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How to Connect Wireless Headphones

Understanding how to connect wireless headphones may seem like a headache at first, but these simple steps will show you how to connect any type of wireless headphone to any pairable device! Wireless headphones are capable of using a Bluetooth connection that enables a listener to hear audio without any cords! You are able to pair Bluetooth devices with computers, speakers, digital media players, and much more.

Another form of wireless headphones would include dedicated wireless headphones, which have a base station, which is a small device that plugs into any average 3.5mm headphone jack and relays a radio frequency to the headphones. If you have either of these types of headphones, don’t worry; Both of these forms will be covered in this article. This will absolutely work for the Best Wireless Headphones Under $500.

Before you can begin

  1. Make sure audio levels on both devices are turned on and at least audible. 
  2. Make sure you are only a few feet away when you connect the headphones.
  3. Make sure you have both devices sufficiently charged. 

Connecting Dedicated Wireless Headphones

This is a fairly simple process. Make sure your headphones are adequately charged and the volume is turned up to an audible level before beginning. Dedicated Wireless Headphones have an effective range of a few hundred feet, so distance upon connecting isn’t an issue in this case.

Take the base station provided with your headphones, and insert the plug into the corresponding audio jack of the device you wish to connect to. If you find that the plug is not 3.5mm in size (the standard size for audio jacks, common among wired headphones) or the audio jack is not 3.5mm in size, you may need a different plug or jack to connect. A 3.5mm converter can help with this, by allowing you to connect into one type of port, such as USB, with a 3.5mm plug. Once the base station is plugged in, turn on the base station and headphones, and enjoy! 

How to Connect Wireless Headphones – To Activate Bluetooth Devices

First, make sure both devices are capable of Bluetooth transmission. You can usually find Bluetooth in the settings of any device. On the headphones, look for this symbol:

How to Connect Wireless Headphones - To Activate Bluetooth Devices

This is the Bluetooth icon, and it indicates that your device is capable of Bluetooth connectivity. Not all headphones with Bluetooth connectivity necessarily have this symbol. Next, you want to turn on both devices. It’s best to wear the wireless headphones when pairing, as they usually indicate through voice or an audio cue if the headphones are searching for another Bluetooth device, and when they are connected.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones – Connecting Bluetooth to Mobile

Both Android and IOS devices display Bluetooth in the settings of the device. Navigate to the settings application of your mobile device, and find the Bluetooth settings. A list of Bluetooth devices saved or in the radius of the device will be displayed. From here you can pair your headphones to the mobile device! In many cases, the name of the Bluetooth device will not be the same as the product name. In this case, it is best to read the Bluetooth instructions in the manual for the wireless headphones, as it will give you the name of the device as it appears in Bluetooth settings. 

How to Connect Wireless Headphones – Connecting Bluetooth to Computer or Digital Media Players

Computers and digital media players tend to be paired with multiple devices, so they will typically have a paired devices section in the system settings. Make sure your wireless headphones are turned on and the volume adjusted to an audible setting.

  • For Windows devices, you need to open Settings, and hit the devices button. From here, you need to navigate to the Bluetooth & other devices tab. Click on the button labeled Add Bluetooth or other devices. You should see your device on the list, and be able to pair the devices.
  • For digital media players such as Roku, or the Apple TV, navigate to the settings menu, click on the remotes and devices tab. Next, select a new device, and then select Bluetooth device. From here, activate your wireless headphones, and they will seek out the digital media player and automatically connect to it. This process may take up to thirty seconds. The digital media player will indicate once this process is complete. 


Wireless headphone connection may seem confusing at first, but it is a rather straightforward process once you get the hang of it. It should be pretty easy to determine if your headphones are dedicated or BlueTooth. Pairing will always follow this process!

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