how to record guitar on pc

How to Record Guitar on PC

When it comes to content creation today, music is quite simply essential. Knowing how to record guitar on pc is one common method. There is no better time for musicians to show off their skills than right now! Now, of course, in order to get started with that, you will need a proper setup. While you won’t be expected to start off with any kind of heavy investments, it is important to make sure that you are spending the money required for a proper setup that will allow you to produce quality content. Now for all the guitar players out there, let’s get to it!

The Process Differences

This process will vary slightly depending on what kind of guitar you have!

Remember that with guitars, they may have an amp. Specifically, with electric guitars, you can plug the amp into an Audio Interface to collect the sound without interference. Otherwise, you can use a traditional microphone to capture the sound when learning how to record guitar on pc. This would work with Acoustic guitars since they do not have an amp traditionally.

What Will I Need?

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-Guitar with a proper amp (if there is no amp then you need a proper microphone instead)

-Proper computer with sufficient specs

-Audio Interface

-Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Step 1: Install your DAW

You need to find the right audio software that fits your needs and install it onto your computer. This is what you will be using to record and edit your music. Some of the most well-known DAWs out there are “Garage band” and “Logic Pro X”. Software like “Logic Pro X” is high quality but is incredibly expensive.

If you are just starting out with recording and making your own music, it is highly recommended that you do not purchase expensive software. It would be best to learn your style of music editing and recording before making such an investment. Reliable, free options include but are not limited to “Waveform” and “Cakewalk”.

Step 2: Connect your Audio Interface to a Computer

Your audio interface is what will allow your computer to process your music recordings. The audio interface acts as a sort of translator for your computer. The music recording is essentially in a different language and the Audio interface translates it into a language that your computer understands. This allows you to edit and process your recording however you want to.

Also, just like your DAW, you should not feel the need to overspend on an Audio Interface. Costs can pile up when putting together setups for any kind of content creation. You can find Audio interfaces like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) for about 120 dollars and the Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2×2 for about 125 dollars. On the high end, other audio interfaces can reach up to a thousand dollars!

Step 3: Connect your Amp or Microphone to the Audio Interface

At this point, your audio interface should already be hooked up to your computer, which should be running a DAW of your choice. Depending on what kind of guitar you are using, you will either use an amp to connect to the audio interface or a microphone so that the audio interface can collect external sound from your guitar. If you have an electric guitar, you will want to connect it to an amp which will then be connected to your audio interface.

However, if you have an acoustic guitar, you will not be able to use an amp. In this case, you will need to connect a microphone to the audio interface since acoustic guitars do not have any electric attributes. With a proper microphone, you should be able to collect the sounds from an acoustic guitar with no problem; just like how you would with an electric guitar using an amp. There should be plenty of affordable microphones and amps available for purchase as I said before in the digital audio workspaces and audio interfaces paragraphs.

Now You are All Set!

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Congrats! You are now all ready to get to recording your guitar on your computer! As you get more and more experienced with recording and editing your guitar recordings, you will be able to find your style and find more sophisticated items for your setup, if your circumstances call for it! Whether you are a seasoned guitar player or just starting out, here’s to hoping that this step-by-step process helped you out and that you can make the most of your guitar skills to make enjoyable music for everyone!

In an era where content creation is getting more and more simple for the average person, make the most of what our world’s technology has to offer and create something you can be proud of! Who knows; maybe guitar recording is only the beginning for you! Give it your all and don’t look back!

Written by Rohan Chiramel

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