How Do You Set Up Gaming Headsets on PC?

How to Set up Gaming Headsets on PC: Learn the 5 Helpful Ways

Wondering how to set up gaming headsets on PC? Gamers are always looking to upgrade their gaming sets to make the games more realistic. One of the ways to make games more realistic is by using headsets. A gaming headset has a superior, crisp, and clear sound over traditional speakers. The difference between regular headphones and gaming headsets is that headsets usually have a microphone and are better-tuned to provide a pleasant and less tiring musical experience. If you want to experience top-quality gaming then headsets are a must.

Do you enjoy playing video games, and want to have the top experience when gaming on your computer but do not know how to set up Headsets on your PC? This is your time to learn how to connect headsets to your computer and discover a new way to enjoy video games. Connecting a gaming headset can be complicated or too simple. First, we need to identify the type of connector for the headsets. Computer headsets have one of three types of connectors for headsets: USB, Mini-Plugs, and Bluetooth headset. 

How to Set up Gaming Headsets on PC with USB Headset 

How to Set up Gaming Headsets on PC with USB Headset
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Before starting with the process make sure the ports or the Mini-Plugs are working. Audio ports, USB ports, etc… can run out of life with time so it’s important to know which ports are working in order for the headsets to work. You can test it by plugging in any device and testing the sound from it. If it does not work, you will need to get a pane replacement for the ports. 

If your ports feature a USB connector, find the unused USB ports on your computer. Plugin the headset cable into the connector, and then your computer should recognize it by displaying a notification message. Connectors on PCs are usually on the back panel, and on laptops are on the sides. 

How to Set up Gaming Headsets on PC with Mini-plug headset

First Identify each headset cable. Sometimes the mini-plug connection may be color-coded. A green connector indicates the cable for the headset or audio (hearing) and a connector with a pink ring indicates the microphone (speaking) cable of the headset. 

Once the headset’s cables are identified, locate the connection on the back of the computer. If you have a laptop, the connection is usually a brass-colored 3.5 mm jack found on the side or in the front. The connection for the headset cable plugs is called the line out and the microphone connectors. Once the cables get connected to the line out and the microphone, the headset will be ready to use. 

How to Set up Gaming Headsets on PC with Bluetooth headset.

Before starting make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your computer. Go to setting, click on devices, then Bluetooth & other devices option. Once you find it, click on the Bluetooth device button, and then add the (headset) device to your computer. Keep in mind the headset needs to be on, and in pairing mode. Last, add the headset to the list of devices to begin connecting. 

How to test the headsets

If you are experiencing some trouble and it is unknown if the headset is working, you can test the sound by opening anything that plays sound. For example, music, videos, etc… The sound recording can be tested by opening any sound recorder and recording your voice. 

What can you do if the headset is not working?

If the headset does not work and it shows an error message, it means that additional software is needed for the headset to work properly and sometimes headsets do not come with software purchased. In that case, the manufacturer would probably have an updated driver software available online on their main website. 


How to Set up Gaming Headsets on PC: Learn the 5 Helpful Ways
Source: Unsplash

In order to set up a gaming headset on a PC, it is a must to first identify which type of connections your headset requires. It can be either through USB, Mini-plug, and Bluetooth. Once the type of headsets connection is identified follow the specific steps to successfully connect it to the PC for each type of connection. 

If the headsets are still not working properly and you are experiencing issues connecting your gaming headset to your PC, then there are some quick troubleshooting try to make sure the ports for the USB and Mini-plug work perfectly, make sure the right software is installed, and that the drivers are up to date. Hopefully now you know how to set up gaming headsets on a PC.

Written by Amelia Paulino.

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