How to stay warm in a tent

How to Stay Warm in a Tent

Brrrrr… no more. If most people are like me, they choose to stay away from sleeping in a tent during the cold time of year. How to stay warm in a tent you ask? Well, below are the best tips and tricks that help people stay warm in their tent during the cold months. Let’s get started- I know you’ll want to go on a camping trip after this. 

The Best Clothing For Camping 

People sitting around a fire in warm clothes around their tent

When going to bed while on a camping trip, you want to make sure you are dressed to stay warm, not dressed to impress. Some of the best PJs to wear when camping are nice, thick fleece PJs. These will do a great job keeping you warm. Along with the fleece PJs, you can never go wrong with putting a zip-up or a pullover sweatshirt on top of your PJs. This will give you extra layers and extra warmth.

One of the last good tips for staying warm in a tent, especially when you’re ready for bed, is to sleep with a pair of long johns under your PJs. Now for your feet, the best kind of socks to wear when camping are super thick wool socks; these will keep them the warmest. Some other good ideas might be to wear a hat and put it over your ears to keep them warm and keep your hands warm with a nice thick pair of gloves. Layering up is one of the most important tips for staying warm in a tent. 

Boot Liners

An interesting fact many people probably don’t know is that your body concentrates mostly on warming the core of your body, resulting in less warmth flowing to the rest of your body. The best way to help this: boot liners. Boot liners, along with gloves, will help keep your feet and hands stay extra warm, which will help conserve energy. The best boot liners can be an extra pair of wool socks on top of the ones you are already wearing. The wool socks will soak up any moisture from your feet to keep them from getting damp and reduce any odors.

Get Warm with a Water Bottle 

Multiple water bottles you can warm up

Another interesting tip for staying warm in a tent is to warm up with a water bottle. I know what you are thinking: Warm up with a water bottle, what? I promise this will help tremendously. Snuggling with a hot water bottle will keep you super warm in a tent because it will radiate from the water bottle to your body like a sauna stone. What you have to do is put your water into a stainless steel bottle and it will heat up so nicely. When you’re ready for bed you can snuggle with it and it will radiate heat, warming you up more quickly than you’d think.

Disposable Heat Packs

Most people probably would not think of this one, but disposable heat packs are a great resource. All you have to do is bring them with you every time you are camping and put one in either your hoodie, under your pillow, or in your sleeping bag. These will help you warm up super fast, just like the hot water bottle. This is definitely something you should remember to bring every time you are camping. 

Adding Layers

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There are many things you can put in your tent in order to make it extra warm. The best thing to layer the bottom of your tent with is a fitted carpet or rug. This is a great insulating layer, stopping cold air from coming through the bottom. If you decide that you would rather have a heater, you can find the best tent heaters with just one good search.

Another way to keep your tent warm is to line and layer the bottom of your tent on top of the rug/carpet. One great material you can use for this is straw. Straw is a great insulator for tents, and when you are done using it you can leave it outside because straw is very environmentally friendly. Another great option for insulating your tent is to lay down a foam mattress. This option is reusable and will continuously maintain insulation between you and the ground, keeping you warm.

On top of the straw or the foam mattress, you might want to add a cheap lightweight blanket. You can use this to layer the floor, walls, and ceiling of the tent if it is a sturdy tent. By layering like this the heat gets trapped in the tent, helping you stay warm.

How to Stay Warm in a Tent: Conclusion

So, do you want to go camping this winter? Thought so. These tips and tricks will not only help us stay warm, but they will ensure that we get to have new, amazing, exciting, and fun experiences. Now, get out there!

Written by Gianna Rutigliano

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