine cabinet, dresser, side table, or rolling cart.  You could also opt to place your entire set-up inside a standing cabinet, or on a shelf or series of shelves.  Feel free to combine some of these elements as well, since many coffee bars feature some sort of countertop to make the coffee on, as well as shelves, drawers, and hangers for storage.

Organization is key when it comes to planning and decorating an efficient, yet trendy, coffee station. Try to visualize where you’d like to keep certain essentials- Would you rather have your coffee mugs sitting on multi-level trays, or hanging from hooks on a coffee mug holder mounted to the wall?  You might need to invest in some cute decorative bins to hold your K-cups, or maybe just some organizational trays to hold your napkins, paper cups, utensils, and stirring sticks.


Once you have a rough idea for where you plan to set up shop and how you’d like it to look, you’ll have to look into which coffee makers best suit your needs. There are plenty of options no matter what your preferences are- espresso machines, single-serve coffee makers, coffee makers that will make a full pot all at once, coffee makers compatible with ground coffee or K-cups, or both, you name it. 

If you’re really looking to spice up your coffee station, you might consider purchasing some more advanced machines which make fancier brews such as lattes, cappuccinos, and cold brew beverages.  Since these can get a bit pricey, you might want to consider purchasing individual coffee-making accessories rather than an entire multi-purpose machine, such as a handheld milk frother, Aeropress, and cold brew maker. Additional ideas for possible coffee-making equipment include a coffee grinder and/or kettle- and of course, as for all of these, the compatible coffee grounds, beans, or K-cups.

Edible Elements

Since you are in fact putting together a coffee bar, it is technically complete as long as it has the equipment and coffee necessary to get brewing.  However, if you’re the type of person who enjoys the delicious flavor combinations you find at professional coffee shops, you might need to add a few more items to the grocery list to bring your coffee bar to its full potential.

At the very least, your coffee bar should have sugar and milk or cream available, as these are common additions to coffee and it’s likely that your guests will ask for them in between marveling at your awesome set-up. You might want to place sugar or sugar cubes in a little jar or bowl, and keep the milk or cream tucked away in a mini-fridge stored under the bar (or just leave it in the regular fridge and retrieve as needed.)

By going beyond these typical additions, you’ll be able to craft some pretty awesome coffee-based drinks.  One way to add some delicious sweetness to your drinks is to purchase coffee syrups in a variety of different flavors, such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, lavender and more.  Then, be sure to have your coffee bar stocked with coffee spices such as cocoa, nutmeg and cinnamon to top off your creations.

Finally, while not necessary for the coffee itself, it would be wise to fill a cookie jar with your favorite biscotti or dunking cookies, to enhance the overall coffee experience and offer to visitors.  At the very least, these cookies may occasionally fulfill your craving for a light breakfast to go along with your coffee in the morning.


Compiling everything you need for your coffee bar is relatively straightforward- Decorating, on the other hand, requires you to get a little bit creative, yet you can’t go wrong as long as you stay true to your personal preferences.  While most of the decorations you may or may not choose to include are optional, there are some components that would be unwise to leave out, such as coffee mugs and travel tumblers.  Luckily, artfully arranging a matching set of these is almost guaranteed to make your coffee station pop.

Many of the organizational features and edible elements can be used for decoration as well.  It might be visually appealing to arrange your syrups in a row across one of the shelves or place your jars filled with sugar, cookies, and coffee beans in line on the countertop.  From there, take the time to customize your set-up with whatever suits your aesthetic, whether that be plants and flowers, coffee-themed quote signs such as those found in most coffee shops, stacks of books, candles, or artwork.  To add an extra layer of customization, you might fill the wall behind the setup with pictures of family and friends, or simply paint it with chalk paint to draw on some adorable graphics.


Image Source: Pixabay

Ultimately, setting up a coffee bar requires a bit of planning and a lot of love, but it will be completely worth the effort once you see the finished product. The right mix of essential equipment, edible elements, and decorations, all arranged in a suitable space, will make you feel like you never need to leave home for an exciting, high-quality cup of coffee again.

Written by Alessia Martire

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