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Sitting on the bench, trying to find a mate, someone who can be by your side. You finally realize that maybe an Australian Shepherd would be the best option. They don’t answer back, and they have so many qualities of being a best friend. But, which one is the best option? We will have to go to Petco and find out. As it is known, “Dogs are man’s best friend .” This quote is accurate for many people. Yet, owning a dog is a big responsibility for one to achieve. So many breeds of dogs are created, and there are many to choose from. Let’s delve into the specific species of Australian Shepherd. 

Background Information

The Australian Shepherd began their journey in Europe. Immigrants came into the country, causing individuals to travel to Australia to find other goods. Some European shepherds had lovely dogs living amongst them as part of the Australian animals. After creating a place for animals, the individuals left and went to California, which had more greenery. The people in California enjoyed the European individuals, and they presumed that the dogs came from Australia. The Australian Shepherd became part of the American cowboy culture. Finally, in 1993, the Australian Shepherd became part of the American Kennel Club. 

Like human beings, dogs have to be taken care of, whether having a best friend or enjoying time by themselves. The main concern is the dog’s health. Being responsible for the dog’s health can allow the dog to live longer. There are also basic chores needed for the dog, especially an Australian Shepherd.

Health and Wellness

Australian Shepherd is generally a healthier dog; however, the dog needs to get taken for a breeding test. Part of an Australian Shepherd test includes cancer, eye problems, and seizures. Because these issues can happen, a monthly checkup is advised. Moreover, it is suggested that a DNA test be provided before housing an Australian Shepherd. Many dogs have different diseases that can affect their body in the future. Therefore, the doctors can see whether the dog is healthy or, unfortunately, it needs to be at rest by providing a DNA test. Also, as part of the health and wellness of the Australian Shepherd, exercise is crucial daily. Australian Shepherds love to run and play within an open area. They are also great for walking and enjoy playing sports that require the high fly method. These ideas are essential for the Australian Shepherd because they tend to get bored quickly, so letting them play and run around allows them to receive the needed exercise. Australian Shepherds will maintain a healthy system with a healthy balanced meal and daily routine.   

Healthy Food Choice

All living things need nutrition to survive. An Australian Shepherd should have a balanced nutrition plan that consists of two meals per day. The dog’s doctor should determine the nutritional program, ensuring that it does not consume too much food. Crucially, water must be out, primarily through hot weather. At times, if the owner notices any change in the way your Australian Shepherd has been eating, seeing your doctor would be crucial. Maintaining a steady diet makes it likely for your Australian Shepherd to live a healthy lifestyle. 


As well as someone knows the characteristics of their dog, training is crucial. Without training your dog, it is likely for problems to happen. Australian Shepherd are quick to learn, and with the proper training, they achieve self-defense skills. They additionally have within them the ability for them to be easily taught. Australian Shepherds begin with the basic skills, and over time they are trained to protect their surroundings.

Additionally, Australian Shepherds know their owners, helping them with their basic needs. They are also very well trained for sports and other conditions to help others. Australian Shepards are also trained to be friendly to everyone. They can smell when one is nervous and try to calm them down. 

Personal Care/Looking Put Together

One needs to look their best. People may think that the idea of grooming does not apply to animals. Yet, they are wrong, and animals also need to look nice and presentable to others. For example, the Australian Shepherd has thick hair that tends to be shed often. Therefore, the owner needs to shave the dog to maintain its look to prevent shedding. Australian Shepherds also need baths, often trimming the nails, and it is vital to brush their teeth at least twice a week. These ideas may seem funny, yet doing so will keep your Australian Shepherd nice and clean. 

Australian Shepherd: Conclusion

In conclusion, we find that Australian Shepherds are good dogs for individuals. They provide fun and enjoyment in their lives. Even though many responsibilities are required for the Australian Shepherd, it is worth it to invest in one. Many people may not know the facts about their breed of dog. However, many of your questions and concerns will be answered if you follow along. So, get one today; it will not let you down.    

Written by: Cirel Fishman 



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