Are Cliq Chairs Comfortable?

Are Cliq Chairs Comfortable?

Are cliq chairs comfortable? It is no secret that when people go camping and hiking they look for one thing: practicality. No one wants to go through the burden of having to bring big and chunky items when going on a trip like that. Especially if you have a big family or are going with a big group of friends, it is such an inconvenience to have to carry all of that stuff around. One of the most common items one would bring are camping chairs, and when deciding on which chairs are the most appropriate, comfort would be one of the main things to consider. Cliq chairs shrink to the size of a small package, are easy to carry around and set up, and most importantly, comfortable to sit in!

Are Cliq Chairs Comfortable? – Performance and User Experience

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Setting up Cliq chairs is a piece of cake, it will probably take you less than 10 seconds to put it together. As for comfort, it will not disappoint! Reviewers of the Cliq chair have even said that they have found themselves sitting more in the Cliq chair than in actual furniture of cabins they had rented when going on camping trips. Cliq chairs allow you to sit back and relax without having to worry about falling back. You could lean back and stay there for hours and still be comfortable! These chairs are tip-proof and perfect for any type of outdoors, always keeping you stable.


The second best part about Cliq chairs is how convenient they are. They fold up to the size of a bottle, making it so easy to carry anywhere. They are easily set up, with only a few steps to follow, and they are also perfect for the beach, barbecues, parks, concerts, basically wherever you would want a portable chair. Another great feature is that it dries up quickly, so in the case of rain, you wouldn’t have to worry about the chair being wet for too long.


Cliq chairs were built with high-quality items to be durable. They contain four legs made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, rubber foot tips, and can support up to 300 lbs. The chair sits about 10 inches off the floor, contains mesh pockets perfect for drinks or anything relatively small, and weighs only 3.65 lbs. 

Carrying Bags 

You can also buy carrying bags separately to carry your Cliq chair around. These bags come in different sizes: 2 chair bag, 2-4 chair bag, and 6 chair bag. The bigger-sized bags are also great for carrying towels, bottles, or any other essentials you may need. For example, the 2-4 chair bag would fit 2 Cliq chairs, a water bottle, and a rolled-up towel. They are water-proof and feature a carry handle, mesh side pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Colors and Custom Cliq Chairs

Cliq chairs come in six different colors: Black, Royal Blue, Green, Burgundy, Gold, and Silver. You can also order custom chairs or make bulk orders through their website. You can customize your chair with whatever you desire, from your own personal logo to your company logo. These logo printings are offered in multiple colors and after you submit a request of how you want to customize it, their design team will provide you with a digital mockup so you can review the design and see if it’s of your liking.


Compared to other folding and camping chairs, the Cliq chair would definitely fall under the category of being a little more pricey, however, it is built much better than other chairs with high-quality material, and is more durable. You can buy each chair separately for $99.99. However, there is a bundle discount on their official website, which is oftentimes more worth it than just buying one single chair. If you buy 2 chairs, you pay $179.98 ($89.99 each), if you buy 4 chairs, you pay $339.96 ($84.99 each), and if you buy 6 chairs, you pay $479.94 ($79.99 each).


We have listed various good options of camping chairs along with their features, so you can have the best time on your camping trip! Overall, the Cliq chairs are a great option to consider when deciding which camping chair to bring to your next trip.

Written by Carolina Thompson

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