How to change watch battery

How to Change Watch Battery

These days, even the most basic outdoor watch can monitor heart rate, the number of calories burned, how many steps you have taken, and so on. Being able to tell time is a bonus. When so many helpful tools are packed into one small device, it is important to make sure it is up and running; but what do you do if your battery dies right before your trip? You are in luck because changing your watch battery is easier than you might think. So the next time you are preparing to take a hike or go camping, try out this tip that could save you some time and money! Read on to find out how to change watch battery.

When is it Time to Change your Watch Battery?

Even the best hiking watch needs to be cared for. Aside from when your watch comes to a complete stop, here are some warning signs that your battery health is on the decline:

  • The digital display or your watch alarm has stopped operating.
  • Your watch is unable to display the correct time.

It is crucial to at least remove, if not immediately replace, your watch battery when it runs out. Failing to do so can lead to permanent damage to the watch if the battery begins to leak. If your watch is beyond repair, you can check out the best hiking watches for every budget.

How to Change a Watch Battery

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Supplies Neded for Changing your Battery

  • New replacement battery
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Screwdriver/long-nosed plier/coin

Note: The specific tool needed here depends on the type of case your watch has.

Step 1: Removing the Watch Case

You may require different methods and tools, depending on your particular watch case.

  • Snap-on cases: These are the most common cases, and simply require a flat head screwdriver or a small blunt knife. Insert the tool below the lip on the cover and down to pop up and remove the case.
  • Cases secured with screws: These require a small screwdriver. Remove all the screws and you will be able to remove the case.
  • Screw-on cases: These have notches around the perimeter of the case and require a tool such as a long-nosed plier to remove the case. Using your tool, grip the case, twist, and pull up to remove the case.

Something to note is that slot cases, which simply have a groove on the watch case, can be removed by inserting a coin into the groove and twisting anticlockwise until you are able to remove the case.

Step 2: Prepare your Tools

After determining what watch case you have and removing it, you will need a replacement battery and plastic tweezers (to avoid scratching the inside of your watch). When purchasing a replacement battery, pay attention to anything inscribed on the battery. This will help with correctly identifying and purchasing a new battery.

Step 3: Insert the New Battery

Using plastic tweezers, carefully remove the old battery. Make a note of how the old battery is positioned, and which side is facing upwards. If clips are being used to hold the old battery in place, carefully lift them with the tweezers. Insert the new battery with that same side facing upwards as the old battery to install it correctly. Return any clips to their original positioning.

 Step 4: Check if the Watch Works

If your watch does not work after replacing the battery, double-check the placement. If you place the case back on and it does not close, you have not inserted the battery correctly. In the event that you have followed these steps closely and your watch still does not work, then it might be time to take your watch to a jeweler. 

Hopefully, your watch does begin ticking, and you can continue to the final step!

Step 5: Close the Case!

After you have finished inserting your new battery, it is time to close the watch case and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Retrieve the backing of your case and replace your watch backing according to the case backing.

Snap-on cases: Paying attention and aligning the case to any indented grooves on the watch, carefully place the case on the watch backing. Once you have it in the correct position, press down on the case and you should hear it click into place.

Cases secured with screws: Hopefully, you held onto any screws you removed! Place the case on the watch backing and using a screwdriver, screw in the original screws.

Slot cases: Place the case on the watch backing and using a coin, carefully twist it back into place.

Make sure that your case backing is securely attached so that dirt and water are less prone to enter and damage your watch! If your watch is already damaged, you can find the best hiking watch under 100.

Reset your watch and you should be all set to face the day ahead.

How to Change Watch Battery: Conclusion

Some things should be left to the professionals, but replacing your watch battery is a simple process and should be a simple, stress-free fix when preparing for your outdoor adventures. Outdoor watches are a great tool for pacing yourself while spending time relaxing in nature. Follow these simple steps and spend a relaxing time outside!

Written by: Keren Godwin

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