Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are what make the kitchen organized and functional, putting things in one place and expecting to find them the next time you are looking for that item. So when thinking about the cost to install kitchen cabinets themselves a price does not necessarily come to mind. You are thinking more about how much the food is going to be costing that is inhabiting the cabinets and not how much the cabinet is going to cost itself. Fortunately, cabinets often stay within a foot in length and this measurement acts as a baseline for how much materials will be needed. This makes it easier for the installers as well when discussing the cost to install kitchen cabinets. 

The Make-Up of a Kitchen Cabinet

When thinking of the different factors that make up a kitchen cabinet a few things come to mind. Firstly, there are pre-made cabinets aka RTA “Ready to assemble” cabinets that you can buy and have someone install which is by far the cheapest option. Even though this may be the cheapest option, it does not guarantee to always be a perfect fit since it is already made and causes problems down the road since the quality is cheap and flimsy. There are also custom and semi-custom cabinets that you can have geared towards your house’s aesthetic. Semi-custom tends to be the cheaper out of the two options. In this case, the people who you are having customize your cabinets will urge you to have them install them in your kitchen as well. This is convenient for you as well as the company installing them because they get more business and you do not have to look for another place. 

Prices to Organize Your Spices

If you are balling on a budget and do not want to pay more than 5,000 dollars which is the average cost to install kitchen cabinets maybe this is the way to go. This price was the price people found to get their cabinets redone last year, while the lowest can range to just under 2,000 dollars. If you are looking for some ways to save money you can try working with what you already have. Scrub them down, add some paint, and good as new! Creativity is key when trying to save money. You can also look at the lowest costing materials and start from there!

Materials + Size = Pleasing to the Eyes (Not the Pockets)

Materials and size are two constraints that can not be changed. Unless you are redoing your whole kitchen the size stays constant. The bigger the cabinet, the bigger the bill! If you happen to have a smaller kitchen they will usually charge you “per box” which is just a form of measurement. As for the material, it has to match the rest of the house so it remains cohesive. You have a little more say in what you like and dislike. If you have expensive taste, you could be knee-deep in hardwood and out of 25,000 dollars which is the most expensive material that it costs to install kitchen cabinets. Sometimes expensive is not the most reliable even though it looks the best. Make sure to do your research about the best material that is right for your home!

Labor Cost

If you think cabinets install themselves, then think again! Labor cost is not necessarily part of the job everyone thinks of, but it is the most important part. The effect the pandemic had on companies made fewer workers go out and install cabinets because of the risk it could have on their health; therefore the number of workers keeps going down and the cost to install them keeps going up. Like I said earlier companies can charge “per box” which is another term for saying per cabinet or charge based on how many linear feet are used to build the cabinet.

Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets: Conclusion 

Based on all this information you should be able to conduct how you want your kitchen cabinets to look. Doing it yourself may be the cheaper way, but in the long run, you want them done even if that is RTA. Think about the long term, because cabinets can have a lifetime of up to 60 years if everything is installed properly. Over these years people refer to cabinets for familiarity and organization within them is necessary for knowing where things are. People wake up in the morning expecting to find their favorite cereal and grab a bowl from their cabinet and this creates a sense of routine. Cabinets are practically planners for our food lives helping us make meals and organizing our lives. Even if cabinets’ insides are not the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen it does not mean they do not go unnoticed on the outside. 

Written by Angela Marie Fairman

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