how to reset dryer timer

How To Reset A Dryer Timer

Ever wonder how to reset a dryer timer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. For those lucky enough to own washer and dryer machines, it is a blessing to be able to clean your clothes whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. However, like many household appliances, dryers are not indestructible and unfortunately can fall victim to damage. Instead of going out and purchasing a whole new dryer unit, which can be pretty expensive, there are a couple of things you can do to reset your dryer timer, and I am here to share a few with you. 

Background on Dryer Timers


Thinking about the ins and outs of a dryer timer is rarely something that most of us do consistently, but knowing how they work can make understanding how to fix them a bit easier. 

The two main components of a dryer timer are a small motor and a knob. The knob, which is the part visible to us, is connected to the motor of the knob, which is directly connected to the gears in your dryer. These gears control the cycles of your dryer by rotating the dryer at different intervals, so whenever you want to dry delicate fabric or your comforter after spilling some juice on it, your dryer timer plays a large role in it. The dryer timer shuts off automatically once the cycle is over and your items are all dry and ready to be put into good use. 

Unplug The Dryer to Reset It

The simple solution many of us have to fix anything with a plug is unplugging it, right? The same thing can be applied to your dryer. While it may not be the best solution long-term, it can provide a quick and easy remedy, especially if the problem is new. Before doing anything, it is best to isolate the problem and make sure that it is the dryer timer that is creating issues, not something else. It could be a faulty outlet or a problem with the breaker, so unplugging the dryer could jumpstart the dryer timer. 

With electric dryers, unplugging the dryer will be simple. Precaution should be taken though, you don’t want to accidentally electrocute yourself. Cut off the power to your dryer and avoid touching any other wires. After unplugging the dryer, it is important to wait a minute or two before plugging it back in, then waiting an additional 30 minutes before starting the cycle. In a gas-fueled dryer, “unplugging” would be turning off your dryer’s gas supply.

Pressing the Reset Button


Ah yes, another easy and simple solution. Many dryers have reset buttons, so if you come across an issue with your dryer, whether it be a malfunctioning dryer timer or some other issue, pressing this button may solve your issue simply with the lift of a finger. 

For dryers that don’t have a reset button, unplugging should work fine. Some dryers with reset buttons require you to press and hold while others just need to be pressed. Reading the instruction manual or searching up how to utilize your specific dryer’s reset button will ensure that it is being properly reset. Some dryer companies may have their dryer’s “start” buttons serve the function of resetting the machine as well by holding down the “start” button or pressing on different buttons at the same time. Again, manuals will be your best friend when it comes to resetting your dryer’s timer, so follow the directions they give to get the best outcome.

Replace Existing Dryer Timer

The previous tips are more simple, but if those fail to reset your dryer timer, replacing your dryer timer with a new one could be another solution. It is not an easy process; it is primarily meant for those of you who are very hands-on and either like fixing things on your own, or you like a genuine challenge. Either way, replacing an existing dryer timer is achievable given the right tools and the right attitude.

As with most things, in-depth videos on how to fix your specific dryer exist in addition to the manuals that come with dryers. If you are looking for a summary, you came to the right place. Some of the tools you’ll need to replace your dryer timer include your new dryer timer, a screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, a nut driver, and a camera.

First things first, turn off the power source of your dryer to prevent you from frying yourself. On the control panel, find the timer dial and pull it off. You should then take off the back panel from the dryer using your nut driver. Take a picture of everything to keep note of where each wire is supposed to go. Once you do that, you should pull on the connectors to disconnect the wires from the back of your dryer timer using your hands or your pliers.

The screwdriver again comes into play here to unscrew any remaining screws. Once the screws are removed, you should be able to take out the old timer and install the new one by reversing the steps, using the picture to remember the positioning of all the wires, and closing up. If everything is done correctly, you should then turn on your dryer’s power source and now you have a brand new functioning dryer timer!

Ask the Professionals

If all else fails or you feel inadequate in the field of dryer tech, it is never too late to call an actual technician. Their job is to understand everything you don’t and fix what you can’t. If you don’t feel like going through the process of replacing your dryer timer or trying to fix it yourself, have a professional do it for you the right way. Who knows, you could be saving yourself from a trip to the ER in the event that you try fixing your dryer timer with little experience and ability to do so.

How to Reset a Dryer Timer: Conclusion

Dryers play a huge role for us. Without them, we would have to air dry everything, which is more eco-friendly, but not as efficient, especially if you need something to be cleaned and dried quickly. Take the time to appreciate your dryer by maintaining it, not just fixing it when it’s broken. But hey, at least now you know what you can do if you or a friend has a dryer timer that doesn’t want to work. Way to go!

Written by Amandine Cardichon

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