Battlerite Tier List

Battlerite Tier List

Everyone loves to feel like a winner. Luckily, using a Battlerite Tier List can almost guarantee the knowledge you need so you know which characters are going to bring home the most wins, and which ones will be the best during a battle. When playing Battlerite, not only is it crucial to have a well-selected list of players but also there are many unique characteristics for each player which are important to secure that win. One main part of Battlerite is being able to have a group of fighters that work well collectively, but also to understand what each one’s strengths and weaknesses are. That’s why Battlerite Tier lists are so important to people who enjoy binge playing the game and need to know exactly how each fighter will respond.


The best tier in the game is the S tier which has the most useful and capable of winning “champions” to choose. That being said, Battlerite is still a game based upon skill and it is the player’s responsibility to pick the champions they think will win by studying each tier. Battlerite tiers are organized by best champions to worst, S being the best ones. After the S tier is the A tier which also has very good characters in the game but not as good as the S tier champions. One of the best characters to play is called Thorn because he has a lot of mobility and can do a lot of damage to the champions you are playing against. Another thing to keep in mind though is that each character’s attributes are different and even if one is in a lower tier, they may have a good skill to use for a particular battle. That is why Battlerite is a complex yet fun game to play for hours, the possibilities of character combinations are endless and you can be very creative with who you choose for each game.


Another aspect of the game is that you can have partners and teammates to play with, but with a partner, it means that you have to work on teamwork and not leave them out in the open. A good partner sticks with you and helps out if you get hurt in the game. That being said, Battlerite does have characters who specialize in healing so choosing one of them may be a good strategy while playing with a partner. Each specific skillset of a character in the S tier is a better choice than a C or D tier, but Battlerite tier lists are very useful if you want to be a strategic player because they outline each character and what they do, so it is easier for the person playing to plan their champion roster efficiently and have a better chance of winning that battle.

Having a Choice

For instance, the game Super Smash Bros is popular because there are so many different characters to choose from, so the person playing has a lot of options and can choose the one they may relate to the most or can have the most fun playing as. Battlerite is similar in this way but also a little bit better because again, each tier list is made up already so the players can have an easier time deciding which players will be the most useful to them at the time. That’s why many fighter games do so well, people love to know exactly what they are signing up for when choosing a “champion” or their character, teams also have to consider this too.


Another important part of Battlerite and a crucial aspect is each quality or role the champions specialize in. Some of those include Bruisers, Tank, Support, Assassin, and Burst. The Battlerite characters can choose one of them to be which helps their performance during the game. It is known that the game would not be very exciting after a while of playing if there were no differences in the roles you play. Each role has special characteristics that can aid in battling during the game. For example, the assassin is a role that mainly focuses on killing a political figure and they can do a lot of damage but on the downside, those roles are also very fragile. Support is another role in the game and their responsibility is to make sure their teammates are supported by doing all they can to heal themselves to stay alive and be supportive throughout the whole game. Tank is also a really good role to use because they have good health, meaning they are less likely to die quickly while playing. Tank is a role that is mainly used to fight from the front and lead because of their good health. In turn, the tank is most efficiently used for its defensive skills, which can be sometimes exploited by allies but still a good role nonetheless.

Battlerite Tier List: Conclusion

Every character has their special quality, which is why using Battlerite tier lists would be even more effective. If someone wants to become proficient in the game, it is almost necessary that they become familiar with the said tier lists because they are designed for people to learn about the game! Have a great time playing!

Written by: Adriana Cavicchi

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