Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

25 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Your Houseplants Aren't Actually Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

Here you will find the top 25 gifts for plant lovers ranging from gardening products to plant decor. These gifts don’t have to be just for plant lovers they are perfect for anyone who is trying to add a little bit of greenery to their home. If you see something you like or want to see more information on just click the “Check on Amazon” button and it will take you right to the product on amazon. Enjoy these gift ideas we hope you find something that works for you.

Top 25 Gifts for Plant Lovers

1. Plant Mister

Plant misters are the easiest way to keep plants happy and healthy. They also make an adorable accessory to plant-filled homes. This rustic glass mister also doubles as a watering can.

Sample Customer Review...Writing this review purely because I dropped it on tile and expected it to shatter – but not even a chip! Works well. Was using a spray bottle that you’d typically use for wetting hair to most of my plants, but this seems to be much more effective at making mist – it uses less water while covering more of the plant. Looks great, too!

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2. Hanging Basket

You can never have enough hanging baskets. Great for anyone with outdoor plants or adding new plants in spaces that a regular planter couldn’t sit. Hanging baskets are also a great way to ease into outdoor gardening if your plant-lover is an indoor planter.

Sample Customer Review…These baskets are absolutely beautiful and compliment my silk flower arrangements. I purchased a foam half ball for each basket, arranged my silk flowers, and finished it with some Spanish Moss. They provide a natural-looking pop of color to the patio. The basket base is very sturdy with great workmanship. The coco fiber liners are easy to work with and they do not shed. I placed a nail in the bottom of the planter through the coco fiber liner into the foam half ball to keep the ball in place.

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3. Free Plants for Everyone Book

Stop spending all your money on nurseries and grow on your own! This is a great book that teaches you how to grow fruits from seed, germinate seeds, and much more helpful planting ideas. I loved looking through this book and finding inspiration and learning awesome tips. This book alone made me excited to grow my own food at home!  

Sample Customer Review...Wonderful information is useful from this author. David the Good gives concise directions with his usual light humor! If you’re interested in producing your own plants either for re-sale or self-use, you’ll find all the best information here! Personally, we’re planting a food forest and want to save $ by producing our own transplants and have been having great luck following David’s instructions from his prior books and from his YouTube channel. This book is an excellent resource to have on hand for quick info as needed! Thanks so much to David the Good, for writing a book for all of us – in simple language, we can all understand and put it into practice!

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4. Neon Leaf Light

Does your gardener need decor that doesn’t plant? Get this atmospheric neon leaf light for any room. The comfortable glow makes for a cute night light. 

Sample Customer Review...Got this for someone as a present. They love it. It has such a bright light and is very neon. It looks so cool!

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5. Humidifier

Even if you don’t live in a dry area, a humidifier is a staple for anyone with indoor plants. Keep one in the room with your pickiest plants and watch them come to life faster and bigger. For those with many plants in different rooms, tracking the humidity can be difficult. Adding this humidifier can track automatically and allow different plants to thrive in different rooms of the house.

Sample Customer Review...I am really liking this humidifier. It has been a very dry year, with drought conditions- with fires and smoke. I placed it in my bedroom, and it has really helped ease my sinus pressure and dry nose. This humidifier is a cool-mist humidifier and fills thru the top. It can hold four liters of water, which is quite significant for a humidifier. The water and humidifier, I have found lasts about 19 hours before refilling is needed. Very easy to use, and also to clean. Cleaning is essential as the minerals from the water build up and can reduce the steam flow as well damage the unit. Personally, I use the recommended distilled water.

While in use, this humidifier is very quiet. Very impressive actually! It would be ideal for a small child’s room or a new little one. The humidifier is made of plastic and the tubing is as well. It is constructed nicely and was fairly reasonable in price. Having used the brand many times and being extremely pleased brings me great confidence in my decision to purchase this one. I am happy with this purchase and feel comfortable recommending this humidifier to others.

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6. Indoor Herb Garden Click and Grow

Give your plant-lover a break with an automatic, indoor garden. These growing systems water and light plants automatically, and can grow up to 12 plants faster than normal indoor gardens. This is a perfect gift for those who like plants, but not the chore of taking care of them.

