Best Gifts For Artists

28 Best Gifts for Artists

Here you can find the 28 best gifts for artists. These are perfect gift ideas for those who are creative and overall interested in art. Below each product is a short description and for more information, you can click the “Check on Amazon” button to take you to amazon.

Top 28 Best Gifts for Artists

1. Watercolor Cup

Is someone in your house staining all the cups? Get them a cup just for watercolors. This one is collapsible so it can be taken back and forth from school, home, and the art studio. But, the best part is actually the dips in the rim to hold wet brushes, along with a separate holder for dry ones. This is such a simple product that is so nice to have around. Stop confusing your coffee cup with your paint water and pick up this awesome gift!

Sample customer review… I’ve been wanting to try the Paint Puck for a while. it’s a bit on the pricey side, but I feel it was worth every penny. So far have used it for in-home and Plein air painting. The silicon pieces feel very durable and should last a long time. The plastic is thick and not cheap-feeling either. The cool thing about this is you can fit the top section onto coffee mugs or uniformly shaped cups if you require a larger container for washing. It combines a brush washer with the gentle bumps and ridges at the bottom (which I’ve used without issue on even my more delicate sable hair brushes) with a brush squeegee and reshaper (for getting excess water off and repointing your round brushes). There are three sized holes for holding different-sized brushes for drying. I am able to squeeze most sizes into these except for the really large or ones with awkwardly shaped handles. Overall pretty pleased with this. Its modularity makes it fit all my art needs. It’s still small and light enough to travel with unless you want to go Ultralite/minimalist where space and weight are an issue.

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2. Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

This gift is perfect for an avid painter! The Masters brush cleaner and preserver allows all of your artist’s brushes to look and feel as good as new. Just simply wash the brush, coat it in the material, then rinse it off for clean and lemon-scented brushes!

Sample customer review… I paint in spurts, so it sat around for months before I started using it this week. This stuff is amazing! This soap has step-by-step instructions on the tub and packaging, and it’s super easy to use. I’m finding that it works better on natural brushes than synthetic brushes, though it will clean both. And not just fresh cleaning- it will clean old dried paint that’s been there for months. My Amaze moment was with this one natural hair 2in flat brush (like a super fancy soft chip brush) that I had used with black gesso about a year ago. Even after the usual washing that naturally white brush was stained dark grey. I grabbed this brush when I went to start washing this week, and immediately the paint in it started breaking down- when I was done it was nearly white again. Incredible.

If you’re like me and only paint occasionally, this small size may be just fine. If you have lots of brushes to restore or you paint daily, you might crank through this fairly quickly. It is perfect for a travel size regardless of your workload though. (The soap is solid inside the tub, so removing a small amount from a larger size for travel would be questionably valuable for the effort.) If you paint at all I would recommend this soap. If you use any natural brushes, I would extremely recommend this soap.

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3. Rolling Cart

Artists aren’t especially known for being organized, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help them out a little. The hardest thing about organizing art supplies is that it constantly needs to be moved around. Rolling carts are a great way to hold all your supplies without walking around the studio to grab it all. Keep tools close at hand and roll them into a corner when you’re done!

Sample customer review… I order this cart in white, and it is a true white color in person. It was very easy to assemble, and maneuvers easily. The trays of this cart are plastic and the bars/handle are metal. I appreciate that I have options with this cart: I can include the handle on top, or remove it and use it without. I can use it with the wheels for maneuver around or I can remove them for a stationary cart and it will sit on the bottom bars (not the bottom tray). My cart *did* come with the three small caddies that attach to and hang outside of the tray, and the 5 inserts that create a grid inside the tray. Overall, I love this unit. It suits my needs very well, I think it looks great, and, so far, it’s been very durable.

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4. Art Coasters 

Give their home decor a nice artsy addition with these Van Gogh coasters. Whether guests recognize these paintings or not, they will be impressed with these colorful, high-quality coasters.

