Can you run with wireless headphones?

Can You Run With Wireless Headphones?

Can you run with wireless headphones? With wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled or having to secure them with an armband so they won’t fall out. Though many may still be wondering if they are safe or it is effective when exercising. Since most smartphones, today have a Bluetooth setting you can certainly enjoy a good run with wireless headphones. The wireless headphones are also more likely to be compatible with your listening device as most OEMs have moved away from the audio jack.

Can you run with wireless headphones?
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Stability: Over-ear vs in-ear

Whether you prefer over-ear or in-ear headphones, find a pair with good stability for running. They should fit snugly without having to be adjusted frequently. Choosing wireless headphones that will fit on or in your ears securely for the duration of your run is key. This may result in some discomfort for those who are running extremely long distances, although it shouldn’t be a concern for runs lasting around one hour.  

For those looking to get in a serious run or workout stability should be the top concern. Nothing makes a run more enjoyable than using high-quality headphones. Especially ones that fit just right; not too tight or too loose in your ears. 

Some wireless over-ear headsets have great sound quality, but many of them just don’t clamp onto one’s head securely enough for a run. The in-ear headphones are the better option for those who are trying to focus on their workout. The Bose Soundsport headphones, for example, are much less likely to fall out or require adjustments. Having to readjust a headset multiple times during a run is not ideal, and it can be bothersome. 


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You may want to avoid wireless headphones that leave you totally shut off your environment; especially if you’re going to be unaccompanied during your run. Naturally, getting headphones that are a good fit is important, though it’s also important to get a secure pair which you can hear some external noise with as well.

As fun as it is to run with wireless headphones one of the cons is safety. You may wonder why people run without headphones in, and the reason is more than likely safety. It is definitely harder to pay attention to your environment while listening to some of your favorite jams, although one can still remain safe while doing so. There are just a few important tips to remember. 

You may want to consider buying headphones that let in some ambient noise so that you can still be aware of your surroundings while running. Being able to tune out the world and hear nothing but your favorite songs would be nice, but this is necessarily a safe way to get in the zone. Many runners prefer bone conduction headphones for the same reason as they are still able to hear cars, people, and their general surroundings.

Keep in mind, it can be very dangerous in busy areas with lots of traffic or pedestrians to completely tune out your surroundings. The feeling of being in the zone or more in-tune kudos to your new playlist is not worth putting your safety at risk. Being able to hear what’s happening around you is the best way to enjoy a good run with your wireless headphones.

Better Running Experience

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Experts believe that a pair of headphones is a big help on a run because the body does not feel as if it’s working as hard. To add to that, enjoying some tunes while running is known to speed up the recovery process. Even for those who are perhaps trying to set a new PR, some wireless headphones could be a big difference maker in your running experience.

My brother always felt that he was in a better headspace for running when he chose music with a beat that synced up with his own running pace. Evidently, selecting the right style of music is a key factor for one’s experience. For instance, there may be more strenuous or difficult stretches of your run in which you just want to slow both your body and music to move at a slower pace.

Wireless headphones boost mood and performance

Music has an intuitive effect on us, and doctors agree that using wireless headphones is a good way to enhance one’s mood during a long run. Who doesn’t want to be in a good mood when they run? Such optimism and happiness makes it easier to get through the difficult stretches of a workout.

Of course there are going to be purists out there who prefer to run without the distraction of music, however studies have shown you can train your body to run just as well if not better with the help of music. Instead of being a distraction, the rhythm and beat of the music can boost a runner’s mood and level of concentration.

Can you run with wireless headphones? – Conclusion

Overall, wireless headphones can be used to improve your workout without greatly jeopardizing your safety. Just make sure to get reliable headphones that let in some external noise and won’t fall out, so you can get the most out of your run. 

Written by Adrian Tennant

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