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How Long Do Vacuum Cleaners Last?

Vacuums are one of the most essential things for households. They help you maintain cleanliness in your home as easily as possible. Vacuums can be quite pricey and are an investment. So how long do vacuum cleaners last? While research finds the average vacuum lasts 8 years, many factors can contribute to how much longer, or shorter, your vacuum will be around.

How Long Do Vacuum Cleaners Last

Vacuum Brand

The brand of vacuum can factor into how long it’ll last. Typically, most higher-end, expensive vacuums have a reason for their reputation. Brands such as Miele and Hoover are more likely to last than Bissell. While all vacuums will get the job done, certain brands will get them done quicker, more effectively, and for a longer period of time. Reading reviews on a vacuum brand before purchasing one of their products  will give you a better insight to whether they are known to be long-lasting or not. 


 Much like most things in life, the better you take care of your vacuum, the longer it will stick with you. Keeping up with maintenance on your vacuum will make a world of difference. This includes things like emptying the vacuum before it gets completely full and cleaning the brush rolls. By doing this, the vacuum will work at its best, avoiding clogs. This will expand its lifetime since it minimizes the wear and tear. Different vacuums will require different methods of care. For example, robotic vacuums are not going to be taken care of the same as a traditional vacuum. It’s important to know what your model needs in order to extend its life. Keeping up with this will not only help you to have the vacuum for longer, but will also make it work at its best throughout that extra time. 

Your Home

The specifics of your home also impacts how long you can expect to use your vacuum. Homes with pets or children are likely to wear out a vacuum faster. Since it is consistently cleaning up more mess than a vacuum belonging to a household with no pets or children, family vacuums typically die faster. Having dogs that shed a ton or kids prone to spilling might take a few years off of your vacuum since you’re increasing its workload. How large the area being vacuumed is will also have an impact on longevity. The larger the area, the more the vacuum will be used, leading to a shorter lifespan.Your floor may have impact as well. Hardwood typically isn’t as hard on vacuums as carpeting is. A home with more carpeting may go through vacuums quicker. Knowing your area will help you choose the best vacuum cleaners for you.

Vacuum Type

The type of vacuums will also give you a better idea of how long it’s going to last. Your traditional, upright vacuum is the longest lasting. It’s the most widely used for a reason. It’s durable and the design of it gives it great efficiency. The handheld vacuum is typically the shortest-lived. Since it is smaller, it’s easy to overwork. Handheld vacuums are extremely useful for cleaning particular areas, for example, many people use them to clean up cat litter, but aren’t great for big areas or longevity. Robot vacuums are the newest craze, and while efficient and easy they are, they still don’t have quite the lifespan of the traditional upright vacuum. 

Vacuum Type

Frequency of Use

Lastly, how frequently you use a vacuum is important when considering how long it’ll last. If you vacuum daily, your vacuum isn’t going to last as long as someone’s who only vacuums weekly. Some carpets are more prone to looking messy and some people have kids or pets or both. These floors most likely need much more attention from the vacuum. This will cause them to break down in a shorter period of time. If you know that you’re a frequent user of your vacuum, factor that into the lifespan. Neglect can also impact your vacuum negatively. If a vacuum sits idle for too long, it may become dusty and will fall behind on maintenance. This will cause it to not work as well. To avoid this, it may be a good idea to have a vacuuming schedule so you never leave it sitting for too long. 

So, how long do vacuum cleaners last?

As we learned, there are many things to think about when trying to estimate your vacuum’s lifetime value. Vacuums have decent average lifespans. However, your habits dictate how long yours will be around. Treat it with care and caution and it could give you a good 10 years. Treat it poorly and it may die on you two years in.

Written by Alissa Buckley

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