Sample customer review… I love these! They are so beautiful. Be careful when opening them they are individually wrapped and I did not realize that and lifted them out of the box and broke the self-portrait when it bounced off my tile floor. They are absorbent but if you leave a glass with an iced drink in it for any length of time there is a little bit of water left on the coaster. The glasses do not stick to these coasters which is a gigantic plus. My old coasters always stuck to my glass and then fell on the floor and rolled around the room dribbling water everywhere. These coasters are so beautiful and anyone who is into art or Van Gogh would love to receive these as a gift. They are reasonably priced but look much more expensive.

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5. “Let It Gogh” Graphic Tee

This graphic tee is a great gift for an artist who isn’t afraid to express themselves! They’ll absolutely love this funny pun inspired by a legendary artist, and will certainly wear it wherever they go! There are three different color options so you can choose whichever style you think they’ll like best!

Sample customer review… I love this shirt! The cotton is soft and the printing is good quality. It has gone through the washer and dryer with no shrinkage and still looks great! The color of the image on the shirt was accurate compared to the picture. I’m female and ordered a men’s medium, which fits great!

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6. Sketch Wallet

Inspiration is everywhere! Let your artist capture the world around them at any time with a low-profile sketch wallet. This gift will keep your observant sketcher busy and flex their creative muscles on the go. This lovely leather wallet will feel good in their hands while they sketch and take notes with the included pen. A filled notebook also makes a nice memento to look back on.

Sample customer review… What a sweet little notebook! I love real leather and wanted something I could use that would gain character through age, use, and scratches. This is perfect. I can never get stuff entered correctly on my digital devices and prefer old-school pen and paper for keeping track of stuff. This is awesome! Love it! Plenty of room for the thickest of pens. You can clip the pen over the spine, or just put it in the book – either way, secure hold. Fits in MY jean pockets and shirt pockets fine. Soft, great leather. The three pockets inside the left are generous and will hold more than I thought. If you can find them, a thicker notebook than just 48 pages will easily fit on the right-hand side as well. Highly recommend.

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7. “Watercolor Pallet” iPhone Case

Phone cases are one of the best accessories that show off your personality. Show off your artist’s hobby with this cute and unique watercolor pallet case. The bright colors and low profile make this the ideal case for colorful personalities. It also has a raised lip to protect the camera in the art studio. 

Sample customer review… The case is very soft, and the picture of the watercolor palette is so adorable, I love it. Putting it on and applying the screen protector was really easy, too.

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8. Water Drawing Board

Water drawing boards make lovely decor for desks or tables. These boards teach the practice of creating and letting go as your drawing dries and disappears; which is great relaxing, no-pressure creation practice for any artist. Give your artist a relaxing way to open their mind. These boards are so fun to have around that even non-artistic types can’t help but pick up the bamboo brush and freely swipe away at the canvas. 

Sample customer review… I’m a student studying Japanese and International Business, so I was looking for something fun and not too expensive to practice my Kanji with. This is the perfect little board to practice my Japanese calligraphy and memorize my kanji all in one! Very easy to set up, and comes with a brush, board, and a water tray/ stand. I love how you don’t have to buy ink or specific paper to use with this kit. Just add water and you’re set! There’s absolutely no mess, and clean-up is super easy! I would definitely recommend this board to anyone who is looking for a fun activity!

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9. Pocket Photo Printer

A portable printer is the most useful and awe-inducing accessory. Everyone will be asking where they got this vintage-looking polaroid pocket printer. Instead of carrying around a full-blown polaroid camera, they can keep this printer in their bag to instantly print out their photos, duplicate their art, or print out inspiration. Add sticker paper to allow instant sticker making for their journals, laptops, water bottles, or personal logo. 

