why do gamers have two headsets?

Why Do Gamers Have 2 Headsets?

If you watch Esports, there are a lot of things to keep track of. It’s an exhilarating time to watch your favorite gamers use different techniques and strategies to take out their opponents. If you haven’t been watching Esports for that long, you may wonder: Why do gamers have 2 headsets? Esports athletes wear a number of different headphones for a variety of different reasons, much of it relating to concentration and functionality. In this article, we’ll seek to answer why Esports athletes use these headphones, what types of headphones they use, and what aspects of performance that they can help with.

First off, Esports athletes use two different types of headphones. In-ear headphones are used for game sounds, while over-ear headphones are used to block out external noises. This helps pro gamers concentrate in multiple ways. This is especially helpful to pro gamers when in a professional event. Found below are reasons listed for why gamers use two different sets of headphones. 

Why Do Gamers Have 2 Headsets? The Basics Explained

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To cancel out external noises

If you’ve been to an Esports event, you’ll know that the event is loud. Like many sports events, the crowd cheering can be deafening. This is a critical reason that the external headphones are needed. Conversations, crowd screams, and overall yelling contributes to the chaotic environment that is Esports. 

To have a more fair advantage

Information advantage can mean make or break for a team. Commenters at Esports explain everything in detail for those watching to provide a full experience. If a player were to hear this information, it would be an unfair advantage for the other team. 

Technology and staff

Sounds from nearby sources are also a big reason for why these are used. Reasons for breaking focus can really be down to the sounds of the keyboard, or sounds from other pro gamers may affect it too. Bright light illuminating the stage is also a distraction in itself, as strobe lights are often used to entertain the crowd and light up the players. 

What types of headphones do Pro Gamers Use? 

As aforementioned, pro-gamers use in-ear headphones that rest underneath over-ear headphones for the best experience. Turtle Beach, ASUS, and Steelseries are some popular selections for Esports athletes when it comes to professional gaming. Minimal distraction, the inclusion of white noise, and noise-cancellation are the reasons that make the best gaming headsets.

If you see a third type of headphones around the pro gamers’ necks, then it’s usually for sponsorship reasons. 

How do 2 Headsets affect the overall experience for the gamers? 

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Pro gamers need some way to communicate with their teammates. The utilization of both of these headphones allows for easy communication. Strategy, identification of enemies, and other discussions are heard without the other team hearing. 

Hearing every move

In first-person shooter games, it’s imperative that each player hears every step, every reload, and minimal distractions to fully concentrate on what’s in front of them. It can make the difference between winning or losing if you let down your guard for one second. 


Crossplay has been a recent addition to the gaming world, in which players can play games that are versatile with most consoles. An example of this is Minecraft. Essentially, you can play with friends who are on different consoles. This was a big move for Sony to make, as pressure had been placed on them for some time to allow multi-platform streaming. However, crossplay doesn’t allow for players to join party chats, so gamers use two headphones for this reason. 


Overall, pro gamers will have a different experience than amateur gamers. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones yourself, it’s recommended that you stick with a pair of noise-canceling over-ear headphones to make the most out of your experience, especially if you’re a console gamer.

However, there is nothing to lose if you want to imitate your favorite players and have a pair of in-ear headphones to go underneath your over-ear ones. You have the power of preference, as it really matters how it affects your performance when gaming. If you’re thinking about going pro, try out the brands suggested in the article. 

Happy gaming!

Written by Nicole Espinoza

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