Are Wireless or Wired Headphones Better for Gaming?

Are Wireless or Wired Headphones Better for Gaming?

Let’s take a deeper dive and see; Are wireless or wired headphones better for gaming? As newer technologies are brought to the surface of the gaming world, gamers adapt to the changing norms of the industry. The common debate of gamer connectivity involves the device used to communicate with each other using online gaming platforms, including Xbox Live and Playstation Plus. At times, gamers struggle to find the best way to talk with friends and teammates online because of their headsets. The gaming industry only has two options for headsets, one being more traditional, and the other being created from new technology.

Are wired headphones better for gaming? – Wired Headsets

Wired headsets are more convenient when using a mouse and keyboard, as well as playing at a desk. A significant aspect of gaming headsets is sound quality, which is measured by bitrates. The higher the bitrates, the better the sound quality that is generated by the headset. There is a smoother relay of sound input and output when the headset is plugged into the gaming device. As for price, wired headsets are much cheaper than wireless, mostly because they limit freedom of movement and require less expensive manufacturing.

Also, gamers do not need to worry about the battery life of the headset, since its power comes from wall outlets. The goal of wired headset brands is to offer high quality at a low price. Another advantage of having a wired headset is its compatibility. Its multipurpose jack can connect to many devices, including PCs, monitors, tablets, and consoles. Using an adapter, it connects to mobile devices as well. 

For both of these types of headsets, the cons will make it difficult to answer the question: are wireless or wired headphones better for gaming? An obvious drawback of wired headsets is the long and sometimes bulky wires that are needed to power the headset. In a world where an abundance of cables plugged into a device is fading, gamers find it more convenient to be able to move around while playing. Consistent usage could result in cable damage, therefore breaking the headset.

Careless gamers most likely spend more money on wired headsets because they are relatively fragile. The wires also limit mobility, especially for PC players that rely on quick movements of the mouse and keyboard. Overall, wired headsets are becoming less conventional and gamers are moving towards wireless headsets, despite the hefty costs. 

Are wireless headphones better for gaming? – Wireless headsets

Are wireless headphones better for gaming? - Wireless headsets
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Wireless headsets are the contemporary option for gamers on most platforms, Newer headsets have a great frequency connection that provides better sound quality than the less reliable Bluetooth headsets. The newer generations demand the wireless headset more than a cable that can only reach so far. Most importantly, they allow for a greater range of flexibility and increased viewing distance.

In a changing gaming world, virtual reality has come of age. Taking the future of gaming by storm, virtual reality can only be enjoyed by wireless headsets because all of the clutter from wires limits the experience. Gamers that were born in the 2000s are more accustomed to wireless headsets and like the expanded range of movements they offer.

There are some cons of the more advanced headsets, one of which is that they can only be powered by batteries or a charger. Even with the higher grade batteries that last about 20 hours, the battery will still run out. This problem limits gaming time and uses if the gamer forgets to charge the headset. The battery and charger are a huge disadvantage because this inevitably turns the headset into a wired one. Not only does it have to be charged, but to do so, it will cost nearly twice the price of the top-tier wired headsets.

Even the newer technology has some durability flaws, concerning the battery life and the headset itself. Eventually, the battery or headset will need to be replaced, just like if a wire broke on the other competing headset. Wireless headsets are more modern but have a few drawbacks. 


At the end of the day, it is the consumer’s choice as to what headset they prefer. There is no clear answer to the question of which headphone is better: wired or wireless. Professional gamers help this industry by promoting certain products with sponsorships. There are advantages and disadvantages to each headset: based on the parameters of headsets, such as sound quality, mobility, price, and convenience. Leading brands obviously may not contain all of the cons involved with their type of headset. Reviews state that wired headsets are better for proximity gaming, while wireless headsets are more convenient for longer viewing distance gaming.

Written by: Lewis DeAngelis

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