Can Wireless Headphones Hurt Your Ears?

Can Wireless Headphones Hurt Your Ears?

Music today is very popular and almost everyone listens to some sort of music. Many people use headphones. The question is, can wireless headphones hurt your ears? The short answer is yes. When you are exposing your ears to loud noises that closely, the fluid in your ear will move around which can quite possibly lead to damaging the hair cells in your ear. This is not something that you want to happen. Finding high-quality headphones can protect you from all these issues but at the same time, it does not mean you have to overspend. There are a wide variety of great options for cheap headphones.

Can Wireless Headphones Hurt Your Ears?: What Is Too Loud?

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Sounds that range up to 85 decibels can be damaging and even lead to hearing loss at worst. Headphones and earbuds will put you at even more of a risk as they sit in very close proximity to your ear canal. This will cause what is called a boosting effect which can lead to making the sound up to 9 decibels even louder. The CDC explains that headphones at the highest volume will range from 96 to 110 decibels. These are definitely loud enough to cause permanent damage if done too often. iPhone volumes can range all the way up to 112 decibels. Even measuring the sound at 60% can bring out 80 decibels. Even at 60% output the decibels are loud enough to not take lightly.

How Long Is Too Long?

Listening to loud sounds will be a cumulative effect. The more often your ears are exposed to the loud sound the greater risk you will be imposing on your hearing. There are many places where people wear headphones whether that be at the gym or just while cleaning, all of these times will add up. It is smart to keep in the back of your mind the amount you are using headphones.

It is recommended to pay close attention to the volume you are putting in your ears and to also limit the time you are doing it for. It is likely that the longer you have the headphones in, the more likely you are to receive damage in your ears down the road. Give your ears a break and listen at about 50-60% volume to lower the risk of long term ear damage.


The most obvious tip we can provide to you, turn down the volume. When trying to compete with the background noise wherever you may be, it is likely that you will end up blasting your music full volume. You will want to avoid this because of the pressure the volume will put on your ears. There is a tip that is widely known as the 60:60 method. This is done by listening at 60% volume output for less than 60 minutes a day. This is the optimum usage to keep your ears in tip top shape.

Another tip in general is to just avoid noisy environments. That one is also quite obvious but it will also save your ears the stress. The most important and also quite obvious tip is to give your ears breaks every so often. This will allow for your sensory nerves to reset and recover from the loud noise. Allowing 16 hours of rest after intense noise is recommended. Ears are an important part of your body and realizing that before you lose them is important.

The Makeup of The Ear

The way our ears are made is with three main parts. The outer, middle, and inner ear. The sounds we hear produce vibrations that cause us to hear. The process of hearing begins with sound traveling towards the ear canal and coming into contact with the middle part of the ear. This results in the miniscule bones inside the ear to vibrate which then touches the cochlea. It causes the fluid inside to move which allows the nerves to receive the information. This is the main way we hear sound from our earbuds and the main reason for hearing loss as well when the sound is too loud.


So after further examination, yes, wireless earbuds can in fact hurt your ears. And depending on the extent of the usage they can be damaged irreparably. It is a smart choice to keep in the back of your mind the effects that loud music can have on your ears. Right now it may seem like no big deal but when you start to lose hearing, it will be something that you wish you took better care of.

Your ears are a vital part of your body and without them a lot of easy tasks now will become a lot more difficult hearing. Take precautions when it comes to listening to music and this should be no problem for you. Nobody wants to have to live with a problem that they easily could have prevented with a little precaution here and there.

Written by: Matthew Zuppardi

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