Sample Customer Review...My husband gave this to me as a gift; I’m not good at gardening so I would’ve never bought it for myself. I always loved that ride at EPCOT – Living with the Land – all the hydroponic vegetables! So I was really surprised when I followed the directions and it worked! I tried taking tiny cuttings from a mint plant I kept alive and an oregano plant, and then started some seeds from scratch. After a month, I have little plants growing! I don’t know how big these plants can grow – so I’m not sure if it can provide enough vegetables to give you a salad, but for herbs, it just might work. I think it would also be good for starting plants inside in cold weather and transplanting them in the Spring.

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7. New Favorite Succulent Planters

Succulents are perfect for beginner gardeners, and once you get one you just have to get more! display these cute plants with even cuter planters. These look awesome on work or home desks, window sills, or end tables to add a little greenery to 

Sample Customer Review...These pots are well made and look good! Perfect for slightly larger succulents or plenty of room for a succulent to grow into too. I purchased some similar geometric pots for some of my succulents a few years ago and have been looking for something similar ever since! It’s hard to find succulent pots that are a full 5 inches in diameter and these pots are my new favorite and look great! Highly recommend!

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8. Grow Light

Another essential for plant-lovers and they can never have enough. Grow lights provide the light that most indoor plants lack, so instead of huddling all the plants buy a window, give them room and a grow light without worrying about natural lighting.

Sample Customer Review...I have several houseplants on a table in my living room. I use plant lights in standard floor task lamps directed towards the plants. This LED bulb puts off light like a regular household lightbulb. It is a brighter, whiter light than the standard incandescent grow bulbs and doesn’t generate heat. It does not look pink or purple like many other led plant lights. I keep the lamps on a timer and the lights are on about 10-12 hours a day. A standard incandescent plant bulb only lasts 2,000 hours-about 6 months. This LED bulb is supposed to last 25,000 hours, about 5 years, and it uses a fraction of the electricity. This LED bulb is the obvious choice.

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9. Watering Globes

Watering globes are a bright and colorful way to keep plants healthy. These are especially handy for gardeners who travel or want to cut back on the chore of watering. 

 Sample Customer Review...I have been trying to grow hydrangeas for years. I’ve killed every hydrangea I’ve brought home up until now. In fact, these watering globes are the only thing keeping my hydrangeas alive and they’re flourishing! Also, I killed a fiddle leaf fig tree, exchanged it for a new one, and again this system is what’s making it flourish! I just check to make sure the bulbs aren’t empty and refill them when needed. I’m using two outside and one indoor. Will definitely be buying more!

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10. Pineapple Air Plant Magnets

These small air plant holders are the perfect unique gift for plant enthusiasts. Put these small magnets on your fridge or use the included stick-on iron placeholders to place them anywhere! Air plants are a great low-maintenance choice, but any small succulent or cactus can also be planted in these.

Sample Customer Review...This product is great for holding air plants, particularly the small green ones. Be sure they are completely dry before putting them in though, or they will rot. I just leave them on the counter after soaking for a while then replace them. Rotating your plants would also work I’m sure. LOVE this! The picture doesn’t do it justice, they really look cute! I’ve gotten lots of compliments!

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11. Plant Prints

Even less maintenance than real plants: Pictures of plants! These minimalistic prints make a great addition to the walls of any living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, or dorm. 

Sample Customer Review...These prints are beautiful and look even better in person! I bought these to hang in our boho chic bedroom theme and couldn’t be more pleased with them! Bought frames from the dollar store and They made them perfect for what I wanted!

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12. Grow Light Frame Shelf

Limited planting space? This shelf turns any tabletop or corner into an ideal planter. Sleek design takes up minimal space and the included grow light ensures no worrying about sunlight. 

