Do Foot Massagers Work For Neuropathy?

Do Foot Massagers Help Neuropathy?

What exactly is neuropathy, and how do foot massagers affect it? Neuropathy is when you feel numbness and tingling in your hands or feet due to nerve damage. Another symptom that is caused by this condition is muscle weakness, especially for the elderly. Individuals who are more susceptible to having neuropathy are those who are suffering from diabetes and those who have undergone cancer treatment.

Although conventional medication and professional massage therapists are often recommended as treatment, foot massagers are an excellent alternative. 

If you currently suffer from numbness and are in the market for the best foot massagers help neuropathy, you have come to the right place! A foot massager is a great investment if your goal is to increase the speed of the healing process when you have neuropathy.

Not only will foot massagers help your feet recover, but they will improve other bodily functions. The feet have more nerve endings compared to any other body part so it is the best area to target in order to stimulate the entire nervous system. There are many kinds of massagers on the market to choose from, and your legs and feet will resume normal activities with no symptoms in no time. 

How Foot Massagers Help Neuropathy

How Foot Massagers Help Neuropathy

A foot massager has many features and massage techniques that exert pressure consistently to allow relief in the muscles. The exerted pressure improves blood flow and reduces muscle pain, which aids in neuropathy. Not only is a foot massager a great tool for decreasing muscle tenseness which alleviates the effect of neuropathy, but it provides other benefits that will be listed below. 

How Foot Massagers Help Neuropathy: Massage Techniques

One massage technique a foot massager has is the vibration technique. This technique soothes your feet and eliminates nerve pain. Not only does it offer quick relief, but it leads to a speedy recovery process. Depending on the foot massager you buy, there are several vibration settings that can deliver the best performance. 

Another massage technique that foot massagers offer is the deep kneading technique. This technique accurately targets acupuncture points found on your foot using deep-kneading nodes in order to stimulate blood flow and provide stress relief. When the machine is set to knead your foot in a gentle manner, it improves blood circulation. You will feel a definite improvement after using this technique.  

Benefits of Using Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

Benefits of Using Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

Improved sleep

It is always difficult to get enough quality sleep when your feet are in pain. Massaging your feet will eliminate that pain, which will allow your brain to not worry and rest. In a pain-free state, your mind and body are relaxed, therefore allowing you to sleep soundly and have a good night’s sleep. 

Relieves muscle weakness

Neuropathy is a condition that attacks your muscles which makes them fatigued and weak. Using a foot massager with different techniques will decrease muscle stiffness, which will allow you to gain strength and carry on with your normal activities. 

Proper blood circulation

Those who suffer from poor blood circulation due to conditions like diabetes or cancer are more likely to suffer from neuropathy. In order to have the best blood circulation, you need to treat the numbness of your feet. A foot massager targets the nerves in a way that exceptionally improves blood circulation. In order to ensure the best results, it is recommended to use a foot massager several times a day. 

Ease of use

A great benefit of owning a foot massager is that you can use it anytime you feel the need to have a foot massage. It is always by your side whenever you need it. This is a machine that does not call for any technicalities and can be used comfortably. With regular use, the features are easy to master and nothing will prevent you from being able to use it whenever you want. 

Enhances balance

When you are in pain, it is difficult for your feet to function properly, especially for balancing. Basic physical functions like walking and standing would be difficult when you are in pain. When you massage your feet, the symptoms including pain from neuropathy will be significantly reduced, allowing the nerves to function correctly with ease. Once the nerves are working efficiently, you will be able to stand and walk, which also improves your balance. 

Enhances joint flexibility

Massaging your feet will promote rapid healing of any injured tissues which will enhance joint flexibility. It is critical for many athletes to often use foot massagers in order to improve their performance. For those suffering from neuropathy, the massage will restore mobility by making the joints more flexible. Your movement quality and ease will be positively affected by this. 


Many massages including foot massages naturally make you feel relaxed. You might initially be in pain, but there will be many functions that will be improved after using a foot massager. You will feel a significant difference in only the first thirty minutes of using this machine. Although you may experience tingling and numbness in the feet while using the machine, it will ensure you relax. 

Affordable solution

Once you buy a foot massager, you do not have to worry about any more incurring costs. It does not matter how many times you plan to use it, the cost is the same. This is not the case when you work with a professional massage therapist. Their service is not only expensive, but you often need the service multiple times which will hurt you if you have a tight budget. 



It is quite common to have numbness in the feet or neuropathy. It is a condition that carries many painful symptoms, and many people always seek medical treatment as their primary solution if they did not discover the benefits of foot massagers. It has been proven that massaging your feet on a regular basis will significantly eliminate neuropathy symptoms by restoring your feet back to their healthiest state.  

As the market for foot massagers increases, this practice gains more popularity and continues to encourage sufferers to practice this method of treatment. You no longer have to spend a lot of money and suffer from the painful symptoms when you can invest in a foot massager that will solve your problem.

Written by Angela Lutz

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