Common laptop-buying mistakes you can easily avoid

Common Laptop-Buying Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Buying a laptop is a huge investment that raises the stakes for the laptop-buying process. Making easily avoidable mistakes becomes monetarily detrimental, as buying the incorrect laptop for you is a bad investment. Whether looking for the best laptops for engineering students, developers, or writers, there are many common laptop-buying mistakes you can easily avoid. Here are some common price, selection, and buying-process mistakes that help you avoid wasting money.

Price Mistakes

Price Mistakes
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Price is one of the most common laptop-buying mistakes you can easily avoid. Setting a budget is important, but if you let price determine your laptop-buying process you can be stuck with a poor quality laptop. Conversely, if you do not set a strict budget, you can end up buying an extravagant machine that is a complete waste of money when considering what features you will actually utilize. Here are two common price mistakes when buying a laptop and how to easily avoid them.

Buying the least expensive laptop

Your budget should definitely guide your buying process; however, deliberately buying the least expensive laptop you encounter is a huge mistake. When setting a budget, you need to set a price range based on the functions you need from your laptop. If you compromise your requirements for price, you will end up with a laptop that is completely useless.

If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle multiple programs at once, buying the cheapest version laptop possible will play a huge factor in its ability to perform this action. Opting for a dual-core processor instead of a quad-core processor due to price will have you using a laptop that is not powerful enough for the jobs you require it to perform. Prioritizing price can leave you with a laptop completely unsuitable for you.  

Overpaying for your laptop

Where an overly restrictive budget can leave you with a useless laptop, a completely open budget can lead to your overpaying for your machine. Oftentimes, people will spend extra money to buy a laptop that possesses advanced features that they will never use. 

Buying a laptop just to have advanced features proves to be a waste of money as they will remain unused for the lifespan of your machine. In order to avoid this, you should determine the features you really need before looking into a laptop. This enables you to avoid overspending on things you are certain you will not need.

Selection Mistakes

Selection Mistakes
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After deciding the price range, you start to narrow down your laptop choices by considering different model-specific features. During this process, people often neglect to consider the size of the laptop as well as its ports and compatibility. Ignoring these two factors can give you a laptop that is completely unsuitable for your needs. Here is a description of these two common mistakes and how to easily avoid them. 

Ignoring size

Not considering the size of your laptop is a huge mistake. Not only are there capability differences between an 11-inch laptop and a 17-inch laptop but there are also differences in their portability. Larger laptops allow for an enhanced viewing experience at the cost of a heavier weight and larger dimensions. 

Considering the size is an important part of the buying process depending on your intended use. If you want to easily transport your laptop, you should opt for smaller-sized laptops that are thinner and lighter than some of the larger models. It is also important to recognize that the size of the laptop will affect things such as the size of the keyboard and trackpad. To avoid this mistake, consider the intended use of your laptop before selecting the desired size. 

Disregarding compatibility and ports

Before selecting your laptop, you should consider the ports you will need to accomplish your desired functions. A lot of laptops will not feature your specific compatibility needs. In order to avoid this, factor in the ports you need or decide to budget for adaptors.

Buying Process Mistakes

Buying Process Mistakes
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When it comes to the actual buying process, people often throw themselves into it without having a game plan first. This can lead to making several mistakes along the way that can easily be avoided. By not doing adequate research, not doing a trial run, and trusting salespeople too easily, you can end up buying an undesirable laptop.

Not doing adequate research 

Before buying a laptop, you need to get a well-rounded picture of the laptop’s capabilities and restrictions. When narrowing down your search, you should google your laptop to make an informed buying decision. You should listen to both the negative and positive reviews in order to get the best picture possible of both the laptop’s strengths and weaknesses. By doing your research, you can get the most accurate image possible of how the laptop can serve your personal needs.

Not doing a trial run

It is not always feasible to do a complete trial run on your laptop, but if the option is available you should always take advantage of it. You will be able to physically understand that features of the laptop serve you and those that are unnecessary. Doing a trial run can only help your process by providing you with the most information possible.

If a full trial run is unavailable, you can still try out the laptop in-store. Buying online is a very convenient option, but it deprives you of getting a physical feel for your laptop. By going into stores and playing around with the laptop a bit, you will be able to make a more informed decision before buying. 

Trusting salespeople too easily

While salespeople can be an important tool for gathering more information on a laptop, you have to consider that it is profitable for them to sell certain laptops. Because they are making a commission on the sales, they are a somewhat biased information source as their main objective is to make the most commission possible.

In order to avoid this mistake, you must remain patient when dealing with salespeople and go to the store informed. This will help you navigate their recommendations and help you avoid making rash decisions on a laptop that might not be in your best interest.


Common Laptop-Buying Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
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Buying a laptop is a huge decision that will affect you for several years as it is a long-term investment. In order to prevent wasting money, you have to consider common laptop-buying mistakes you can easily avoid. Luckily, by being aware of the price, selection, and buying process mistakes, you can make an informed investment!

Written by Stephanie Parmiter

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