Sample customer review… Very portable because of its lightweight and small footprint. No ink necessary, just needs the photo paper refills! Super easy setup and installation, simply connect via Bluetooth and then add the printer in the Canon Mini Print app. Fast printing from the app to the printer (prints 1 photo in about 25 seconds). Fully charges in 75 minutes. Mini Print iOS app is awesome and basically a full photo editor, you can do all kinds of effects and manipulations on photos taken all for free. This is my new go-to app for photo effects. Just all-around fun to be able to share physical memories with family and friends on the spot.

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10. The Graffiti School Textbook

There’s a textbook on graffiti? Yes, and it’s incredibly insightful. This book teaches the complexities of graffiti art over the past fifty years, along with techniques and art styles that you can take inspiration from. Books and sources of inspiration are undoubtedly the best gifts you can give an artist, and this book is a great staple to have.

Sample customer review… Bought this for my graffiti enthusiast 11-year-old son for his birthday. This book is really well done. Step by steps tutorial clearly explained with tips and exercises. I found myself trying it out. It has a lot of great info to get you inspired and teach you the basics as well as some advanced stuff. It was worth the price.

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11. Stop Motion Animation Instruction Book

Does your artist have an interest in animation or video making? Stop motion animation is a great way to get into making awesome videos at home with little equipment.  This book is the most in-depth and helpful book I’ve seen on the topic. The information given in this book can be applied to any creative vision your artist has. Additionally, stop motion is a craft that can be practiced at any age; kids and adults alike can find joy in a video project like this. 

Sample customer review… Great, well-organized book for all ages. My 11-year-old son is very into stop motion animation. He had a research paper for school to do on the subject. This book gave a nice overview of the history and techniques. It had a modern twist with the LEGO and YouTube uses. My sob got all his research as well as some practical techniques about how to do better work. It touches on claymation, brick flicks (legos), 2d clay animation, chalkboard/whiteboard animation, puppets, post-its, paper puppets, and a couple more forms, even slightly touching on action figures.

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12. Chalkboard Paint 

Turn any flat surface into a canvas with chalkboard paint. Huge walls, tabletops, and craft projects can be turned into blackboards. I’ve seen many people use this to add a fun space to an otherwise plain room, and it’s perfect for kids and teens. Everyone will be jealous that they can draw on their walls!

Sample customer review… I did zero priming and only needed two coats. I let it sit for 24 hours and it has been great. I do have to wipe it down often, but it’s a chalkboard! I have three little kids that are NOT easy on things, we have drawn roads and ran cars on them, they dance, jump and lay on this table and it’s held up. 🙂 The paint went on easy and started to dry within minutes. The paint was not runny or too thick, it was just right. It went on smooth and it dried even, which was a major plus for me. I will use this chalk paint again for other projects.

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13. Adult Coloring Book

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t had a coloring book in a while, but adult coloring books have sprung up in popularity, and for good reason. These books are a great way to get off your phone and relax. These are also awesome for car rides and plane trips. 

Sample customer review… Very cool adult coloring book with a huge variety of different animals. Most of the art is very intricate and highly detailed and will keep you busy for HOURS and hours. I don’t think kids would do too well with this one for that reason. I use both colored pencils and occasionally acrylic paint and both work well on the paper stock. Sometimes the designs in this book are even a little too intricate, and when I’m not in a mood to be really precise, I use other styles. But the artwork in this coloring book is really amazing and the results when you finish one can be really amazing! I love all the wild animals and foliage 🙂 It has good picture variety.

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14. Blank Comic Book

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Comic books are a great way to practice storytelling within art. Finding inspiration in everyday things to create into your own story (or stories) is a fun spin on typical artwork. Your artist will be excited to show off their comic strips and art skills.

Sample customer review… I ordered one of these books as a Christmas gift for one of my children. They are very nice. You can feel the paper is good quality, thicker paper. It has plenty of pages and a great variety of comic styles. The pages are laid out in a format that easily flows from one frame to the next. Great for kids who like books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man; they can start using their imaginations to write their own stories.

