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Which is Better – Beats or JBL?

In a world revolving around technology, we often find ourselves needing to listen to videos, take calls, and do work on our computers and phones. Whether you are using your device for business or personal reasons, it is imperative that you find a high-quality pair of headphones. This may sound pretty straightforward, but finding the perfect pair of headphones is no easy feat. With so many brands to choose from, you may be lost as to where to start. 

Two major brands, JBL and Beats, produce high-quality, well-designed wireless headphones that have gained major popularity among headphone users. But which is better – Beats or JBL? This may stir a pretty heated debate, but I am here to provide you with the ultimate buyer’s guide as to what to look for when comparing the two brands!

Sound Quality

Which is better - Beats or JBL?

Both Beats and JBL offer noise-canceling headphones for smooth, booming bases and great sound quality overall. It’s no question that these two brands are at the top of the line for their sound quality. However, many sound analysts have argued that the JBL is a bit crisper with less distortion in sound. The Beats headphones provide that booming bass we all desire, but tend to be a little less clear than the JBL E45BT’s. 


JBL headphone

Beats weigh only slightly more at 215g in comparison to 204g, so I hardly feel that weight should be a deciding factor in this instance. Both can be folded down for storage, but the Beats come with an additional travel case with your purchase, making it super easy to store and travel with. Additionally, both headphones have L-shaped charging wires, an important feature that prevents the cables from bending or snapping. One benefit of Beats over the JBL is that they are better for working out. The JBL headphones have been known to slide around or slip off while partaking in strenuous activity, while the Beat’s grip makes it perfect for working out (though your ear may get a bit sweaty)! Generally, however, both headphones have solid padding to support your head and ears, as comfort isn’t a big issue for either brand. 

Battery Life

Beats headphone

When talking about battery life, it is important to note that with noise-canceling headphones, the battery will run out faster when the noise-canceling feature is on and can even cut battery life by 50%! With that being said, the battery life of the JBL without ANC (active noise canceling) is around 30 to 40 hours, whereas the Beats battery life is closer to 40 hours. With ANC, you are looking at around 20 hours for the Beats Solo 3 and about 16 hours for the JBL E45BT, so Beats take the crown for better battery life. However, both can charge from completely dead to full battery in about 2 hours, which is pretty sufficient. 


JBL headphone

Both headphones are multi-device compatible and Beats have an Apple W1 headphone chip so you can seamlessly switch from device to device. Both make wireless models such as the two looked at in this article, and they include wire attachments if you do want to plug the devices into a computer or phone. It is also important to note that these devices do not support wifi connection, meaning they can connect through Bluetooth but they can not connect to wi-fi. 


From wireless speakers to wireless headphones to the accessories/add ons that come with the headphones, both brands are pretty pricey. Keep in mind that these brand-name headphones are a long-term investment, as Beat and JBL products generally last years and years (and include warranties to ensure a long life span). However, comparing the basic wireless headphone models for each brand (Beats Solo 3 vs the JBL E45BT), Beats are much pricier at around $280 in comparison to around $100 for JBL wireless headphones (prices vary depending on model and store).

Pros and Cons: Which is better – Beats or JBL?

Pros of Beats
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Super convenient for apple users
Cons of Beats
  • Expensive
  • The sound isn’t as crisp
Pros of JBL
  • High-quality sound
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
Cons of JBL
  • Shorter battery life
  • Not good for exercising

As you can see, there are benefits and drawbacks with both products. While I truly believe that you must find the headphone that works best for you, I personally would recommend the JBL headphones overall. I feel that they have a lot of similar features to the Beats for almost a third of the price! The battery life may not be as long and the design is not as durable, but they offer a higher sound quality for less. If your main reason for purchasing headphones is to use them when working out, then I would recommend the Beats because they are more durable and have a better grip. But when comparing the benefits in relation to the price, it is easy to see that the JBL E45BT outranks the Beats Solo 3.  

Written by Cassidy Beshel

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