Sample Customer Review...I just started with succulents and wanted some additional light in my home office. It has a nice minimalist style and comes with a few accessories for customization (the tweezers were something I didn’t know I would need, but they work really well for small adjustments). The clear half circle is an independent container so it can pop right out if you need it to (keep in mind that it is plexiglass, so some of your planting soil may cling to it from the static). I put in some leaf cuttings that were starting to root in early November, it’s about time to transplant them because they’re doing so well with the lighting. As for the lighting it’s recessed well enough that I have the planter facing towards me above eye level and have no issues – you can see the LEDs if you’re looking at it from the side. It’s also bright enough that I can put plants on either side of the planter and they’re happy with it

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13. Floral Hand Trowel and Garden Fork

Don’t go to Lowes to get the typical boring gardening tools, instead, pick up these cute floral printed tools. Great tools can get you excited to actually use them, and show them off! 

Sample Customer Review…So cute!

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14. Gardening Apron

Keep your tools, notebook, and gloves handy in a low-profile work apron. Everything a gardener needs is within reach and can be kept in one place to be easily worn, or simply hung in the garden.

Sample Customer Review...Surprisingly versatile and comfortable for both garden & home repairs! Initially, I was skeptical of the loose belt and pocket sizes but it has turned out OK. After trial & error, the pockets are quite handy for holding both regular & small pruners, a hori-hori knife, plant ties, a small trash bag for yard debris, and drip irrigation parts. I feel vastly more efficient when making rounds in the garden has all the tools I need. It was quite LOOSE on my 32 in the waist even after cutting off at least 20 inches of the excess belt but fortunately, I was able to take it in another half-inch or so by ‘easily’ removing the belt from the plastic buckle. I love wearing it when watering, mowing, weed-eating, & blowing for quick fixes that I no longer forget about. IMHO it looks cool too.

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15. Butterfly Garden Seeds 

You can naturally add color and excitement to any garden with butterflies and birdseed. These seeds will naturally attract butterflies and hummingbirds while adding a colorful blend of wildflowers.

Sample Customer Review...I have been buying seeds FOR YEARS. Never have I been so impressed that I would write a review. Just ordered another six-pack for next year. These outperformed my expectations and then done. It must be close to 100% germination rage because I showed expecting less and I have a crowded large bed bustling with beautiful color. No matter how often I cut them, there are more blooms the next day. You will not be disappointed. If anything you’ll be staggeringly impressed!

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16. Cocktail Garden

Don’t just attract bugs and birds, attract people! Combine your two favorite things: plants and drinking, with a starter cocktail garden. If your plant lover likes to host, what better way for them to show off their gardening skills than with cocktails with home-grown mint?

Sample Customer Review...Purchased as a gift for a windowsill gardening enthusiast who has had great success with these Grow Gardens. Many thanks to the wonderful seller who went above and beyond to make sure it got here on time. Perfect!

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17. Shelving System

Does your plant-lover have empty space on their patio or sunroom? They will absolutely appreciate some additional shelving for plants and supplies. This shelving set allows you to make a custom workbench of any size for your specific needs.

Sample Customer Review...I was able to buy the lumber, cut, and build this in about 3-4 hours. I spent the rest of the weekend staining and wiring in lights. I am very impressed with the results, a very easy and simple build. This is my new workbench for my bike shop, now I am ready to replace the old benches in my garage with this system. Super sturdy, just a great product in my opinion.

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18. Avocado Tree Sprouter

Maybe your gardener has just gotten into or wants to get into the world of nursing foods. If this is the case then a sprouter can be a great step in the right direction. Avocados are one thing that is incredibly easy to grow with a sprouter; simply place a peeled avocado pit in the sprouter with water, and wait 3-6 weeks.

Sample Customer Review...I love this! So easy and ready to go. I love that it will also be the pot when it starts to grow a little before planting outside. I know there is a DIY way to grow the seed, but this is just convenient. Takes lots of time and patience for it to split, grow a root, etc, but I’m excited to see the outcome. Highly recommend!

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19. Personal Garden Sign

Indoor or outdoors, make a garden space feel special with a personal garden sign. A dedicated space can make their hobby feel lively and purposeful.

Sample Customer Review...I got this sign for my herb garden with the name of a beloved deceased pet. It hangs in my garden and makes me smile thinking of her while I’m picking flowers or planting. So much more cheerful than a “memorial stone”. Highly recommend this product.

