Brawlhalla Tier List

Brawlhalla Tier List 

Do you enjoy games that allow you to brawl with people all over the world, whether it’d be with people you know or not? With similar aspects as to Nintendo’s hit game, Super Smash Bros., Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game on Steam published by Ubisoft. It has been garnering a large, ever-growing gaming community with its many notable collaborations with Cartoon Network and just being downright addictingly fun!  Our Brawlhalla tier list based on collected data can give beginners an insight on where to start and who to play.

What Kind of Game is Brawlhala?

There are many reasons why Brawlhalla has caught the attention of a vast audience; starting with Cartoon Network’s crossover with the game. These can include characters and backdrops from famous shows such as Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Ben10, and many more to come. The crossovers offer the players many lovable characters to play and beautiful sceneries to brawl amongst their opponents. 

Aside from having Cartoon Network crossovers as a treat to their community, Brawlhalla had organized various tournaments that offered prize money. This upcoming tournament for the 2022 Winter Championship has a cash prize of $100,000. It is going to kickstart internationally with South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Almost anyone can join or watch the tournament stream.

Whether you plan on joining the tournament, or not, here are some pointers when starting Brawlhalla.  

Understanding The Different Tiers in Brawhala 

When choosing your character or weapon in Brawlhalla, you need to figure out what would give you an advantage over the other players. The saying “all things are not equal” applies here. Certain combinations of weapons and characters’ abilities can increase your chances of winning. The main goal of Brawhalla is to get your opponents off the platform, after all. Having this tier list could help kickstart your victories. 

Brawlhalla: S Tier 

Starting with these characters, they are highly reliable, well-rounded in stats, such as speed and strength, and one of the best of the best in the game. 


Scarlet is a Victorian steampunk-inspired character; her weapons are enhanced with steam powers. 

Weapons: Hammer and Launch Rocket


Ulgirm is the son of a craftsman of Asgard, Ivaldi. He can harness the power of his father’s creation, especially his ax. Ulgrim has high levels of defense. 

Weapons: Axe and Hammer 


Orion is a Golden Knight, named to be one the greatest warriors in Valhalla. He has an incredible defense, speed, and dexterity. 

Weapons: Launch Rocket and Spear 


Teros is a minotaur that wields a hammer and ax. His nature as a ferocious fighter comes from having to battle for many years of his life. 

Weapons: Axe and Hammer

Brawlhalla: A Tier 

Although the next set of characters is not as strong as the others, they are still an amazing option to play. Not only that, they are easier to learn how to use. 


Gnash is one of the variants of a Homo sapiens but dressed in a tiger’s skin. He specializes in hammers and spears, as Gnash is naturally a hunter.

Weapons: Hammer and Spear 

Sir Roland

Sir Roland is a knight with an English theme. With strong defenses, he endured many battles for over fifty years. 

Weapons: Rocket Launch and Sword 

Lord Vraxx 

As an intergalactic warlord Lord Vraxx created an empire with fear and a very large military. 

Weapons: Launch Rocket and Pistols 


Brynn is a beautiful angel-inspired woman from Asgard trained to be a great warrior. 

Weapons: Axe and Spear

Brawlhalla: B Tier 

This set of characters are good fighters with amazing stats, but you should practice before you consider joining a tournament with them. They are very much still enjoyable to play.  


Zariel is a celestial warrior on a mission from the god of Palladium.

Weapons: Gauntlets and Arch

Queen Nai 

Queen Nai is a ruler of an Aztec empire; she is also known as the jaguar queen amongst her people.

Weapons: Spear and Blades


Kor is a stone golem, allowing him to have incredible strength and range due to his limbs not being connected to his physical body.

Weapons: Gauntlets and Hammer 


Sentinel is a hero that wields a hammer of justice. With his intelligence and determination, he fights countless villains to save the day. 

Weapons: Hammer and Blades 


Azoth is a king of death that swore for his kingdom to forever stand with the power of dark magic. 

Weapons: Arch and Axe


Ragnir is a dragon that has a body of a human and can breathe fire.

Weapons: Blade and Axe

Wu Shang 

Wu Shang is a traveling monk that seeks redemption from his dark, violent, mysterious past. 

Weapons: Gauntlets and Spear

Brawlhalla: C Tier 

Characters on this tier have a lower amount of value in abilities considering their other counterparts in the previous tiers. They are still very fast and have a longer range in combat. They could suit you more compared to the previously listed characters. 


Barraza is the Lord of the Waste Land with a diesel heart. He lives in an apocalypse ruled by nanobots. 

