What is a Backlit Keyboard?

What is a Backlit Keyboard?

Backlit keyboards are simply regular keyboards with light illuminating beneath each key. These can be set up with RGB lighting and customizable for aesthetic purposes as well. Backlit keyboards are especially popular within the gaming industry as they create more light and functionality in dark environments. 

So why do we need backlit keyboards anyway?

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To answer this question, you must first consider what the purpose of your laptop is. Does it function as a digital notebook for you to take with you to and from work? Or is it more for means of extra information and entertainment to have with you on the side? Either way, the main function of a laptop is clear: it’s a multifunctional device that you can take with you wherever you need it.

For maximum functionality, why not add a little light to an otherwise dark work setting? The portability of laptops is meant to be taken advantage of, but you’re not always going to have ideal lighting. Backlit keyboards were made to make it easier for you to see the keys in the dark. 

It’s ideal for you to have a laptop with a backlit keyboard if you tend to move around a lot. Sometimes having a set working space can be stale, especially if your work requires you to get creative. Laptops are great because we’re able to take them with us to different environments. That way, we’d always be refreshed with new ideas and a stronger sense of motivation. 

Otherwise, sometimes it’s nice to just look at the fun colors on your laptop’s keyboard for aesthetic purposes. Backlit keyboards are great because some are made with customizable RGB lighting. Not only will you be able to work efficiently under ideal visual conditions, but you’ll also be able to show off your set-up and boost your mood and spirits. 

Functionally, backlit keyboards are great for people who use keyboard shortcuts. Most of the time, we’ll find that there isn’t much time to accomplish everything we need to do during the day. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. The backlighting on keyboards allows us to complete tasks much faster overall, as it increases visibility within dim settings. 

Some Backlit Keyboard Options

Asus ROG Strix G

A powerful gaming laptop with a visually pleasing and customizable backlit keyboard with RGB lighting. Gaming laptops are great because they hold the power to run the highest quality games and multitask with work as well. Your laptop can be used for both work and entertainment purposes. 

The backlit keyboard is just a bonus that helps with both function and aesthetics. The customizable function can easily help you gauge your creativity a step further. 

Apple MacBook Pro

This classic Apple product is unbeatable in both performance and design. You’d have the capacity to multitask like no other, and simultaneously enjoy the sleek visuals. This laptop comes with a backlit Magic Keyboard, featuring a Touch Bar and Touch ID. 

Needless to say, the opportunities are endless. It can even run a few low-maintenance games if you’re looking to catch a break from work. You won’t be disappointed in the striking visuals this product has to offer. 

OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop

A portable gaming laptop that is truly the triple threat: powerful, thin, and lightweight. It’s equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card, 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB, of RAM, a 15.6 inch full HD 144hz monitor, and more! It’s the ultimate package in specifications, with the visuals coming close in comparison. 

This laptop comes with a 4-zone RGB backlit keyboard that is customizable and super pleasing to the eyes. Finally, as mentioned earlier, powerful gaming laptops can easily be doubled up as functioning working laptops. You will have the ability to work and game with ease, while simultaneously enjoying the effortless visuals this product has to offer. 

What is a Backlit Keyboard: Conclusion

Nowadays, backlit keyboards are essential features for any working laptop. They make working and creating so much easier, as everyone needs this kind of efficiency and multifunctionality in today’s environment. 

Also, it’s just as motivating to work with an aesthetically pleasing setup. There are lots of laptops with backlit keyboards that feature customizable backlit keyboards with RGB lighting. Your working space will instantly transform into an absolute dream. You might even find that this allows you to stay productive and on track with, all of your tasks. 

Look into a more immersive and productive experience with the addition of a backlit keyboard to your laptop device. You’ll find that it’s easier to complete work regardless of the time of day, and it’s just as enjoyable to work long hours in front of such a fun and decorated device.

Written by Naomi Reyes

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