Baby Boy Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Boy Baby Shower Gifts

Are you in need of finding baby boy baby shower gifts? Is a friend or family member preparing to take the biggest and most rewarding journey of their life; the journey of parenthood? This is a new and exciting time for everyone involved, and the stress can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to choosing gifts for our beloved new parents. How are you supposed to choose the perfect gift for a baby boy who hasn’t been born yet? Well, do not worry because here is a list of Baby Boy Baby Shower Gifts!

Baby Bath Cushion

When it comes to bathtime, some baby baths can be a bit rough or hard and not the most pleasant experience for baby and parent. These bath cushions are soft and cuddly, and can fit into most sinks. This makes it so much easier for the parents to bathe their newborn. They’re also super cute and can come in so many different colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the best gift for your soon-to-be parents and their tastes.

Swaddling Cloths

Swaddling is so comforting to the little one because it helps them feel secure and stay warm. There are so many different fabrics available for these, and the most common is muslin. There are different companies and brands to choose from, but you can choose ones that have stylish patterns on them to help the new baby be the most fashionable in the room.

Funny Onesies

Funny Onesies
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These are tried and true favorites at baby showers, and they’re always a safe choice as a gift. You can find companies to customize a personal message on the onesie, or you can find ones with funny puns on them to give to the new parents. Your gift will be sure to get a laugh out of the party once it’s opened.

Stylish Diaper Bag

Diaper bags don’t need to be gaudy and boring anymore; now we are in the age of fashion and uniqueness, so don’t let your parents-to-be be left behind! You can choose a bag that matches the style preferences of the parents so they can look fly while changing their little guy!

Pee Pee Teepees

This might be a bit gross, but when parents are changing their little boys, it can sometimes encourage the baby to fully empty their bladders at the parents’ expense. These little teepees are super helpful to parents of boys because this reduces the chance of any pee getting on the parent. They also can be really cute and have fun patterns on them, so they can make the worst part of having a baby more fun!

Framed Picture of the Sonogram

This is an incredibly thoughtful gift, because it memorializes the first moment the parents knew their baby was existing. It was a heartwarming moment of celebration, so creating a memento of this moment is sure to bring some tears to the eyes of the parents. 

Stroller Phone Mount

This will certainly be helpful to parents on the go, because it can be a hassle trying to find their phone amidst a stroll with their little one. These make sure that your new parents will not be able to lose their phones, and will allow them to keep up with their personal and professional lives while spending time with their baby. Talk about living the dream!

Baby Boy Baby Shower Gifts: Closet Dividers

These are super helpful for new parents who have messy closets. They help keep the baby’s clothes divided neatly into different sections based on age and sizes. This will certainly be helpful on a busy morning. It also allows the parents to look back at how small their baby was once they’ve grown a bit.

Quiet Door Closer

There’s something about the click of a door that just wakes babies up faster than an alarm clock. These helpful door cushions dampen that sound to ensure the little one sleeps soundly throughout the night!

A Set of Educational Baby Books

Arguably, one of the best gifts you can give a baby is an education and a future. To help get this started, get a set of books that will help teach the baby helpful life lessons or anything they will need to know. It will save the parents time having to look for these types of books, and they will be able to use these books to educate their child and create fond memories with him.


Ultimately, the baby boy baby shower gifts you give to these parents at the baby shower is an important idea, but being a supportive friend or family member is what will matter most at the end of the day. Shopping for new babies can be scary, but feel no fear with this list of Baby Boy Baby Shower Gifts. Hopefully this curated list helped alleviate some anxieties, so have a blast shopping and attending the baby shower!

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