Gifts for Tech-Savvy Grandmas

Gifts for Tech-Savvy Grandmas

It can be tricky to determine the best gift for your Grandma. Some products are too expensive or too complicated to use. It can get even trickier if your Grandma is all about tech products. Does she want a smart tv or a Google home? Well, this guide on gifts for tech-savvy Grandmas can lead you in the right direction. There is a mix of semi-tech to full-tech gift ideas listed below. Some are more expensive than others but hopefully, you can find a middle-ground and get your Grandma an amazing present.

1.  Digital Photo Frame

Gifts for Tech-Savvy Grandmas
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A digital photo frame is unique and simple to use as a gift for Grandma. All you need is an sd card to upload the photos! After the photos are stored, Grandma can place her digital photo frame anywhere in the house. She can view a slideshow of her wedding or a wonderful family occasion right in the living room. A gift like this is also not as tech demanding as other products can be. So, if you are searching for a tech yet simple gift, then a digital photo frame will be the way to go; it will be a nice surprise and a fresh way to showcase photos!

2. Mini Printer

A mini printer can make life 10x easier. It can be placed nearly anywhere in the house or even in the office and all it requires is a smartphone! You can make Grandma’s life 10x easier with a mini printer too. With a gift like this, Grandma can print and receive photos in an instant. If you post a cute family photo on Facebook, Grandma can like and print the photo without hassle. Most mini printers don’t use ink either so you won’t have to worry about buying new ink cartridges. Your tech-savvy grandma is sure to love a present like this.

3. Reading Tablet

Is your grandma an avid-reader and tech-savvy? How about giving her a brand-new reading tablet that’s versatile and portable. If Grandma is a reader who adores physical books over digital ones, don’t worry because there are other benefits to a reading tablet. She can use the tablet to listen to audiobooks, she can view emails, and play music on one device. A tablet can also store hundreds of books and be accessed instantly. If you think a reading tablet can make Grandma’s life easier and provide her with a fantastic tech-savvy gift, then go for it!

4. Home Security Camera

Whether Grandma lives in an apartment complex or a beautiful home, home security is always a practical gift. When considering gifts for tech-savvy grandmas, a security camera can be a great way to combine technology and security. You can help protect her safety with a home security camera that is easy to set up, affordable, and provides smart features like motion detection and two-way audio. Some home security devices even send out alerts. This type of gift can be a nice safe addition to your grandma’s home. 

5. Blue-Light Blocking Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses may sound like an underwhelming gift but purchasing blue-light blocking glasses can help Grandma in the long run. These glasses help with eye strain caused by digital devices. When Grandma is watching tv or reading from her tablet, she can protect her eyes with blue-light blocking glasses. Some glasses are made with prescription as well. Be sure to do your research and talk to a professional to see if this is the right gift for Grandma!

6. Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screen gloves are another simple and less tech demanding gift. These are especially useful during the colder seasons and even more practical if you live in a cold climate. If you’re looking for a present that is technology-related but not too complicated, then touch screen gloves might be the perfect gift. Remember, gifts for tech-savvy grandmas don’t have to be high-tech products all the time.

7. Temperature-control smart mug

A temperature-control smart mug can help Grandma enjoy her hot drink even more. With a mug like this, she won’t have to constantly get up and heat her mug – she can adjust the temperature right at her fingertips! Or if it’s a beautiful sunny day, Grandma can keep her drink cool without the hassle of melting ice cubes. You can find all kinds of smart mugs. There are customizable and long-lasting mugs and ones that work by using an app. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, you can save Grandma time and energy with a temperature-control smart mug!

8. Key Tracker/Finder

Does your grandma lose her keys often? Surprise her with a key finder! A key finder is such a practical and nice gift for Grandma. You can find affordable key finders that use Bluetooth technology or require an app. Many key finders are portable and travel-friendly. Whatever it may be, using a key finder can help Grandma locate her keys more efficiently and make her life easier. This is one of the gifts for tech-savvy grandmas you may want to consider.

9. Smart Watch

A smartwatch that comes with a fitness tracker is a wonderful gift for your tech-savvy Grandma. With a fitness tracker, Grandma can monitor her heart rate, sleep pattern, and blood pressure in one place. This feature is great for health-related problems. Not only that, some smartwatches can control music and set alarms. Grandma can connect her smartphone with her smartwatch and keep track of almost anything. A tech-savvy gift like this is on the expensive side but has many practical benefits. So, if you’re looking for a high-tech gift then try a smartwatch!

10. Smart Essential Aromatherapy Diffuser

Help your grandma’s room smell delightful with a smart essential aromatherapy diffuser. You can find all kinds of diffusers with customizable features. There are features like setting a timer, controlling mist settings, and changing colors. Most diffusers use voice activation or an app to use these features. Grandma can control her aromatherapy diffuser right from the couch. A gift like this can be a nice way to make Grandma’s house smell good.

Gifts for Tech-Savvy Grandmas

Whether your Grandma is all about tech products or enjoys them to a degree, there are plenty of gift ideas you can choose from. You can find some neat products that will improve your Grandma’s daily routine or fun products like a reading tablet. Hopefully, this guide about gifts for tech-savvy grandmas has provided you with the right information.

Written by Deesha Mohan

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