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15. Art Prints 

No artist should have blank walls. Whether it be a dorm room, small apartment, or new home, share their love of art with these modern prints. These are great for tying a room together or building a motif throughout the whole house.

Sample customer review… Love these! They are so cute! You are definitely going to want to frame these. They are thick pieces of paper. I framed mine and put them in my hallway. Exactly what I was looking for for half of the price compared to other art like this. The quality is really good and the paper is thick.

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16. Origami Book

All ages and skill levels can enjoy the therapeutic craft of origami. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for even the less creative type to enjoy, and your artistic friend or family will enjoy the countless creations and designs in this project kit. This kit comes with tons of sheets of amazing double-sided paper. This book makes the time fly whether you follow it by yourself or with a friend (or group of friends!)

Sample customer review… Simply stunning. I purchased this origami set simply because I liked the image of the carp and thought it would be fun to make and display. This set impressed me far more upon receipt. The set is housed in a square box containing the instruction booklet and underneath the origami paper. I won’t comment too much on the origami instructions. I found them to be easy to follow, however, origami can be tricky and someone else might find them to be difficult. The real reason I rated this set 5 stars is the paper. The designs are exquisite and stunning. The paper is double-sided and features gorgeous patterns ranging from flowers, gold leif looking zig-zags, to beautiful fan motifs. I will actually order more of these just to get the paper. Highly recommended.

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17. Cotton Canvas Apron

Although old T-shirts are comfy to paint in, they don’t provide the convenience of pocketed aprons. I stained my sweatshirts for years before an art teacher got me my own apron, and I’ll never go back. Not only do they keep tools handy and clothes clean, but something about an apron makes you feel like a true artist. 

Sample customer review… I’m an art student and needed an apron to stay clean during my drawing class in which we use a lot of charcoal and Black Indian ink for our projects. I’m 5’4 and this fits me just right, it reaches my knees and the straps on the side are long and can be adjusted to almost anyone’s size. The neck strap is not adjustable but it is very long and so there’s space for anyone with a big head to get through it. I have washed it once with hot water and tide which cleaned it up very nicely (except for the Indian ink, that stuff is invincible!). All in all, I love this apron and the material is nice and thick, it’s comfortable and has three pockets which are all deep enough for things like pencils, my phone, a charger bank, my wallet and other small items to be stuffed with while I work.

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18. Tracing Light Box

Your artist will find dozens of uses for a lightbox. Tracing boxes are used for animation, recreating photos, calligraphy, sewing projects, studying art techniques, and much more. Its slim design can be tucked away or brought along just about anywhere.

Sample customer review… So amazing that this thin piece of glass is so bright. Use for tracing hand embroidery patterns onto cotton fabric. Light shows pattern through computer paper with design and lightweight interface ironed onto the back of fabric. It even shows though very dark fabric. Can control brightness with the touch of a finger. For the price, it’s well made and can sit in your lap without getting hot. The weight is within expectation; it doesn’t feel overly heavy or so lightweight that durability would be questionable.

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19. Engraving Tool

Take art off the computer and onto anything! This engraving set allows your artist to apply their skills to almost any surface: Glass, metal, wood, plastic and more! Get them started with the included stencils, and soon they will be off making their own designs. Inspire them to break out their calligraphy skills, personalize items, make signs and logos, or freely doodle away!

Sample customer review… Just inboxed and used it for the first time. Smoother than I thought and pretty pleased with the results. I purchased this to engrave brass jewelry pieces and I think it will be a valuable tool at my work desk! The lower the number on the setting, the lighter it vibrates, therefore more shallow but easier to control. Overall, great purchase!

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20. Artist Backpack

If they already have every piece of art supplies known to man, get them a bag to carry it all! This stylish canvas backpack is made specifically for art supplies. Drawing pads, brushes, and paints can be difficult to carry with normal, open backpacks, but this bag has all the pockets your artist needs.

