how to cook jasmine rice in an instant pot

How to Cook Jasmine Rice in an Instant Pot

Cooking rice, especially Jasmine rice, is a difficult skill to master, but the process can become easier if you figure out how to cook jasmine rice in Instant pot. Normally, You would have to have the perfect ratio of liquid-to-rice and time the cooking process down to seconds. If you don’t do these two things outstandingly, the rice may become watery, chewy, hard, mushy, or straight-up burnt. how to cook jasmine rice in an instant pot This is a very unpleasant experience and one that can be easily avoided. All you need to know in how to cook jasmine rice in an Instant Pot is a few techniques and the right vessel.

Techniques to Prepare Your Jasmine Rice

Techniques to Prepare Your Jasmine Rice

These techniques can help your rice taste better and prevent your kitchen from becoming an impromptu art canvas. 

Rinse Your Rice

Rinsing your rice helps you get the perfect taste and texture. It also keeps your kitchen clean. Rinsing takes off a layer of starch that is stuck to the rice (which you will see as an opaque substance in the water you are rinsing your rice in). It may take multiple washes for the rice to become completely starch-free. Rinsing also helps prevent foaming and splattering of the rice water onto every surface of your kitchen. 

Add Oil

This may seem like a strange move for many, but it is great at preventing sticking and giving the rice a better flavor. You can use any type of oil you have around the house. For example, you could use avocado oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, butter, or coconut oil. If you want a hint of sweetness in your rice, I would suggest using coconut oil.  

Use 1:1 Ratio

The term “1:1 ratio” means to use 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of liquid. If you want more flavorful rice, try using vegetable broth, chicken broth, or beef broth. When you are measuring out both the rice and liquid, make sure to use the same measuring cup. If you don’t, the ratio will be messed up, which may cause the rice to cook improperly. If you are from outside of the United States or only have metric measurement tools, a cup equals roughly 250 milliliters. 

Don’t Keep Your Rice in Instant Pot Too Long

It is very common for people to keep their food items in their Instant Pots for longer than the recipe calls for. It keeps the food warm, it is a good vessel for temporary storage, and it prevents the food from going bad. The problem with this practice is that it overcooks the food, and rice is no different. When rice is left in the Instant Pot for too long, it begins to stick to the sides or get charred on the bottom. It also makes the texture of the rice become sticky or mushy. Overall, don’t do it. 

Cooking Times of Rice

One of the best things about Instant Pots is how fast they are able to cook food. In the case of Jasmine rice, you can save 30 minutes compared to a traditional rice cooker! In fact, it only takes 4-5 minutes of cooking for the rice to be ready to be released. This is where you have two options.

The first option is to “quick release”. This type of release means that you are immediately cutting off the cooking. If you decide to do this method, you will need to add 10 more minutes to the cooking time for the rice.

The second option is a “natural release”. With this method, you slowly release the built-up steam for a 10 minute period. It is recommended for the best texture of rice. 

Benefits of Jasmine Rice

Benefits of Jasmine Rice

There are a few benefits to Jasmine Rice that you may find helpful. 

Benefit of Versatility

Jasmine rice can be used in or accompany a variety of dishes. Although it is primarily eaten in conjunction with Asian food, you can eat it with any type of food. For example, it would be a great accompaniment to any food that has a large amount of sauce or gravy. 

Benefit of Meeting Daily Dietary Requirements

Jasmine rice is also a good way to meet your dietary requirements for the day. Everybody is recommended to have at least some carbohydrates in their diet. These carbohydrates could be complex or simple. They provide the body with the energy that it needs to make it through the day. Jasmine rice is a simple carbohydrate, which simply means that it takes less time to digest than complex carbohydrates. 

Benefit of Being Healthy

Jasmine rice is both fat and cholesterol-free. This makes it a great food for people that are on a diet or who have cardiovascular issues. This is especially true when it is coupled with other healthy food such as vegetables, lean meat, and fruits. 

Conclusion – how to cook jasmine rice in an instant pot

The key to having perfect rice is to employ the correct techniques and use the right cooking vessel. Don’t be afraid to add flavoring. Rice doesn’t have to be boring! Also, Jasmine rice, in particular, is a very good food item to include in your diet. 

Written by Allison Knowles

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