How to Unclog a Dishwasher?

How To Unclog a Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are of significant value to us Americans. We use them daily at our convenience instead of hand washing the dishes. A dishwasher preserves so much time daily that could be spent on handwashing each dish. So if your dishwasher is messed up for just one day sometimes it is hard to get back in the routine of handwashing each dish. There could be several possibilities as to why your dishwasher is clogged. Let’s learn how to unclog a dishwasher.

Reasons why the dishwasher could be clogged

A dishwasher with wine glasses in it.

Filter Basket Clogged

Your dishwasher has a filter basket that needs to be cleaned regularly in order to have extra clean dishes. In order to clean the filter basket, you should soak the basket in vinegar which allows it to remove deposits in the holes in the basket. This basket prevents big pieces of food and other particles from entering the actual drain. 

Garbage Disposal

Have you had a new trash disposal installed? It could be causing your dishwasher to drain improperly. Things you put into the garbage disposal may also be causing it to clog. 

Broken Sewer Line

If the lines in your house are backed up the overall house might need a sewage inspection.

Clogged Drain Hose

There is a line that is connected to the sink or the garbage disposal. Sometimes this line can get clogged with sludge from the food from the disposal.

Is it time for a deep clean? How to unclog your dishwasher 

The easy fix to unclogging your dishwasher Identify the problem. Are you putting dishes in the dishwasher extremely dirty? Sometimes improper use of dishwashers is the reason for clogs.

The Filter Basket

Identify the problem. Are you putting dishes in the dishwasher extremely dirty? Sometimes improper use of dishwashers are the reason for clogs

Gather the tools you might need. Such as a tray to catch the excess water that might run out of the dishwasher when cleaning and disassembling the parts

  • Drain the dishwasher and remove any excess foods before taking the dishwasher apart
  • Remove the filter basket from the dishwasher and begin removing any debris that might be stuck around the drain
  • Clean the filter basket thoroughly until there is no debris left trapped in the basket
  • Reassemble the basket and parts and check to make sure it now drains properly

Getting into the Drain 

This method is a bit disgusting but works if this might be the problem. Get a pan or bucket for draining the dishwasher.

Remove the filter basket from the dishwasher

Use a zip-it tool or some type of wire to dig around in the bottom of the drain opening. When pulling the tool out you hope to find what might be clogging your drain

The Garbage Disposal

The drain could be clogged by food being stuck in the garbage disposal or drain hose. Turn the garbage disposal on to ensure there is no underlying food blocking it.

  • Turn the disposal back off. If it is not being blocked then check the drain hose that is connected to the dishwasher
  • Examine the hose at the connection point to ensure there is no clogging. Then use a chemical-lock plier to detach the hose
  • At this point, you must inspect the drain hose for other clogs and figure out the best method of unclogging
  • Choose your method of unclogging: dishwasher cleaner, a product bought specifically bought for unclogging, or even a wire clothes hanger inserted into the drain line

You could also remove the drain hose completely and thoroughly clean the hose

Fixing your dishwasher at home is more convenient

A dishwasher filled with dishes.
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Individuals who use their dishwasher daily are brought back to reality when their dishwasher gets clogged. People adapting to changes that come with a broken dishwasher can be very difficult. Hand-washing dishes is very time-consuming and draining when you are in the routine of rinsing the dishes and then putting them into the dishwasher. The changes that come with a broken dishwasher will drive some people absolutely crazy because they have to wash their own dishes again. A dishwasher is an essential part of most households and individuals sometimes panic when the dishwasher is broken. These steps on how to unclog a dishwasher are tips to help avoid a dishwasher clogging crisis In any household. 

Seeking professional help

To some extent, there are sometimes no actual solutions that you could come up with at home to fix your dishwasher. Extremely dirty drains can become a nuisance and a major health risk to you and your family. If your problem is bad enough within a business environment, you could be required to shut down until the problems have been solved. If you have attempted the steps above and your dishwasher still is not draining, it is time to hire an expert professional to inspect, evaluate, and fix the problem. Look up local plumbing or appliances companies in your area. Evaluate all your options after doing some research and comparing numbers. Choose the best and most reasonable option for you. 

Written By Halli Koon

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