How to Fax from Home with a Scanner Printer – Easy to Do Steps

How to fax from home with a scanner printer
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Home scanner printers are multi-purpose machines that are affordable, convenient, and cost-efficient to use. Home scanner printers have also been a common item seen in every household. It is a quick, yet simple method of printing, copying, and scanning documents. However, did you know that your scanner printer can also fax documents? 

Faxing is a method used to digitally send documents from one machine to another by using the internet, similar to sending an email. With all the new and upcoming technology, faxing from a home scanner printer has proven itself as a simpler method to use.  You can fax information online, through your phone, an app, and even by email. 


How is a home scanner different from a faxing machine? Essentially, both machines do the same thing, they both digitally capture the documents to be either printed out or as an image file. The difference comes down to convenience and price. Most homes won’t have a fax machine readily available as they are expensive and not cost-efficient. Fax machines only serve one purpose, and that is to fax. Home printer scanners however have a variety of different uses. They can print, scan, and even fax documents all for an affordable price. It is the best bang for your buck in terms of must-have items for homes.

How to Fax From Home with a Scanner Printer?


The idea behind faxing is sending information from one fax machine to another fax machine. This occurs when you feed a document or information into the fax machine, which then transfers the incoming data to another fax machine and prints it out. Using a home scanner printer is a similar concept, you put the document you wish to fax on the scanner and the information then gets digitally scanned onto your computer ready to be sent. 

Getting Started 

To get started on faxing from your scanner printer, you first need to choose a faxing program to work with. The instructions on how to fax using their program should be provided after downloading the software. After setting up all the necessary information needed to use the program, you will be assigned a fax number. This number is used to receive any incoming faxes, however, to send fax documents you will need to use your email. This will set up your scanner printer as a fax machine.


To start faxing, you first put the document face down on the scanner of your printer. After you hit scan, the printer should automatically start digitizing your documents. If needed, the documents can be scanned as a grayscale to help darken the text. When the document is done scanning, a file should pop up on your computer. Next, you will need to open your email and compose an email to be sent. Afterward, you would type the email address of the recipient and fax number from the fax service company you chose.

For example, if you choose to go with the provider eFax, the email address will look like Next, you would attach the scanned documents waiting to be faxed into the email and then hit send. 

Another possible option that can be considered is directly faxing the documents from the printer. After the documents have been scanned, you can select all or select a few of the images to be sent. Hitting the “print” button will show the options of how it can be sent. The next step is to select the fax service button, then another screen would pop out and you would enter the recipient’s name and fax number. Afterward, just hit send and you’re done!

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Why do people still fax? Faxing may seem old-fashioned compared to sending emails, but faxing still has a wide user base in the business world and other sectors. It provides an easy interface to send and receive documents that may take days to be shipped or mailed in an instant. Faxing from a home scanner printer is another alternative to emailing long documents which takes up unnecessary space and time.

Sending documents from a home printer provides a simple solution to an otherwise long problem. These steps may look technical and complicated, but it is really not as hard as it looks. With technology improving and everything moving to the virtual world, you can easily fax important scanned documents in the comfort of your own home printer without a faxing machine. 

Written by Susan Liu

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