Cost to Install Tiles

Cost to Install Tiles

Are you looking for a way to give your house a more modern look? Then look no further than installing tiles into your house! Tiles are a great way to give your house a more up-to-date look, as they are easy to maintain, have a variety of choices, and are quite durable, making them a standard choice for home remodeling. Keep reading to see what tile look you can add to your house and the cost to install tiles.

Important Factors Affecting the Cost to Install Tiles

Labor Costs

The cost for labor can range between $4-$32 per square foot, as the cost for the backsplashes and countertops can be $25-$32 per square foot and floor tiles can be $4-$14 per square foot. The square footage can also instead be calculated per hour, as some professionals do charge this way, so expect to be paying them between $30-$120 per hour of work depending on the project.

Area of Preparation And Size 

Due to the preparation that may be needed to do the tile project, the more work that is taken to prep the tile the more pricey the project could become. It also depends on what type of surface the tile is being installed on, as a smooth even surface would be cheaper for tile installation than getting tiles installed on a rough uneven surface.

Also if any sort of flooring that may need to be repaired and removed or countertops and walls that need to be fixed will substantially increase the cost of the project. With a project like a tile installation, the size of the area can have a significant impact on the cost. The bigger an area that needs to be tiled, the less cost there is per square foot.

Types of Tiles for Installation

Deciding what type of tile to use is very important in determining the cost, as it is essential in determining where the tile is placed and also the quality, strength, and where it would be used best.

Tile Type

The different tile types consist of:

Glass – It is a very delicate tile, which should not be used for floors or placed outside, but it can be great to place in a shower, backsplashes, and on a countertop. It can be available in earth tones that vary in colors like red, blue, gray, yellow, green, and brown. Priced at $5-$15 per square foot.

Vinyl – These types of tiles are available in many different colors, with wooden grains and stone patterns. It is a popular option that provides a stable walking surface and is quite durable. Priced at $1-$3 per square foot.

Porcelain – Seen as a more common type of tile but can cost more due to the fact it goes through a process of durability despite being a thinner type of tile. Porcelain is good for stain resistance and works great in areas where there is high moisture. Priced at $3-$10 indoors and upward of $35 outdoors. (Per square foot).

Wood Tile Porcelain – There are porcelain tiles that are made to look like wood in a rectangular shape but are still priced at square feet. This is a good choice for those who like the wooden appearance while enjoying the durability of the tiles. Priced at $3-$12 indoors and upward of $35 outdoors. (Per square foot).

Ceramic – Not as durable as porcelain but can be more budget-friendly for people who may not want to spend a lot of money. Ceramic tiles are great in that they are dent-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant and will also maintain their color even in direct sunlight. Priced at $0.50-$7 indoors per square foot.

Stone – These types are durable but are not as durable as other tiles like ceramic. They are cut into the shape that will fit into the space and make it very unique. Many are interested in stone tiles due to their variations of colors and the beauty that they can be placed on backsplashes and flooring and can be placed in flooring, especially in bathrooms. It is very susceptible to chips and scratches and usually needs to be maintained to prevent water damage and stains. Priced at $5-$35 per square foot.

Slate – Seen as a dark earthy material, it is available usually in dark gray but can be in a couple of mixtures of tan, green, brown, green, and possibly purple. It has a naturally grooved but can have a smooth sanded option. It is durable being able to stand the wear and tear daily. It is important to note that it can scratch easily so should be in bathrooms and the kitchen, but can be difficult to install due to the weight. Priced at $5-$15 indoors and upward of $35 outdoors. (Per square foot).

Rectified Tile – These are tiles that are cut after the firing process, where it is cut with precise measurements and edges, with there being many different styles in porcelain and ceramic. Some are drawn to rectified tiles since it allows for little grouting and if tiles are to be custom larger than normal. Priced at $0.50-$15 indoors and up to $35 outdoors. (Per square foot)

Cost to Install Tiles Final Remarks

Installing tiles in your house can be something that can breathe new life into your home and can bring your house up to date. It is quite an investment that is relatively low maintenance and can last for a long time, making it very sought after. Overall, adding tiles to your house would add a classic look to it and would allow for it to remain intact for quite some time, proving to be a most beneficial addition to your home.

Written by: Jared Rodriguez

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