Sample customer review… I love to do Plein Aire painting. Though I often just use watercolor blocks for those sketches, I wanted to be able to use as large as a half sheet of watercolor paper (15×22) for my painting. This backpack allows me to carry everything except a chair! It carries the paper on a watercolor paper stretcher board, palette, brushes, sketchbook, pens, pencils, erasers, and even the easel! It is well constructed. The zipper appears to be a fairly heavy and sturdy one. I would expect to find it on a pair of jeans, not in a moderately inexpensive art backpack. I look forward to using this to bring the joy and beauty of the landscape to my paintings. While I wish it were stiffer you can’t beat the price on this product, and the multiple pouches, water resistance (water-resistant, not waterproof!), hand carry handle, and backpack-type straps make it a real bargain. 

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21. Calligraphy Kit

Words are art too! Get them started with the awesomely functional art of calligraphy with this starter kit. Learning to write beautiful letters opens a world of artistic opportunities.

Sample customer review… This is a nice little set with a good assortment of nibs and ink. The set is packaged well, attractive tin box the contents well placed for long term use. For under $30 I find it well worth the money. The pens themselves are attractive and I have had no issues with ink flow. Great range of tips for pens and various colors. The practice book they give is awesome, the ink attaches easily and flows smoothly. The pens are plastic but pretty. The value is awesome, it was almost half the price of others I found without the practice book.

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22. Digital Color Sensor

No matter what kind of artist you’re dealing with, they all have one thing in common: A love for color! This gadget takes real colors from the world and translates them into a digital file that can be saved. Beautiful sunsets, colorful foods, and bright plants can be turned into a reusable digital color that your artist can create with. 

Sample customer review… I have never had any success touching up paint in my home until I purchased this device. After scanning a wall in my home that needed touching up, a paint color was recommended by the app (Nix Paint). I went to Home Depot and purchased an 8-ounce sample bottle and touched up the areas that needed work and after the paint dried, it was a perfect match. Readings are stored within the app so you don’t have to worry about writing down the results or forgetting the name of the paint. The app is very easy to use and self-explanatory. You can select up to 5 vendors or paint stores depending on where you are and the matches coincide with those 5 brands and their labels. The product states good for 3000 scans on the mini before battery life fades. That should last me a while. Very economical pricing!

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23. Mini Easel

Maybe your artist doesn’t need a whole wall to draw on, but rather a smaller more personal display for art. These mini easels can hold pictures, cards, or miniature artworks.

Sample customer review… The size is perfect and I like how it is adjustable and locks into place so it doesn’t slide out of the position you put it in. Folds up for easy storage. So worth the money and you get 2! I like that the thumbscrew can be tightened and loosened. Definitely a great buy.

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24. 3D Pen

Artists are always looking for new ways to create, and a 3D pen is the perfect gift for them to explore. Ordinary drawings can be realized into full 3D sculptures with this easy to use pen. It’s one of the most fun to learn art tools for kids and adults alike and has thousands of possibilities. The plant-based bioplastic is practically odorless and easy to refill for all their 3D doodling projects.

Sample customer review… My kids love this! I’d say it’s best for ages 8 and up as the tip gets very hot. This is our first 3D pen ever and I am very happy with the product and its performance. The device is very easy to set up. However, learning how to get shapes and designs with the 3D pen to come out nicely does take some practice. My kids are having a great using the 3D pen and getting their creativity on. The manual provides support with how-to videos for device introduction and troubleshooting of needed. The pen is solid, and they seem to be honoring the warranty for it. I definitely recommend this product to anyone.

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25. Digital Sketch Pad

Upgrade your artist’s sketches by giving them the ability to take them digital. Drawing with a mouse or trackpad is nearly impossible, but with a drawing tablet they can use the familiar pen to start making digital art. Pro drawing tablets can cost hundreds of dollars, but this cheap alternative is a great way to get your feet wet with digital art without breaking the bank. 

