6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop

6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop

In today’s world, laptops are almost a necessity. You need them for school, work, shopping, studying, and entertainment. Those that own laptops know that they become more than just an object, you use them for pretty much everything. Buying a laptop is serious business. You will spend a generous amount of money so it’s best to make sure that you do your research before you go splurging on a device that crashes two months later. Utilizing this as a guide for 6 things to consider before you buy a laptop will make shopping a lot simpler!

No matter what price range you are targeting, choosing the right laptop for you will require some research. What will you spend the majority of your time doing on the laptop? You might be someone who requires a touch screen or an iPad and would accordingly want a 2 in 1 laptop. Or If you’re a gamer you’ll need higher RAMS, memory cards, and CPUs. Students would get the most benefit out of computers with longer battery life, and stronger compatibility with operating systems like Microsoft.

6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop – Screen size

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The majority of laptop screen sizes range from 11 to 17. 3 inches. The majority of the workforce spends hours staring at a computer screen. To help relieve that straining, you want to make sure that the screen size isn’t too small. However, keep in mind that the smaller the screen, the more portable it will be. So the bigger the screen, the bulkier it will be. Furthermore, it’s also important to note that smaller computers most times can’t support certain graphic cards or high-end Intel cores. If these two factors are important to you then a bigger laptop would be your best bet. 

6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop – Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is really important because we all want whatever technological device we are using to be clear, and have maximum clarity. Just for reference, the higher the number of pixels, the sharper images will appear on the screen. The standard screen resolution is 1920 by 1080. Screen resolution is especially important for professional photographers who require that maximum clarity when editing. Nowadays, some brands offer a 4k resolution. This isn’t necessary unless you are a professional creator. Another thing to keep in mind, laptops with higher resolution are typically higher-end brands like Apple and will require spending more on a laptop.

6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop – Specifications

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One of the most important factors in choosing a laptop is its specifications. This goes back to our initial question- what will you be using the laptop for? Keeping this question in mind will help narrow down that search.


Believe it or not, keyboards are very important. For as much time as the laptop is open, we spend nearly all that time typing! Key travel, known as the distance the key goes as you press it, is an important feature for people who work primarily from their computers. An overlooked feature that we would recommend looking into is backlighting. This is an especially important feature for students who may live in dorms. Backlighting consists of LED lights under the keys and allows users to see the keyboard in dark settings.


Raise your hand if you’ve had your battery die on you! Nobody likes the feeling of having to rush to a power outlet to charge their computer. Luckily, laptops are being created with longer battery life and built-in settings to inform you of what apps are draining your battery. Depending on your price range, some laptops can give up to 12 hours of battery life. We also recommend as a tip to close out unnecessary apps out and to be mindful of poor heat ventilation.


As we all know there are hundreds of laptop brands out there. The two classics being Apple and Microsoft offer great features. However, there are other brands like Lenovo, HP, and Dell. MacBooks are more popular with college students since they are known for their reliability and popularity. They also offer strong security, since it’s harder for Apple computers to become infected with viruses, but at a higher cost. In comparison, Windows has more affordable prices. It will be easier to find the best laptops under $700 dollars if you are in the market for a Windows laptop.

Windows is also known for its touch screen laptops. For business consumers, Lenovo TouchPads are a great option. They were specifically designed to handle all types of office tasks.  

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