how to cut tile without a wet saw

How to Cut Tile Without a Wet Saw

Are you trying to figure out how to cut tile without a wet saw, since you do not have one? Wet saw costs between 100 dollars to 300 dollars to buy if you do not want to spend that kind of money on a wet saw. There are many different tools you can use to cut tiles and get the job done, just like if you are cutting tiles with a wet saw. 

How to Use a Manual Tile Cutter


If you are looking for a tool that cuts large straightedges, then using a Manual Tile Cutter would be the perfect tool. Manual Tile Cutters cost around 25 dollars for a moderate quality cutter. They are more expensive, if you want one that cut thicker porcelain or glass, their prices are around 125 dollars. Manual Tile Cutters are used to snap the tile at the desired size. Here are the steps to how to use a Manual Tile Cutter to cut tile:

Before you start cutting, it is important to label or mark where you want to make your cut. Place the tile on the cutter base and line it up with the small wheel blade. After the tile is lined up under the handle rod, bring down and push forward, so the blade runs along the tile marked for the cutting. Once you start to get near the end of the tile, press down on the handle to apply pressure, and the tile will snap off. After cutting the tile, you might need to put something smooth on the tile to get rid of the rough edges. 

How to Use a Glass Cutter 

If you are looking for a tool that is not too expensive, then buying a glass cutter would be perfect because they cost around five dollars. By using a glass cutter, you are applying more pressure to the tile for it to break. 

Measure out and mark where you want to cut the tile at. You can use a marker or sharpie, just make sure you use a writing utensil that will show up on the tile. Run the gas cutter along the line using the T-square or yardstick slightly off the mark to make sure you are going to hit the spot where you marked on the tile.

Next, run the glass cutter along using a T-square or yardstick to make sure you are staying straight. Make sure you press down really hard on the tile to hear the scraping sound of the blade hitting the tile. After cutting the tile, you are going to take the other end of the glass cutter and knock the bottom side of the tile off.

Then, take the glass cutter and put it under the tile to cut the line. If the tile has rough edges when you get done cutting it, you can use a brick or concrete block to sand and smooth down the tile. 

How to Use a Grinder 


By using a grinder to cut tile, you can either trim a tile to fit in the corner of the room. When using a grinder to cut tile, it is important you cut the tile outside because dust will be flying everywhere. Make sure to use a marker or sharpie to mark on the tile where you want to start cutting. Secure the tile on a flat working surface. Next, make sure the part of the tile that you are cutting is hanging off the edge of the workshop, so you will not cut it. Use a blade with a continuous rim on your grinder, so you can avoid getting jagged edges on the tile. 

How to Use a Tile Nipper

Using a tile nipper to cut the tile would be best if you want to snip the edges off. If you want a tool that cuts the tile with straight edges, then it is best not to use a tile nipper. Do not try to trim too much of the tile at once because if you do you could risk cracking it or cutting where you do not want to cut it. Make sure to use a marker or sharpie to mark on the tile where you want it to snip off. Use the tile nipper and start snipping. 

How to Cut Tile Without a Wet Saw: Conclusion

It does not matter what tool you use, just make sure you wear safety glasses at all times when you are cutting the tile. Also, it is important to be patient and take your time when cutting tile because you do want to keep damaging tile and keep starting back over on a new tile especially if you are using high-end tiles.   

Written by Tianna Hall

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