Weapons: Axe and Pistol


Diana is named after the Roman goddess of the hunt and wild animals. This can be reflected in her specialty with long-range weapons. She is a well-trained monster hunter feared by the supernatural world. 

Weapons: Pistols and Bow 


Ember is a skilled immortal archer from the enchanted forest of Fangwild. She was taught by her father to be swift and brave as a hunter.

Weapons: Bow and Blades 


From a very young age, Kaya was always known to be very skilled with a spear in her tribe. She holds great responsibility for her tribe due to her great powers.

Weapons: Spear and Arch 


Xull is an orc that is praised to be an Iron commander. He led an army to fight against the troll army and prevailed. 

Weapons: Cannon and Axe


Sidra the Corsair queen is one of the very few that wields a cannon in her style. Her and her monster crew fight across all oceans with raids and rulings of their own. 

Weapons: Cannon and Sword 


Coming from the Glades of Dreams as a champion, Rayman has fought against his arch-nemesis, Mr. Dark. In doing so, he saved his people. 

Weapons: Gauntlet and Axe


Known as the Ghost in the Machine, Ada comes from trained operations created by baby food corporations. She specializes in real-time combat and urban warfare. 

Weapons: Pistols and Spears 


As the Marshall of the Old West, Cassidy is a dual wielder of pistols used to uphold justice that she holds dearly to heart. 

Weapons: Pistols and Portillo 


As the Madman of Barbados, Thatch is a pirate that won his ship from the Devil. He is a pirate that thirsts after mayhem and alcohol. 

Weapons: Sword and Pistols 


Cross is also known as the Dealmaker because he is a demonic mobster that survived a mafia crackdown by the police back during the 1950s in New York. 

Weapons: Pistols and Gauntlet 


Known as the “Answer”, Artemis has her powers granted by “Will of the Universe”. 

Weapons: Scythe and Rocket Launch


Caspian is a prince that is known to be a master thief. Not only does he steal hearts, but he also steals many valuable relics from many kingdoms. 

Weapons: Blades and Orb 


Fait is a witch that specializes in celestial matters, as she is the Star Speaker. With her powers, she can command the stars. 

Weapons: Scythe and Orb 

Brawlhalla: D Tier 

This tier of characters does have remarkable designs but their statistics and abilities are quite lacking. It is hard to recommend them when the other characters are available. 


Known as the Dune Weaver, Mirage comes from a desert region that grants her the power to manipulate sand at will. 

Weapons: Sytche and Gauntlets 


A ravenous werewolf, Mordex is on a quest to destroy all monster hunters he encounters. 

Weapons: Sytche and Gauntlets


Lucien was a notorious highwayman during the French Revolution. He would conduct kidnappings, robberies, art forgeries, or anything that can guarantee him wealth and power. 

Weapons: Blades and Pistols 


Asuri is a guardian for her village, she fights to protect her loved ones in the village and for territory. 

Weapons: Blades and Sword 


Coming from a barbarian tribe, Jhala’s strength and rage keep her very powerful. It allows her to fight against vampires, monsters, and other foes that threaten her tribe. 

Weapons: Sword and Axe


As an unconquered Viking, Bodvar harnesses great power through physical strength alone. He ended a war by trapping his enemy within a volcano. 

Weapons: Hammer and Sword 


Nix is a wandering reaper that collects the powerful and lost souls on the mortal plane. 

Weapons: Scythe and Pistols 

Brawlhalla: F Tier 

These characters are best to be avoided. Many characters may have redeemable traits but not them. Choosing them would likely lead to a losing streak rather than a winning streak. 


Jiro is a Shogun trained to work with the shadows which gives him swift abilities, but it was too much for him to handle. This caused him to run away from home and only stay in the shadow realm. 

Weapons: Sword and Sythe 


Dusk is named to be one of the elves’ worst enemies. They truly regret never killing Dusk because of the havoc he brings. 

Weapons: Spear and Orb 


Hattori is gifted with great swordsmanship; many would come from distant lands to challenge her. If they won, they would receive a price. Sadly, none have won. 

Weapons: Sword and Spear 

Brawlhalla Tier List Conclusion  

Whether you play Brawlhalla competitively or casually, there is no denying that the game is super fun, engaging, and enjoyable. What makes this game so enticing is that it’s familiar and easily downloadable for a vast audience. The Cartoon Network’s crossovers with Brawlhalla is another unforgettable aspect of this game. Picking a character is only a small part of it, but it can help the experience and increase your chances of winning. 

Written By: Amy Phan

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