What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Laptop

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Laptop

It is hard to buy a new laptop. Money could be tight meaning that you do not have time to spend too much money. You want to be able to afford a laptop that is near budget and is in good condition. Buying a used laptop could be one of the options that you may have to rely on. You buy used laptops from different platforms, but even with the stars and the seller is on the laptop, there is still some risk in buying a used laptop. You have to become cautious about what you purchase, but are not sure what to even do. Here are some tips for what you need to know before buying a used laptop. 

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  1. Your Needs. Before even purchasing a used laptop, make sure you know your needs. Do not only focus on your wants, but your needs are an important factor to understand the laptop to want. You want to make sure that you are going to use the laptop for what you want. Think of what brand, how heavy, and what price range you may want. Do you want a newer version or an older version? When you think of what laptop you may want, you can do your search for potential buyers.
  2. Research on a laptop. Before you purchase that used laptop, make sure you do some research on that laptop. See what kind of features are included in the original, what operating system does it have, what are some accessories that you may need to purchase that do not come with the used laptop. What is missing that could help lower the price? Make sure that the research you have done on that laptop matches the laptop that you are hoping to purchase.
  3. Research the seller. You should not only do research on the laptop but the seller as well. See what reviews have said about the seller. What other materials have they sold and have consumers been satisfied with their product? You want to make sure that the seller says who they say and they are not someone else. Make sure they have the product and not just showing you pictures. It is beneficial to have some trust in the seller.
  4. Face to face contact. Some platforms send you the laptop in the box without you having any knowledge if it is even there. On some platforms, they offer face to face like OfferUp. This is a good way to make sure that you could check out the laptop before you purchase it. It is also a good way to know that it’s not a scam. Do not go alone because even though it may not be a scam, it is a good idea to bring someone else for safety reasons.
  5. Inspect the Laptop. When you are purchasing a used laptop, you want to inspect it. You want to see if it is in good condition like there are no cracks or chips. You want to make sure that the screen is viewable that it does not come out as blurry. Make sure that it has the equipment it needs. Like it has the charger and the laptop itself. You have to physically see the laptop not just see it through pictures that were showcased to you.
  6. Test it out. You have to make sure that the laptop can turn on and off. Make sure that it does not take a long time to turn on. Test out if you can type with the keyboard like writing a simple sentence or a simple word. Test out the trackpad where the cursor or mouse can move around and go where you want it to go. Test out the software. Does it overheat easily when using it? Does it come with all the features that were included in the description?
  7. Price Deal. Before you purchase a laptop, make sure you are getting a good deal. You can compare prices from the original and other sellers who are selling the same laptop. Make sure that the price feels equipped for what you are purchasing like if it says the original price for a laptop is $600, but the used laptop does not come with some of its original parts. You have to make sure that the price seems fair. 

These tips can be very useful to know before purchasing a laptop on a budget. Even if you are purchasing a laptop from a close friend or a stranger, you have to have some knowledge of what you are purchasing and what is an appropriate price. Usually, we focus on two things: the price and testing. We sometimes forget that there are people who steal people’s money but you have to be smart so that does not happen to you. Buying a used laptop should not be hard, but you have to be cautious with every purchase. 

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