Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

Anyone who’s brave and loves a good journey will love playing the game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. With so many different character options to build your team, the possibilities will be endless and you will have loads of fun choosing fighters, exploring the world, and battling monsters. Luckily, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier lists have so much content online that will certainly help when first choosing characters. Like a lot of other games, each character has their own skillset which is detailed in each tier list, this allows you to know what every character’s strengths are and if they are worth adding to your party.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius takes place in a world called Lapis where two cultures live and it is the player’s responsibility to take one’s side and restore balance into the world using their carefully selected characters. If you choose to have a team, they are usually made up of five characters with three being active and maybe two supporting to sit out and help after a battle. The tiers are ranked in a specific way so it is clear which fighters will work best for dungeon exploring or one on one fighting. They are not ranked by which ones you should or shouldn’t use, the list is mostly for players to know which characters are worth more time and will be more beneficial in the long run. The game takes a lot of strategy which is only acquired after playing for a very long time. That being said, some tier lists are made by people with a ton of experience who want to share their character rankings so newer players can have the insight they may not have had when starting the game. One huge aspect of gameplay is collecting the characters as you progress, this is what makes it fun and exciting. There is also a lot of creativity involved since it is up to the person playing to pick the team they think will be most efficient.


Similar to other realm exploring games, the highest rank of character is the S tier, and within Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the S tier characters are very good to find and should definitely be used if you get the chance to collect one. They are described as “overpowered” so they will of course be an asset to any team and a great character to collect. The next best tier is the A tier which also contains characters that you may want to collect and use for one on one battles or just for their strengths within the game itself. A and S tier characters will be the best ones to build on after collecting so have an easier time getting through the game. A lot of strategy is necessary for this part because the player has to choose which ones to build on and pick who will work best for their team, whether they need them for exploring dungeons or active fighting.


Tier lists are also very helpful for planning ahead of time because some people do like doing that if they are serious enough about the game. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius uses tier lists because with the complexity of the game, other players know that it can be easier to strategize if people already know which characters will be more worthwhile for the tasks at hand. Of course, any good fighting game needs support people or the other players may continuously die depending on the situation in the game. Also, knowing each character’s abilities, such as physical attacker, magical attacker, support, debuffer, magical tank, or physical tank, is important since the basis of the game is to collect characters while exploring so knowing their abilities can make it easier to choose if one character will do better on their own or a team, and if they do have any weaknesses, what are they. Strengths are also good to know, especially their fighting attacks because you don’t want to be figuring out the attacks mid-battle, that is a sure way to lose. However, both of those things are important if the player wants to have a strategic plan for their team and the units they will add. The more experience playing, the easier it is to pick which units because you will know which characters did well and have good attack controls and which ones are maybe not very useful for a specific task in the game.


The tier lists are made for people to use them and have a little more understanding of why the characters have certain rankings. This can be especially helpful for someone who is just starting and does not know about each specific skill the characters have. For example, a 7-star character is significantly stronger than the rest and is worth collecting which is noted in the tier lists. Most S tier units have 7 stars which guarantees that they are worth building on, and other tiers may have 7-star units like tier D, but they only have a few. Tiers don’t have to be organized by all the best characters or all the worst ones together, for this game, they are organized by synergy and how well the group of units works together in the game. This is important to know since the game is heavy on teams while mixing various skills into one-tier.

Written by: Adriana Cavicchi

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