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20. Funny Herb Stakes

Add some personality to your plants with these funny plant markers. Average looking at first, but a closer look will get a few chuckles. My personal favorite is “Peakus lastweekus”

Sample Customer Review...These garden markers are so funny and cute I love them!! They arrived quicker than I expected and are far more durable/thick than I thought they would be. I labeled them with the real plant name on the back using a sharpie. I love the look they give my garden. I have tried a few other types of plant markers and so far these are my absolute favorite, I can’t believe how inexpensive they were. Great purchase, get them, you won’t be disappointed!

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21. Garden Kneeler

Your gardener will thank you for saving their knees with a handy garden kneeler. The foam pad makes for much more enjoyable planting while keeping those tools nearby.  This one can be used as a bench, or adjusted to kneel on, so they can be comfortable wherever the plants are.

Sample Customer Review…My front and backyard are a mess after I lost my gardener. So I decided to do some of the yard work myself, but I wasn’t willing to kneel on a pile of dirt/dead grass or squat for long periods of time. So, I gave this seat/kneeler a shot. When I pulled it out of the box, it felt hefty, a good sign of quality gauge melt is used in its construction. The design is so simple, yet so effective. The removable side pockets were really useful in having gardening tools handy. I can already see that this seat will also be useful for my upcoming camping trips since it’s pretty compact.

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22. Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are wonderful projects, especially for any lover of plants or natural decor. Grow cacti, succulents, air plants, and moss all in one tiny ecosystem right on your desk or table. Supplies are easy to find and the creativity is endless. 

Sample Customer Review...This product is sturdy and very attractive for the price. Packaging was very secure; it had a thick foam insert that cradles the case within the cardboard box. This is great for propagation and very small plants. I was able to fit 4 – 2.5” terra-cotta pots comfortably within the case.

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23. Wild Interiors Book

Give some plant inspiration with the wonderfully educational and well-photographed book by expert Hilton Carter. The book has many beautiful plant-filled spaces that are sure to get your green thumb excited. 

Sample Customer Review…This book is gorgeous. The photos are vivid, and the writing is very descriptive & concise. I am so happy indoor plants are coming back! I have his first book “Wild at Home” which I loved! The second book did not disappoint. Both are on my coffee table – surrounded by several plants!

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24. Plant Notebook

For the ultra-organized (or wanna be organized) plant lover, a logbook will help track how plants are doing, plan for future plants, and remember which ones need to be near the humidifier. Journaling a garden adds that extra bit of mindfulness and therapeutic touch to taking care of plants. 

Sample Customer Review…I love this little book. Helps me keep track of everything I plant, which is a lot. Has a place for me to plan next year’s garden. It’s small enough to carry around and has an elastic bookmark to keep your place.

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25. Gardening Tools Kit

A standard toolkit will be necessary for any good garden lover! This kit comes with 83 essentials and more than you could ever need. This kit is built to last for a long time and will be useful for all your gardening. Make your gardening more successful and efficient with this starter pack of tools.

Sample Customer Review…I absolutely love this! It is exactly what I wanted and it has everything that I need for gardening this summer. The tools are extremely sturdy. I was so impressed it was packaged nicely! I would highly recommend purchasing this if you’re looking for gardening tools for the summer!!!!

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26. Gardening Gloves

Gardening is a dirty and sometimes hard business. These gloves are layered to avoid small cuts and grazes that can happen while you are gardening. Not only will they protect your hands, but they will also keep them clean and sanitary at all times. Nobody likes dirt under their nails!

Sample Customer Review…These fit well, I have medium hands, and the med fit perfectly. The rubber on the nad size is flexible but sturdy. I was picking thorny weeds and they held up well. They also did not leak when the rubber side got wet. The wristband is snug, fitted without being too tight. I would definitely recommend these gloves for the price!! Very reasonable!

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Now, that you got a better idea of what the best gifts for plant lovers are, you can start your own shopping! Remember to do further research as to what exactly the prices are for each of these ideas, and if it will be worth your time. By just you doing your research, I can tell you that you will make a great impression on whoever you are making the gift for. Now go on and start searching!

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