Brave Frontier Tier List

Brave Frontier Tier List

Ever daydream about the best team of heroes you would want to lead into battle? Well, the dream can come to life when you play Brave Frontier, where the skilled heroes are put to the ultimate test and led by you (can’t take the pressure? No problem, below is a Brave Frontier tier list to help). There are over 400 heroes and over 500 missions to be completed in this popular role-playing game. Worried your team might not have what it takes? You can play in auto mode and the heroes will play on their own with help from artificial intelligence. The heroes that already encompass special skills can receive more throughout the game. Nearly every mission can be won by killing the boss.

This game originated in Japan and was only originally accessible for IOS users. Since then, the game has been made available to many gamers over many platforms and is highly enjoyed in the gaming world. You can play with your friends or with other random gamers. New games can be overwhelming but you’re in the right place. Here’s a rundown of the six categories of players and the best of each group.

Hero List

The Hero’s are divided into six different tiers and by six different elements including fire, light, earth, water, dark, and thunder. As mentioned before, there are hundreds of heroes. With that, only the best of the best from each tier will be listed below. It may not be a full list, but it is a great introduction to the game that will give you a better understanding of the heroes. Heroes can also be referred to as players or characters.

S Tier

Many players in this group not only excel in their specialties but are all around powerful, being the best of the best. Here are some of those players from all six categories:

Fire – Azius, Desert, Inoko, Paradise, and Nyami 

Light – Ken kaneki, Ptah, Peter, Sidonie and Avyn

Earth – Tarok, Yasna, Osiris, Armaiti, and Sasha

Water – Aoife, Gisele, Hilda, Meryl, and Milly

Dark – Orochi, Vohu, Set, Evie, and Noxa

Thunder – Ma’at, Echo, Paris, Vash, and Miriam

A Tier

Although these players are not as skilled, they complement the S team well. These characters do well in their specialties and can do well elsewhere but not as consistently as S Tier players. They make mistakes and have flaws, but are far from the worst. Here are some of those players from all six categories:

Fire – Czorag, Ultor, Annette, Zeis, and Ellie

Light – Odin, Persenet, Kelsa, Karna Masta, and Sero- Anya

Earth – Ulagan, Lydia, Andaria, Elaina, and Gwenevere

Water – Charlie, Tridon, Sennie, Vail and Vidron

Dark – Berserk, Ezra, Lico, Theodor, and Savei

Thunder – Sheriff, Bonnie, Long, Kassia, and Zelion

B Tier

This group is decent in their very niche skills but could potentially hinder the whole group. They often perform below average but are worth having for specific scenarios. Here are some of those players from all six categories:

Fire -Morgana, Brigadier Buck, Sun Tse, Azurai, and Ludero

Light – Joshua, Kyria, Solos, Juno Seto, and Alan

Earth – Nia, Avani, Nyala, Mordlim, and Hisui

Water – May, Medina, Elimo, Viviane, and Orah

Dark – Galtier, Katerin, Cardes, Merlin, and Neferet

Thunder – Daltisk, Razak, Crash, Ordine, and Rhoa

C Tier

Tier C players can get you through some missions but consider yourself warned to not use them in competitive play. Here are some of those players from all six categories:

Fire – Korzan, Baelfyr, Michele, Dillith, and Agnia Afla

Light – Rinon, Ark, Carroll, Reseus, and Zekt

Earth – Phileine, Frigg, Gandrei, Daros, and Baro

Water – Florence, Savia, Selena, Auberi, and Vaisal

Dark – Zero, Shida, Zenia, Lunaris, and Elza

Thunder – Behemoth, Vashi, Eleanor, Lid, and Becstain

D Tier

Think before selecting these players. They can have their advantages but you have to be very specific about how you use them and whether it is worth it or not. Here are some of those players from all six categories:

Fire – Avant, Jakra, Rahotep, Claire, and Mai Shiranui

Light – Lara, Janice, Gaston, Atro, and Mel

Earth – Terry, Lanza, Quaid, Freed, and Gyras

Water – Zeleste, Camilla, Stein, Zalts, and Kula

Dark – Kikuri, Haido, Mizo, Kafka, and Alice

Thunder – Licht, Rize, Eze, Fizz, and Benimaru

F Tier

It is safe to say this is the lowest-performing group however, they still have standout players, here are some of those top players from all six categories:

Fire – Shura, Lyonnesse, Sol, Vargas, and Barbara

Light – Elphelt, Athena, Asamiya, Logi, and Diastima

Earth – Daze, Nimune, Lance, Ragzbyul, and Nimune

Water – Verne, Amu, Iris, Azami, and Charlotte

Dark – Luina, Gregor, Iori, Mard Geer, and Ihsir

Thunder – Viktor, Zora, Rayla, Ky, and Draegar

Start Playing Today

Units that are extremely weak or seasonal are not shown above. Brave Frontier likes to keep their players interested and they do so by not giving you the best of the best players but also not handing you the worst. Even when you win a mission it leaves you craving more and wanting to win with full S Tier units. Are you ready to start?

Written by: Karlee Stevenson

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