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Are Vibrating Massagers Good For You?

Are you wondering if a handheld vibrating massager will benefit you or not? You are not alone in asking that question. At some point in time, you may have seen these massagers advertised or on the internet, maybe even a friend of yours swears by it.

These products are known to be used for before and after workouts. Although they are gaining popularity, it is understandable to be skeptical about their benefit based on how new they are in the market. Once you read on, we hope that you become convinced to invest in them as we tell you the many benefits they provide from their multifaceted features. Finding the best option for you can be difficult, but we will lead you in the right direction for the best handheld massagers

How Do Vibrating Massagers Work?

The vibrating massager guns are great to use when trying to warm up your muscles and increase the blood flow to certain areas in your body. The ball, or whatever attachment head you have, uses different vibration techniques and you can move it up and down quickly. You want to locate the area that you want the ball to pinpoint, and you let it hit the soft tissue consistently. Some of the things the gun does are that it can elongate the muscles, loosen up the muscle group, and it can even soften any scar tissue. They are commonly used for areas that tend to carry a lot of stress such as the shoulders, neck, and lower back.

Warm-up + Cool-down

Warm-up + Cool-down

These products are commonly used by athletes who target their legs to warm up before performing an exercise or physical activity. Not only do athletes use this product to prepare before a workout, but they also use it for recovery when cooling down. They must do this because it will help loosen their tight fatigued muscles from the workout.

Athletes commonly use the gun on a low-speed setting for about seven to five minutes when targeting major muscles or muscle groups. Doing this practice will help ensure that the muscles are activated and prepared for exercise, which lowers the risk of injury during physical activity. If you plan on just working on a specific muscle for an exercise, it is suggested that you use the gun on that used muscle group. One important note is that if you are going to do a full-body workout it is advised for you to use a traditional method of warming up. 

After a workout, lactic acid is built up so it is very common for people to use the gun to target those areas during the cool-down process. The massage gun will allow you to deter or delay soreness if you hit the lactic build-up head-on. The purpose behind the vibrating feature is that it lowers the muscles’ ability to hold onto the lactic acid from the workout. 

What You Want in a Vibrating Massager

When you look for your first or next massage gun, there are a couple of features that you want to look for. There are a variety of options in the market that are hard to choose from, so we want you to be informed as much as possible for you to make the best purchasing decision. These products come at many different sizes, colors, shapes, and prices. When looking at price, the ones that are of higher quality will cost around $400-$500. On the cheaper end, a price that you may expect is around $100. Here are some other factors that should be considered listed down below.


The weight of the product is an important aspect to consider in your purchasing decision. For at least 10 minutes, you want to be able to easily hold the machine in only one hand. A weight that is efficient for one-hand usage is around 3-4 pounds. 


Batteries are all over the place in these products. For products that are on the more expensive end, they can last for around 3 hours straight. Other choices need to be plugged in and charged every 90 minutes. The more expensive options tend to have rechargeable or replaceable batteries. If you can afford a more expensive option, then it is best to purchase the latter option because if your built-in battery goes bad in a massager, the whole product will be rendered useless. 


When buying a new vibrating massager, you want to consider the factors that come with its usage. You want to have a relaxing experience so you should avoid buying a loud and obnoxious machine. Going with a model on the quieter end will be better so you can focus on the job at hand and relax while it releases tension in your muscles. If there is an option that has a brushless motor, that is a great thing to invest in to have a quieter product. 

Attachments and Features

To speed up the rehab process, massagers come with a variety of features that will benefit you.

For example, some of the more expensive products include a variety of heads that you can use to target different muscle groups. One head that comes with these products is shaped like a two-pronged fork and it is meant to safely massage the sides of the spine as well as smaller muscle groups. Another important note is that you stay away from massaging directly on any bone.  


Vibrating Massagers

Ultimately, to answer the original question, yes, vibrating massagers are good for you. As long as you are following the safety guidelines like avoiding direct bone contact and sensitive areas, then this is a very helpful tool to use. Although the massagers will not increase certain athletic performance levels like endurance, it will still benefit athletes by helping them to warm up and cool down more efficiently. We hope that you are convinced that these products are worth the investment and good luck on your search for the best one for your individual needs! 

Written by Andrew DAmor and Angela Lutz

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