Shadowverse Tier List

Shadowverse Tier List 

Are you a gamer or starting to become one? Shadowverse Tier List is the one to get started with. It is one of the most competitive card games, any gamer won’t want to resist. Not only is it versatile, but is a game that gained popularity for its proficiency and qualities. It’s a game that lists its players based on how much power they have, and ones that will guarantee a win.

For any new beginners, knowing the best players will help you win every match. It is a game where each level is different and each player has their own special power based on how valuable the deck is.

Tier 1: Easy level 

Tempo Rune 

Tempo Rune belongs to the Runecraft Class, the cost for owning this desk is about $15,050. Its following cards are Insight, Magic Missile, Conjure Golem, Kaleidoscopic Glow, Demonic Strike, Piercing Rune, and Fate’s Hand. All these cards are three in quantity and the most expensive. 

Aggro Bats

Aggro Bats belongs to the Bloodcraft Class. The cost is $8,300 less than Tempo Rune. This deck includes Blood Pact, Razory Claw, Summon Bloodkin, Night Horder, and Dance of death. This also includes one amulet card and a Vampire fortress. 

Midrange Sword 

Midrange Sword belongs to the Swordcraft Category, it is considered one of the best decks because it can pressurize its opponent. Being a powerful mid-game threat has its perks of surviving longer than most players.  

Ramp Dragon

Ramp Dragon is the best one to pick when playing against midrange aggression and aggro. Using this card, the chance of victory is very high.

Tier 2: Fair Level

Midrange Shadow

Midrange Shadow belongs to the Shadowcraft Category, valued at about $27,900. It contains five impressive spelling cards, including Foul Tempest, Death-brand, Phantom Howl, Dance of Death, and Deaths Breath. Along with followers cards such as Skull Beast, Lesser Mummy, and Charon. 

Control Shadow 

Control Shadow belongs to the Shadowcraft Category as well, valuing around $27,950. Instead of five spell cards, it contains four-Undying Resentment, Foul Tempest, Phantom Howl, and Death’s Breath. It also contains one amulet card, which strengthens any spell card. 

Discard Dragon

Discard Dragon belongs to the Dragoncraft Category, the deck’s value is $27,800. It has three spell cards and two amulet cards. The spell cards are Blazing Breath, Altered Fate, and Dragon counsel. For the amulet cards, they are Dracomancer’s Rites and Dragon-Song Flute.

Daria Hybrid Rune 

Daria Hybrid Rune belongs to the Runecraft Class. The desk value is $17,800 and has the most spell cards than the other decks. This deck with most of the wins include  Insight, Magic Missile, Conjure Golem, Wind Blast, Kaleidoscopic Glow, Sorcery Cache, Secrets of Erasmus, Piercing Rune.

D-Shift Rune

D-Shift Rune belongs to the Runecraft Category and is the protector of the deck. In order to advance to the next level, the aggro decks have to defeat the d-shift. This deck is especially made for anyone who is a control-style-oriented player. 

Tier 3: Stronger Level 

Control Sword 

Control Sword belongs to the Swordcraft Category. The deck value is $43,100. With only two spell cards, it sure does have a lot of follower cards. Some of them are Unicorn Dancer Unica, Veteran Lancer, Maid Leader, Healing Angel, Novice Trooper, and Ruthless Assassin. As for the spell cards, they are Whole-Souled Swing and Alwida’s Command. 

PTP Forest 

PTP Forest belongs to the Forestcraft Category. The value for the deck is $29,600. It contains a variety of unique spell card names including Nature’s Guidance, Fairy Circle, Altered Fate, Sylvan Justice, and Glimmering Wings. 

Control Blood 

Control Blood belongs to the Bloodcraft Category. This deck has a value of $29,000. Some of its following spell cards are Blood Pact, Razory Claw, Summon Bloodkin, Night Horde. Let’s not forget the amulet card which is the Dire Bond. 

Earth Rune 

Earth Rune belongs to the Runecraft Category. This deck has a value of $16,550. It has an impressive number of amulet cards such as the Scrap Iron Smelter, Teachings of Creations, Red-Hot Ritual, and Price of Magic. Leading with the spells which are Kaleidoscopic Glow, Petrification, Fate’s Hand, etc. 

Face Dragon

Face Dragon belongs to the Dragoncraft Category, the fastest deck to end the game within eight turns. The deck alone is the strongest and sits on the very top of the tier pyramid 

because of its inherent advantage over other decks. Its only perceived counter, Sanctuary Haven, will still have a tough time beating an experienced player who’s running Face Dragon.

Tier 4: Weakest level 

PTP Rune 

PTP Rune belongs to the Runecraft Category and the cost is $10,250. Some of the spell cards are Insight, Trail of Light, Altered Fate, and Magic Missile. Being one of the weakest, there is not much to offer. 

Aggro Shadow 

Aggro Shadow belongs to Shadowcraft and the cost is $15,250. Some of the spell cards are Soul Conversion, Demonic Strike. This particular deck has different follower cards apart from the others which are Skeleton Fighter and Knight. 

White Wolf of Eldwood

White Wolf of Eldwood belongs to the Forescraft with legendary rarity. It has an expansion called the Rise of Bahamut, which makes the deck available in two forms. The evolved and Unevolved. This deck is valued at $3,500. 

Shadowverse Tier List Summarized

Shadowverse is every gamer’s dream, from being a competitive game to being very versatile. It is the one game where a tiers list matters. The answer to winning the game and having the best players completes the package.

Written By: Milagro Perdomo 

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