Which size laptop is best for you?

Which size laptop is best for you?

One question you have to ask yourself before you buy a laptop is which size laptop is best for you? With so many options, it may be hard to choose but once you know what you will be using your laptop for, narrowing down your choices will be easy. Is your laptop for gaming or is it for school? Will you be on the go a lot?

The Perfect Size

Laptops are typically categorized by their horizontal display size. Before you consider specs or pricing, consider the amount of portability you will need.

Laptop, Which size laptop is best for you?

11-12 inches

11-12 inch laptops have an average weight of about 3.5 pounds. These systems to be thin and the most portable. Some people may think that this screen is too small though.

13-14 inches

13-14 inches can give you a perfect balance of portability and usability, especially if you purchase one that weighs less than 4 lbs. 14 inches is almost the perfect in-between and is perfect for almost any task. 

15-16 inches

This size range is the most popular, and 15-16 inch laptops tend to weigh between 4 and 5.5 lbs. This is for the people who want a larger screen and don’t plan on carrying their laptops around often. 

17 to 18 inches

These laptops tend to be the bulkiest and are for people who plan on keeping the laptop on their desk the whole day. These laptops are also powerful and are capable of playing high-end video games or workstation-level productivity.

15.6 inches vs 17.3 inches

With 15.6 and 17.3 being two of the more popular sizes, you may not know which one to go with. It may only be 2 inches, but 2 inches can make or break your experience. It is based on your preference and where you’ll be using your laptop.

17.3 inches can be heavy, uncomfortable to carry, and awkward. The average weight of a 17.3-inch laptop is over 7 pounds. Nobody wants to carry that around all day. If you like to work at your local cafe, 17.3 inches might not fit on the table. If it does, there will be no space for your notes, drinks, or snacks. 

You may prefer 15.6 in that case. With 15.6, you are better off transporting your laptop from place to place. Many people also say that 15.6 inches provide a much more comfortable experience.

If you’re more likely to be stationary and use your laptop at home, 17.3 inches is the easy choice, especially if you’ll be gaming. The drawback of 17.3 is how bulky it is. That may not be an issue for you, but 15.6 is lighter and easier to carry. Only thing is, 15.6-inch laptops are not as powerful. 

Which size laptop is best for you?: The College Student

College student studying, which size laptop is best for you?

Screen size is an important factor when picking a laptop for college because it dictates the overall size and weight that you’ll be carrying around from class to class. We recommend avoiding anything larger than 15.6 inches because anything bigger is hard to fit into your backpack.  Anything less than 13 inches might be too small for an optimal college experience.

Pay attention to the weight of the laptop because anything of 4-5 pounds may be a hassle to carry around campus all day. We think 13 inches – 15 inches is the sweet spot due to the comfort and portability it offers. 

Which size laptop is best for you?: The Gamer

Gaming Computer, Which size laptop is best for you?

Traditionally, gamers love to have larger, more expansive screens that offer a better viewing experience. Gaming laptops make it difficult to choose size though. If you get something small, it won’t be as powerful, but if you get something large, it won’t be as portable. The minimum a gamer should look for is 14 inches. Anything less than that probably won’t be that powerful or offer an optimal viewing experience. 

15-16 inches will give you a solid balance of both power and portability, but keep in mind, there are drawbacks. We recommend 17-18 inches for hardcore gamers. 17 – 18 inch laptops provide you with the power and screen size to zone in and kill the competition.

Which size laptop is best for you?: The Conclusion

Choosing your laptop size doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Anything lower than 13 inches may be too hard on the eyes, and anything over 15 inches will not be as portable. When purchasing a laptop, that is one tradeoff you will have to make. Will you go with more portability to sacrifice a little power or will you go with more power and sacrifice portability? The choice is yours.

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