Civilization 6 Tier List

Civilization 6 Tier List 

Everyone loves a challenge. A challenge that keeps them on their toes and makes them wonder what could happen next, which is why this Civilization 6 tier list was created. For gamers, that challenge is when a game is constantly evolving as they play, and Civilization 6 is exactly that. It is a game that continually updates, so you never know if your civilization will be successful or crumble underneath your feet. But isn’t this the reason why gamers love to play? For the thrill of what could happen next?

Civilization 6 is a thrill with 53 different territories and dozens of leaders that could conquer them. With all of these lands and leaders, it can get confusing which civilization is the best choice for you. This Civilization 6 Tier List will distinguish between who are some of the best leaders and which land makes the top civilization.

Which land will you conquer? 

Choosing a territory to begin your civilization is imperative to your success. Below is a tier list of the civilizations, starting with S-Tier (the most powerful land) and ending with D-Tier (the weakest). We will be listing the top 2 territories in each tier. Let’s find your civilization!


  • Japan 

In any style of play, Japan is the best territory to be successful. This land adapts to the player, creating multiple ways to be victorious. Japan has a special ability called Divine Wind, which allows the land to build Encampments, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares in a shorter amount of time than other territories. This allows for you to get a massive head start on the other players in the land.

Another bonus of Japan is you gain +5 extra points to your Combat Strength when battling on shallow water tides and coastal.

  • Russia 

This territory is recommended when you are looking to expand quickly. Russia gains five additional tiles for each town they find, and by doing so, it helps your civilization find resources to support itself.

Another huge benefit in this territory is that Russia is immune to Blizzards, but any players fighting on their land gain up to +100% damage from the storms.


  • Gran Colombia

This civilization leans towards domination victory, meaning when in battle with others, this land has its advantages that will sway the battle to your civilization. Also, each leader in this territory has a special ability. Such as, entering a new era grants the players a Comandante General. This grants +5 Combat Strength units to all of the land within 2 tiles of them.

  • Sumerian 

When just starting in a new world, this territory has one of the strongest War-Carts in all the civilizations. This heavy cavalry has the mightiest units in the entire game, and it also receives no combat penalties, which will result in a fairly easy take down of anyone who challenges you to a battle.

This civilization can also declare war on any territories around them without getting a warmonger penalty.


  • England 

This territory functions as a colonial power that builds greater success when it colonizes continents other than where it began. The first city you build in different continents, you will get a reward of +1 Trade Route capacity for that city. So the more cities you can create in other territories, the more successful you will be.

Whenever England trains Military Engineers, they get a large increase in Production, and the units themself receive +2 charges.

  • America 

In the late game, America can be unstoppable with the power that it has. This power house can result in many victories in different ways. All American units that are inside the home continent gain +5 Combat Strength with the Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt Persona, but not only that, you also get full rein on the Rough Rider cavalry.


  • Norway 

This territory in the past has struggled to be successful in civilizations, but it has evolved with updates that have given this land more benefits. Norwegians receive +50% of Production that support all naval melee units. These have the capability to raid coastal lines by default. Pillaging and coastal raiding also rewards the civilization of Science and Culture along with Gold and Faith. With these in their pockets, Norway has the options for a lot of different victory paths.

  • France 

Even in the world we live in today, France is known for its culture and style throughout history. Civilization 6 has also kept that theme of Cultural victory for this territory. It receives +20% of Production units towards Renaissance, Industrial Era Wonders, and Medieval that are built and created in your cities. If you establish Tourism from any of your Wonders, your units are automatically doubled.


  • Scotland 

This territory functions on pleasing their civilization to increase their Science and Production, but the +5% bonus is very limited. It can be doubled by keeping Ecstatic cities, but not much of a difference will be made.

  • Phoenicia 

This civilization can choose the way to their success as they go about the game, but they don’t specialize in anything that makes them stand apart from the others. At the beginning of the game, they have a bonus with Eureka for Writing, and it allows their Science to get a head start even though there are still limitations.

Civilization 6 Tier List: Pick your leader

With the top two civilizations listed above in each tier, now let’s determine who are the best leaders to choose in these territories. Each leader listed below has different abilities that will either bring your civilization up to the top, or make it crash and burn.

S-Tier Top Leaders 

  • Hojo Tokimune (Japan)
  • Alexander (Macedon)
  • Peter I (Russia)
  • Simón Bolívar (Gran Colombia)

A-Tier Top Leaders

  • Trajan (Rome)
  • Gorgo (Greece)
  • Gilgamesh (Sumeria)
  • Seondeok (Korea)

B-Tier Top Leaders 

  • Cleopatra (Egypt)
  • Catherine De Medici (France)
  • Teddy Roosevelt (America)
  • Dido (Phoenicia)

C-Tier Top Leaders 

  • Victoria (England)
  • Mansa Musa (Mali) 
  • Qin Shi Huang (China)

D-Tier Top Leaders

  • Robert the Bruce (Scotland) 

Begin your Civilization

This Civilization 6 Tier List of the lands and leaders will help you get started in this new world of opportunities. Find new and unique paths that can lead you to a successful land, and enjoy having the thrill of being a conqueror. It’s not every day you get to rule over a land. With Civilization 6, you get to experience what it could be like. The list above will help you begin your new world!

Written by: Miranda Cooks 

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