Benefits of Owning a Hair Straightener

Benefits of Owning a Hair Straightener

If you are looking to expand your hair grooming kit, consider adding a hair straightener into the mix. A hair straightener is a versatile hair styling tool that can do more than just straighten your hair, which is why it is so essential to have. Some people don’t know how beneficial a hair straightener is, so we are here to give you an exhaustive list of the benefits of owning a hair straightener.

An Overall Great Styling Tool

An Overall Great Styling Tool

If you are trying to achieve that sleek and straight hairstyle, the hair straightener is the perfect tool to do just that! Your hairstyle is one of the key features of enhancing your overall look, and sometimes a smooth and sleek hairstyle makes or breaks the look you are going for. If you want to have that cohesive look, all you need is a hair straightener to turn even the curliest hair straight!

A Versatile Hair Styling Tool

Going off of that, a hair straightener can do more than just straighten hair. It can also add different textures to your hair! All you have to do is twist your wrist a certain way and your hair can go from straight to curly or curly to wavy! 

To get curly hair, all you have to do is hold the straightener vertically, grab a section of hair, and from the root, twist the straightener either towards the front or back of your head while keeping the hair straightener closed against your hair, twisting until you get the ends of your hair in the straightener. After a few seconds, simply let go and repeat on another section until your whole head of hair is curly!

To get wavy hair (think beach waves), you will need to hold the hair straightener horizontally, grab a section of your hair, and from the root, either start with your hair straightener twisted down or up and then switch the way you twist as you go down to the ends. Repeat until you get those perfect beach waves!

Your hair straightener can also act as a mini flat iron! If you have wanted to get rid of wrinkles on your shirt but do not have time to throw it in the dryer or don’t have a flat iron, your hair straightener works just as well! Just plug it in and run it along with your shirt a few times and you are good to go!

Protects Your Hair

Now, this may not be the most common benefit of owning a hair straightener, because they are known to sometimes cause heat damage or dehydrate your hair. However, it all depends on the kind of hair straightener you have and how you are using it. High-quality hair straighteners made with ceramic or tourmaline material help to lock in moisture in your hair and create a protective layer around the strands of your hair, making your hair stronger and healthier looking.

Saves You Money

If you invest in a hair straightener, then you can definitely say bye-bye to the hair salon! Most people go to the salon to get their hair all done up, and that includes getting their hair straightened. Sometimes it can cost a ridiculous amount of money to do just that, and if you think about it, one trip to the salon to get hair straightened can cost as much as one hair straightener. 

One of the benefits of owning a hair straightener is that you can become your own beautician or hairstylist. Sometimes professionals in the salon don’t fully satisfy you when styling your hair, so owning a hair straightener allows you to have full control of how your hair is straightened and allows for higher satisfaction!

Works On All Kinds of Hair Types

I always thought that hair straighteners were for those with thinner hair as for someone with thick hair, straightening my hair was hard. However, I had a low-quality and tiny straightener that did not work with my hair type, and in the market nowadays, there are hair straighteners that cater to all kinds of hair types. There are hair straighteners for fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, etc. Do not feel discouraged about feeling like you cannot straighten your hair because it might not work, all it takes is the right hair straightener and ample patience and time.

You Learn How to Style and Take Care of Your Hair

You learn how to style and take care of your hair

Hair straighteners can be a learning process and also a teacher. By owning a hair straightener, you open yourself up to endless possibilities of hairstyles. Ever seen a hair tutorial online but were not sure how to achieve it? A hair straightener may help you to achieve that look. Also, a hair straightener, as mentioned before, does cause heat damage to some people depending on the hair type, so having a hair straightener does require you to be more attentive to how you take care of your hair, such as also investing in heat protectant products or more styling products for when you want to lock in or finish up your straight hair look.

Written by Genela Cereno

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