Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It

Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It?

If you are like me, you would not invest in a good vacuum until well into adulthood. You’re asking, “Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It?” I have had a cheap vacuum that gets the job done since I realized how expensive cleaning stuff was. But really, my version of getting the job done was not the most thorough and effective way to clean. My cheap vacuum would leave remnants of dirt behind and never fully pulled all the stuff from my carpet or off the hardwood floors.  With a more expensive vacuum, I do not have to worry about the lack of a thorough clean anymore.

Pros and Cons of Expensive Vacuums

Pros and Cons of Expensive Vacuums

Benefits of a Higher Quality Vacuum

Getting a better and more thorough clean can help you more than just aesthetically. If you have people with allergies in your household, an investment in a better vacuum can help their health improve.  Additionally, less dust in the air can help people with asthma breathe better.  Besides the health benefits of a better clean, your home will be more appealing to the eye! No more embarrassing messes. Another pro of an expensive vacuum is that they are built to last a longer time.  The life of these vacuums are proven to continue longer than the cheaper model which can easily get broken parts.


Some expensive models actually do not clean well. In the next section of this post I will tell you which vacuums are overall the best but have equally high prices to go along with it. Be careful with your research on vacuums because expensive does not always mean better. Just because a model is more expensive does not mean it is unbreakable.  And when these parts break they are insanely expensive to fix and sometimes hard to get parts for.

Additionally, most expensive vacuums come with an unnecessary amount of attachments. This might not suit the average consumer who wants a basic model with good suction.  But, those who own larger homes or perhaps need a bigger vacuum for their business should consider an expensive high quality vacuum.

So, Should I get an Expensive Vacuum? – Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It

Should I get an Expensive Vacuum

A more expensive vacuum can be very beneficial, but it might not suit all consumers’ needs. There are ordinary vacuums with a normal price that have good suction and will give you the thorough clean you desire. But, when cleaning bigger spaces that have harder to reach areas a more expensive vacuum with the appropriate attachments might be exactly what you need.

What Expensive Vacuum Should I Buy?

Of all the vacuums I have researched, these are the top three vacuums with the best raving online reviews and the strongest cleaning power. Depending on your consumer needs, you might gravitate to different models available.

1. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

Why You Need It: This vacuum is the epitome of an expensive professional vacuum.  It comes with all the major attachments to get into hard to reach crevices or even vacuum pet hair without breaking the machine. It also is a  standard corded vacuum so you would not have to worry about charging or constantly replacing the vacuums. This machine is perfect for people with large and messy households with children or pets.

2. Dyson Ball Animal 2

Why You Need It: This vacuum is extremely powerful. The price tag is a pretty large one too, but this vacuum is specifically designed for pet hair so it has a very intense suction. It handles tough messes which makes it ideal for pet owners and parents (or homes that simply create large messes). Unlike most vacuums, the dyson ball will automatically adjust to the surface beneath you.  The suction will change to suit carpet or hardwood depending on the layout of your home.  Sometimes little things like auto adjusting suction makes a more expensive vacuum more desirable.

3. Tineco Pure One S11

Why You Need It: Not only does the Tineco boast an impressive suction, it is also a cordless vacuum.  This vacuum frees you from the constraints of a cord being moved from outlet to outlet. You can also adjust the power depending on what surface you are cleaning. Not only does it have so many high tech benefits, it also emits clean emissions.

Overall, Should You Splurge on an Expensive Vacuum

Overall, Should You Splurge on an Expensive Vacuum

The answer to this question is completely dependent on your needs and/or your desires for cleaning. If you are looking for a deeper clean, a more expensive vacuum with more attachments would be more suitable for your needs. Although, some budget friendly vacuums are better suited for your needs. Some more reasonable vacuums boast a good suction, but break easily. Depending on what you are looking for in a vacuum an expensive vacuum might be the perfect one for you.

Written by Sophia Koop

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