Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier 

Have you ever strolled down the streets of New York City and witnessed a cute little dog head with a bright pink bow pop out of a lady’s purse? Or seen long luscious jet-black and amber blonde fur strut down the sidewalk? Chances are it was a Yorkshire Terrier! Yorkshire Terriers are the perfect dog if you live the city lifestyle or are a regular homeowner. 

Yorkshire Terrier Backstory 

The Yorkshire Terrier, “Yorkie”, originated in Northern England, specifically Yorkshire and Lancashire. Scottish immigrants migrated to those regions and brought along their terriers from Scotland. The weavers, textile workers, and miners used terriers to help with rodent control because the terriers were small enough to fit in small crevices and places. It makes so much sense how they comfortably fit in tote bags! During the Victorian period, terriers were seen as higher-class lapdogs where Victorian ladies could dress them up. That tradition still carries on as Yorkshire Terriers are seen with bows, sweaters, blinged-out collars, and other accessories! 

Getting to Know Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are the perfect size if you are looking for a pup that is not big or not miniature either! Yorkshire Terriers range from seven to eight inches in height and are about right under 10 pounds. This makes them easy to hold and play with! The fantastic part about Yorkshire Terriers is their lifespan is between 11 and 15 years! Your Yorkie will stick around for a long time! If you are considering owning a pet, adopting a Yorkshire Terrier has a lot to offer. 


Yorkshire Terriers have the perfect balance of puppy personality traits. Yorkies have quite a friendly disposition about them. Generally, you will never have to worry about them being defensive or stand-offish to meeting your friends or family members. The key is to bring them around people and puppies when they are young to get an understanding of socialization. Don’t be fooled by their tiny stature, Yorkies are extremely energetic and active pups! Whether you simply play fetch, go on walks or go to the park, Yorkies are always up for an adventure. However, they are perfectly fine with relaxing on the couch and watching a movie with you too! While they love to explore and meet new people, don’t worry about them leaving you. Yorkshire Terriers remain very loyal to their owners and protect the people they love most. 


With owning any kind of dog, there is always upkeep and routines to follow. Yorkshire Terriers do not have fur but more luscious hair. It is important to get their hair trimmed and groomed every month at the groomers. For everyday upkeep, make sure to brush their hair out to avoid matting and keep their coat silky smooth. To prevent dental issues, it is necessary to brush their teeth weekly and at routine vet visits. Naturally, make sure to bathe them weekly and trim their nails. Lastly, it is important to give Yorkies their proper nutrient-rich dog food and give little to no table scraps at all. 

Advantages of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier 

The main advantage of owning a Yorkshire Terrier is its adaptability to your living situation. No matter if you live in the city or the suburbs, your Yorkie will be able to handle the lifestyle you live. Additionally, they can handle most weather and climate conditions wherever you are located. Since Yorkies have a friendly and energetic personality, you do not have to stress about your dog being violent towards others. Granted your Yorkie may get snippy and bark but, it is out of a protective nature not aggression. The key to limiting the level of snippiness is to surround your Yorkie around people and other dogs when it is young. The main advantage of a Yorkie is they don’t require a lot of attention even though they love to play. Playing fetch and taking them on a walk is enough to release some of their energy!  

Disadvantages of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier 

Being a Yorkshire Terrier owner does not always come with ease. There are some health genetics and general dog practices that you need to be aware of. To have a well-rounded Yorkshire Terrier, it is important to give them some dog training. If you can not devote the time to train your newly adopted pup, it is recommended you hire a trainer. Proper training will help with behavior and bathroom breaks. Not to mention, having an obedient dog relieves some stress as a new pet owner. Crate training is a good start before gradually going into house training your Yorkshire puppy. Yorkshire Terriers are prone to some health conditions that you should know about. Some of the common ones are dental and eye infections. Routinely brushing your Yorkie’s teeth limits the amount of plaque and tartar buildup that could lead to gum infections. Dry eye is the most common eye condition Yorkies can deal with but can be helped with ointments and drops. With age, your Yorkie can potentially experience cataracts but that’s not something to worry about just yet. It is important to be mindful of how high your Yorkie jumps up or down because it could affect their joints and bone structures. Those are the main health risks your dog can experience but you can prevent them. For more information on Yorkshire Terrier genetic conditions, you can always ask your veterinarian! 

Yorkshire Terrier Summary

If you are looking for a buddy that you can pick up and bring everywhere, a Yorkshire Terrier is for you! Yorkshire Terriers are well-tempered, friendly, and active dogs that you can feel comfortable with no matter what location you live in! While they require some attention and maintenance, they truly are a perfect dog to have!

Written by: Kaitlyn Giglio 

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