Gift ideas for plant loves what we wish you'd buy us

Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers: What We Wish You’d Buy Us

Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers: What We Wish You’d Buy Us
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There are plant lovers everywhere, and we want you to know what to get us when the gift-giving season approaches. Besides getting us another plant friend to add to our group, we have a laundry list of things that we all can appreciate together. Here is a list Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers: What We Wish You’d Buy Us

Terrarium Candles

These candles are so cute! Not only do they remind us to water our succulents, but they also warm the room and give us light. Our plants are the lights of our lives, but these candles will be the lighting up of the living room!

Indoor Gardening Kits

Let’s be honest here, not all plant lovers want to spend all day outside. Sometimes we want to curl up inside, with a cup of our favorite tea, and just relax with our plants happily giving us oxygen next to us. For all of us indoorsy plant lovers, we would love for you to buy us these indoor growing kits. We can grow whatever kind of herbs, fruits, vegetables, or any kind of plants in these potters. They have everything we need to grow a garden from inside our homes!

T-shirts That Have Plant Puns

What’s a better way of finding like-minded people besides wearing t-shirts that proudly show how much we love plants? There isn’t a better way! We love these comfy t-shirts because they can be worn anywhere. Heck, if we like the t-shirt we might make our next gardening shirt! Plus, who doesn’t like a little plant humor to spice up your life?

Resin-Pressed Leaf Accessories

Sometimes we like to display our love for all things green in more subtle ways. There are so many adorable accessories that are made of resin and have leaves or flowers in them. They can be a fern keychain for your brother, or a flower necklace for your mom, or even ivy coasters! There are so many different options for what you want, and what kind of plant in it! These resin accessories are timeless and add a bit of personality and plant into our daily lives.

Baby Houseplant Subscription

Sometimes plant lovers don’t have time to go to the local nursery, or it’s winter and all of their favorite plant shops are closed for the season, but they’re itching for a new friend to add to their family. Houseplant subscription services are incredibly helpful for plant people to learn about new plants, find their new favorite, or want just plants delivered to their doorstep. Some of these amazing subscription services are The Sill, The Houseplant Box, and Plant of the Month Club!

Artsy Self-Watering Straws

Plant lovers are people, and sometimes people forget or have to go on long vacations. We love self-watering straws because when we’re busy and forget to water our monstera, or we go on a business trip and don’t want our ivy to die, we know we’re safe. These helpful tools can also be a representation of our style, too, so we’d love it if you would buy us some of these that match our signature style.

Botanist Hand Lens

The best part about being a plant parent is getting to watch your plant babies grow, but we always wonder how it works. We all would love to receive one of these as a gift because it will allow us to learn more about plant anatomy, and see our pals up close and personal. We can see tiny blooms or can see signs of possible diseases, or just explore our plants with these, and they also make us feel like a true horticulturist.

Plant-Themed Adult Coloring Books

As much as plant parents want to spend every waking moment doting over our plant darlings, we know we can’t. For the times we’re feeling creative and want an outlet, we would love one of these because we color in pictures of what we care about most, and we get a cute new artwork out of it.

Plant Care Books – Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers

Whether we’re novice planter or expert horticulturist, we sometimes need to consult some sources to figure out how to cure our plants of disease, or we want to know where they would grow in the wild. Plant care books are incredibly helpful resources because they give us everything we need to know about our plants, and they also make interesting coffee table books!

Plant Prints on Posters

The best way to accessorize a room with plants is to add plant-themed posters! There are so many talented artists out there, so you can find us something that would exactly fit our style. Some of them can be educational, and some are just plain beautiful. These would look so good on social media, too. Please get us some of these!

With any luck, all plant lovers will have friends and family like you, who know what we adore and want to get us presents as cool as these. Any of these unique gift ideas will make us the talk of the town in our local plant people circles. Hopefully, next time someone gets me a gift, it’ll be one of these!

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