(Side note: If they’re a lefty, these are even better to use than traditional mediums: you can’t smudge digital art!)

Sample customer review… This is great for annotating, screen casting, drawing in various apps, and more, which I have yet to discover. It’s comfortable to use, whether you’re right or left-handed. You can configure how you want to orient your tablet in your settings. It’s responsive, and this Star G640 model weighs in at a very teacher-budget-friendly price. Good plug and play functionality right out of the box that gets better once the drivers are installed. Works great with Jamboard, myViewboard, zoom whiteboard, and others.

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26. Stippling Pen

Stippling is a technique that uses hundreds of small dots to create depth within a drawing. This technique gives a work that awesome vintage-looking style, but it takes a lot of time. However, you can get an electric stippling pen that takes out the carpal tunnel inducing movement of making hundreds of dots. Making old-style tattoo or comic book drawings just got a lot faster and easier.

Sample customer review… Awesome pen! If you are new or seasoned to pointillism or stipple this is a must-have pen for your artistic instruments. As long as you remember to give the mechanism room to move (don’t put the pen on the paper), the pen creates a hypnotic rhythm and super fast results. Works very well, and the charge is fair, as long as you know what you’re doing. Let the pen do the work, don’t force it. It has 2 speeds, the faster oscillation requires a double button push. Move the pen closer to the paper to make bolder marks, move further away from the paper for smaller, lighter marks. Haven’t broken it yet, so far so good! It has cut out a lot of time in my drawings. It gives me more control and more gradation than any other pen I’ve tried. I wind up using this for about 90% of my pieces and use microns for the rest. Highly recommended. Looking forward to future colors!

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27. Jackson Pollock Convergence Puzzle

Do you think your artist is up for a challenge?  The original 340-piece Convergence puzzle was described as “the world’s most difficult puzzle,” and now it’s three times harder!  This 1000-piece puzzle features the work of abstract painter Jackson Pollock of the early 1900s, who pioneered the “drip and splash” style seen in many modern-day art museums.  Good luck and happy solving!

Sample customer review… I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it, I had to buy it when I found it on Amazon. It is one tough puzzle. I have done quite a few puzzles in the 500-1500 piece range, but this one is a whole different kind of challenge. The puzzle image has a white border that lines the edges, so putting that together is pretty straightforward. The rest of the puzzle is full of abstract paint splatter repeating colors. I have so far only managed to put together various small patches and pairs, so this is going to take a while.
It’s so difficult, and I love it. If you want to drive yourself, or someone else crazy, this is the puzzle. Quality is what you would expect from a normal puzzle. With the number of pieces and the style of the picture, it might drive you slightly mad… But, what a fun way to go!

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28. Portable Art Portfolio

Whether you’re painting on the go or shuffling around artwork between galleries, it’s always useful for an artist to have a portfolio to keep their work safe and organized as they travel.  This water-resistant portfolio will protect artwork from damages, and is broken up into various pockets and slots so you can keep everything exactly as you want it. With a strap that’s adjustable for the artist’s comfort, this portfolio is all you need to get your artwork from your home to your local gallery’s walls.

Sample customer review… I bought this portfolio for my daughter. She is a senior in high school and plans to go on to fine arts school in Illustration. I received the product yesterday and it was exactly as advertised. It is large and a little bulky for shorter people (our family is all under 5’8″) but it carries a lot of material and can definitely handle anything up to 24×36. You have an option to use the handles as regular handles or to convert them into a shoulder strap. I like the versatility. There are several zippered pockets both on the inside and outside of the product and it has an expandable flap at the bottom to increase the capacity size. Overall, I am very happy with the product. The material seems to be sturdy enough to take some wear but we will see how it does over time. I would definitely recommend this product.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed our list of best gifts for artists and found something that interests you. A lot of these gifts can be given to other people who probably do not identify themselves as artists. Overall these gifts are more unique where some are very unknown products and can be given to people who are overall creative or interested in these unique products.

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