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What Is The Best Gaming Headset Brand?

If you were to talk to a gamer and asked them to make a list of the equipment they use, one of the things they’ll list is going to be their headphones. Different people use different styles, brands, and price ranges. But when it comes down to it, there is always going to be one brand that tends to have the title of ‘best gaming headset brand’. And in the gaming community, that brand is currently Steelseries. They have many different models and prices, covering the vast majority of the gaming community’s needs. In this article, we’ll cover a few important points that we considered when looking for the best gaming headset brand currently on the market.

Overview of the Company

Overview of the Company
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Ever since Steelseries was founded in 2001, they’ve grown to be on par with companies such as Razer or Alienware, and have even surpassed them. They’re one of the top companies for gaming systems right now and are generally considered among the best for people who want high-quality gaming gear. This brand is one of the most recognizable in the gaming and eSports community, which has allowed them to build a very iconic brand.

In the past, they have even taken suggestions and feedback from their community and implemented these new ideas into their products. In the long run, this practice has paid off for Steelseries, thus making more people believe in their products. They are now one of the most innovative companies out there for gaming gear, whether that be headphones, mice, keyboards, or other accessories.

What Makes Steelseries the Best Gaming Headset Brand?

What Makes Steelseries the Best Gaming Headset Brand?
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When it comes to looking for gaming headphones, you probably want to make sure that they fit exactly what you need them for. Steelseries has many different models with compatibility options, both wireless and wired, among other things. Some brands cater mostly to Xbox or Playstation users, while others are mostly for PC gaming. But no matter what kind of platform you play on, Steelseries has headsets for you. They even have some that work with nearly every gaming system that you could think of.


But compatibility isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered when looking at the best gaming headset brand. One thing that has helped Steelseries get to the top of many lists is how comfortable they are. If you’re a pro gamer, you’re going to be wearing these for possibly hours on end, and you want to be sure that you are comfortable while doing it. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t be focused on gaming, and then you won’t be able to have fun. Thankfully, these headphones are comfortable and can allow you to play comfortably for hours.

Connectivity Options

With Bluetooth and wireless connections becoming so prevalent nowadays, a lot of gamers are also transitioning into wireless headphones. This means that they can sit just about anywhere and still play their game, or even walk away for a moment and still talk with friends or teammates that they might be playing with. However, some people also still prefer a wired option so that they don’t have to worry about charging their headphones or forget where they left them. Either way, connectivity is important when looking at gaming headphones. Because of these different preferences, Steelseries has several options for both wired and wireless headsets that can cater to whatever you may need.

Price Range

Another really big point that people make is price. You might think that Steelseries will be nothing but expensive because of their popularity. But if you’re looking for the best gaming headset under 50 dollars? Steelseries has you covered. One of their cheapest options comes in right at $50, while their most expensive still comes in at a pretty decent price, right around $330. All of them are of good quality and are one of the reasons that Steelseries has climbed its way to the top when it comes to the best gaming headset brand. 


When it all comes down to it, Steelseries has made it very clear that they care about their community and all gamers, whether they be professional or casual. If you want a brand that will fulfill all of your needs plus more, Steelseries will be able to do that. With their compatibility, comfort, connectivity options, and price range, it’s hard to call anyone else the best gaming headset brand.

Written by Alyssa Batzer

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