How Do I Get my Earbuds to Stay In My Ear When I Run?

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Running and listening to music might be one of life’s simple pleasures, but it’s hard to find one that actually fits with the wide variety and styles of earbuds. The larger over-ear headphones are clunky and big making it harder to run while loose-fitting earbuds seem to pop out every other step. The size, shape, and earbud tips all affect the fit of the earbuds. To find the best earbuds to work out with, we need to cover the bases on what matters when buying earbuds.

Why Do Earbuds Fall Out?

We haven’t been able to definitely tell you why your earbuds keep falling out, but one of the factors that contribute is ear wax. Wax builds up in your ear and causes less friction between the earbud tip and your ear. The build-up of earwax causes the earbuds to slip out more frequently.

Just like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two ears are the same. This makes it extremely difficult for earbud manufacturers, so they tend to lean more on making a one-size-fits-all. Sadly, the one size fits all works but also leaves a lot of customers alienated. You should figure out whether your ear is smaller or bigger than average by trying multiple pairs out and seeing which fits best. 

Finding The Right Fit

When it comes to buying a pair of earbuds to work out in, there are multiple colors and styles to choose from. You can choose between a wide variety of wireless or wired earbuds which may slightly affect the fit but in our opinion, the earbud tips are the most important factor to look at. You have the option of silicone earbud tips or comply foam earbud tips. The silicon option is meant to last longer and be a more universal fit, while the comply foam molds the earbud tip to the shape of your unique ear, ensuring a snug fit. 

The shape of the earbuds is also extremely important to finding the right pair for you. In order to figure out which shape works best for you, you need to find out what makes your ear unique. If you have a slightly larger ear canal, the earbuds could slip out, while a slightly smaller ear canal can prevent the earbuds from getting a deep and snug fit. The best way we recommend to figure this out is to try as much as you can. We suggest you go into stores and ask to try out multiple pairs and see which shape and which type of earbud tip fits the best. It may be much easier to order online, but by trying before buying you can guarantee perfect fitting earbuds. 

Additional Help

If you’ve done your research, tried all the earbuds possible, and it’s still not fitting right, don’t fret we have more recommendations. The loose earbud is a pretty common problem meaning others have made products to help with the issue. With a wide variety of aftermarket products, it’s up to you to see which product applies best to your circumstances.

Ear hooks are a fairly common solution to the age-old problem of ill-fitting earbuds. The ear hook is an additional attachment to your earbuds. They wrap around the back of your ear giving more support and a more secure fit while running or working out. You can buy this as an additional attachment or it can come standard with earbuds like Powerbeats.

A simpler and slightly cheaper solution could be ear warmers. The band wraps around your ears creating pressure and a snug fit no matter what exercise you are doing. If you live in a colder area, this is the ideal solution, but if in a hotter climate, we have another recommendation. 

Our final suggestion is an armband for your phone and earbuds. Whether you choose wired or wireless earbuds the armband is the most versatile product. It offers protection for your phone along with easy access to answer calls or change the song. If you prefer wired earbuds, armbands also create less tension between the wiring and your ears. This prevents yanking or slipping of the earbuds.


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The wired and wireless earbud industry has so many options and styles designed for running or working out. In order to find the best pair for you, we highly recommend trying on as many pairs as possible and finding the best fit for your ears. Do some research on whether silicon or foam tips work best for your circumstances and if needed additional products to ensure the best fit possible. 

With the information and tips above, you should be able to find the perfect fitting earbud that will stay in your ear while running. 

Written by: Raj Vora

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