White Shepherd

The White Shepherd

The White Shepard is a reliable best friend who will never leave your side, then consider a White Shepherd as a part of your journey. The White Shepherd is in the Shepherd family is related to the German Shepherd, consisting of fearless, obedient, and alert for dangerous hazards. White Shepherd is a perfect addition to the family pack when it comes to adding a pet to the family picture frame. While adding its member to the family, it also comes as a convenience factor being a reasonable body frame of 70-85ibs, with a height of 24-26 inches. Life expectancy ranges from the number 12 years which must White Shepherd owners would agree is an amazing range for this type of breed to last. 

Health Problems

While adding the White Shepard member may be amazing, they also correlate with us humans when it comes to health problems. White Shepherds tend to deal with diseases that impact their elbows, hips, and even joints which can add up in the long run if not treated immediately. Overall, the diseases that impact this specific breed tend to land on the structure of the body, and not cancers or other dangerous diseases. The shedding problem is the main factor that can lead to health problems if not taken care of, because this breed tends to shed massive amounts, especially depending on the different seasons. 

Living Conditions

White shepherds tend to do well in small household residences and will result in less hyperactivity. Exercise is a key factor when it comes to owning a White Shepherd, they will be distracted while helping one improve on physical activities. The perfect dog for a household of individuals who enjoy being outdoors with the family, and getting everyone involved. Despite White Shepherds being a good living pet, the owner must consider all factors that lead to the dog being in good living conditions, because if the dog is not satisfied it will result in poor overall living conditions for the dog and owner. 


When owning a White Shepherd the individual must know what they signed up for. The White Shepherd is a dog breed consisting of challenges in physical activities while challenging their brains to develop their entire body to another level. The perfect amount of time to spend with an average White Shepherd consists of 10-15 minutes of ball catching or even frisbee which they tend to get a nice amount of exercise benefiting them and the owner. The exercise requirements for this type of breed must be met, or will result in massive destruction in the household or less of an obedient dog to its owner. 

History of White Shepherd

The origin of the White Shepherd came from three different countries consisting of the United States, Canada, and Europe. This breed is considered it’s own when it comes to self-identifying the specific type of dog. Moreover, the reasoning for its color is a component that is due to genetics that makes up their similar cousin the German Shepherd. 


  • Perfect family dog
  • Socializer 
  • People pleaser 
  • Exercise activity 


  • The daily activity must be met
  • Will tire out owner if not satisfied 
  • Health problems 
  • Hyper-vigilant 


White Shepherds are dependable security dogs when it comes to living in an insecure neighborhood, or feeling safe in general. These dogs should not be antisocial when taking them into a family, due to high exercise and social activity leading to the owner’s personality being similar in order to make life easier. Misleading factors that support the White Shepherd in disobedience is poor trending and handling which lead to the pet believing they have control over the owner and the house. The owner of this type of breed must have the main idea clear, that training and showing the ropes to this type of breed at an early stage, will define how smoothly the relationship between the family and the dog will go because if not taken care of, this type of breed will lead to living problems that cause dysfunction to anyone near the dog. Overall, the White Shepherd, like any other dog, has its benefits and downsides, but will overall provide an experience like every other dog. The responsibility will land on the owner and how they develop on their future journeys together. 


While all dogs should try to get along, it doesn’t mean every dog will get along. The White Shepherd surprisingly is banned in some parts of the world, due to the fact that rare occasions show aggression with this breed that harms other types of breed leading to serious problems. Individuals are so quick to demand people in court when it comes to dog attacks against them or their dog, which can result in this type of breed being an expensive liability. 

Overview of The White Shepard

While having a White Shepherd may be exciting when owning one, owners should research and take into consideration facts and personal experiences from anyone around them. Identifying important factors that White Shepherd needs in order to live a smooth life, depends on if their owners have the energy to meet their needs. Overall, having a pet best friend is amazing as long as the owner knows what they are signing up for. 

Written by: Esteban Manzanares 

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