Should I Get A Stick Vacuum?

If you’re a homebody and love to see that your home is clean and cozy all of the time, your vacuum is probably your best friend. They help us quickly clean our homes so that we don’t spend so much time fussing about the dirt that we track in from the outside. Since vacuum cleaners are quite essential for keeping your home clean, it makes sense to invest a reasonable amount of time in finding the right vacuum cleaner if yours is worn out or broken. 

For a long time, the only kind of vacuum cleaner that was available was the upright vacuum cleaner. With time and innovation, the stick vacuum and other vacuums came into being so that they are easier and lighter to use and maneuver. But how do you know if this home product is the right one for you? Here we’ll discuss whether a stick vacuum cleaner is enough for your use and whether you should consider purchasing your own. 

What to Know About Stick Vacuums 

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Just a while ago, stick vacuums became popular because of their quick and easy use. One of the most highlighted product features of this product is that it’s easy to maneuver because of its lightweight so that you can really target the dust and dirt in the nook and crannies of your home. Another great feature of stick vacuums is that it’s cordless so that you aren’t restricted from vacuuming parts of your house because of a too-short wire. Instead, this vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery so that when you’re not using it you can leave it on the charger so that it’s ready for its next use. 

Another one of the most notable pros of a stick vacuum is that they are great for cleaning and sucking up dog hair that’s left on top of your carpets. If you’re a pet person, you know that it’s quite difficult to clean up every single hair left behind by your furry friend. Cleaning up that pet hair is a major plus, especially since you can just whip out the vacuum for quick bursts of cleanup sessions rather than choosing to wait a while to bring out your bulkier upright vacuum. 

If you have wall-to-wall carpets, this is where the stick vacuum reaches its limit. In general, the stick vacuum is better suited for hardwood or tile floors. Sometimes the suction of this product isn’t adequate enough to clean thick carpets because it doesn’t have a beater bar that disperses the dirt that’s hidden in most carpets. Stick vacuums also don’t have large dirt canisters, so if you regularly vacuum and expect to clean up a significant amount of dirt and dust, then you will probably need to empty out the canister more often than you’re used to.

The batteries on a stick vacuum usually last for 4.5 hours and can charge for just 13 minutes for a full battery charge. But you may experience the vacuum turning off on its own while you’re using it too, which can be quite annoying if you thought you’ve charged it enough. Over time, this situation has gotten better as brands have incorporated swappable batteries to come with the vacuum units so that a charged spare is available just in case. 

Stick Vacuum vs. Upright Vacuum


Performance in a vacuum cleaner is one of the most important product features, so it’s important to note that upright vacuum cleaners have a more powerful suction. Upright vacuums also have beater brushes that allow them to stir up dirt before vacuuming, which makes this product better suited for carpets compared to stick vacuums. For quick cleanups on carpets, stick vacuums still perform relatively well but are better suited for hard floors.


In terms of size, it’s quite obvious that the stick vacuum excels in this category, as it is light and small so that it lends to easier maneuvering. Making sure that the battery is charged before using it is a big pain though. This is where upright vacuums excel, as they have a pluggable cord that allows you to clean your home without worrying about it turning off. 


It’s relatively easy to maintain both kinds of vacuums but this also varies depending on the size of the dirt canisters that come with the product. Since stick vacuums generally have smaller dirt canisters, then you will probably have to empty it out more often. 

Should I get a stick vacuum

Like everything else, stick vacuums come with their own set of pros and cons. Depending on your level of usage, a stick vacuum is much handier if you plan on quickly cleaning your living space so that you don’t have to bust out a big bulky upright vacuum to do the cleaning. The best cheap vacuum cleaners under $100 include stick vacuums that perform relatively well on both carpets and hard floors. In the end, it’s a matter of preference, so once you know what you’re really looking for in a vacuum, maybe you’ll find that a stick vacuum cleaner is best for you. 

Written by Julia Batista

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