Better known to the general public as our beloved wiener dogs – these friendly hunters have personalities much bigger than their bodies. The Dachshund was originally bred to hunt badgers, but has found itself at the top of our favorite dog breeds, just because they’re so cute! Finding the right breed for your situation can be a hard task to overcome. Discussed below will be their personality, their health, and who should adopt one of these pups! We’re giving you a better insight into what life with these furry friends is like.

The Personality

Dachshunds are well known for being energetic and full of life. They tend to be trainable with work, on an average level compared to other breeds. They work best with positive reinforcement training, rewards like treats or praise work best. They are often eager to please their owners! Their energy level will range from dog to dog, but for the most part they are flexible to go on runs with, or hang out and watch TV with you.

These dogs love to cuddle – but also, love to talk. Dachshunds are typically on the more vocal side. They want to tell you how they feel… even when we think it may be unnecessary. It is not abnormal to see your Dachshund sitting in the window barking at those passing by. Dachshunds also may be prone to chew on your shoes or pillows, sniff around in your cupboards, and other curious activities to keep them busy. They are hunters, after all. So, if your Dachshund is left unattended for too long, you may find yourself not too happy when arriving home. These dogs are also known for being very intelligent! 

The Health

With proper care and a good diet, a Dachshund is expected to live relatively around 12 to 16 years. One of the biggest things to look out for with this breed is if they are to become overweight, multiple health issues may occur. Their backs are long and prone to damage if the dog is to become overweight or does not exercise a proper amount.

And in addition to these risks, Dachshunds also have long ears, which are prone to infection if not cleaned on a regular and timely basis. Overall, the health of a Dachshund is better than average among most breeds, of course, as long as the dog is taken care of. Grooming is also not much of an issue, as they typically have medium to short coats that require minimal maintenance and low shedding tendencies. 

Pros and Cons of The Dachsund

So, let’s look at some overall pros and cons of this breed. Beginning with the cons, this breed tends to be mouthy. So, in a family with a newborn baby, this breed may not be the right choice. Along with their loud bark, they also have a bite. An owner that will not be home very often or have arrangements made may struggle to take care of their Dachshund as they require a lot of attention, or they may entertain themselves by chewing up your belongings.

These dogs, like most other breeds, will take some work to train. But, it is not impossible to do with the proper tools and methods. One may see their size as a con, simply due to the fact that proper attention must be paid to their weight. If weight gain is out of control, health issues may become a problem. If the owner can assure to walk their Dachshund at least once a day, this should not be an issue.

There are plenty of pros to choosing this breed as well! One of the biggest pros is that Dachshunds are extremely loyal and affectionate. At the end of a long day, you can depend on your doxie to be curled up in your lap. They aren’t extremely fussy in terms of maintenance in grooming or health. Dachshunds, with the right care and amount of exercise, are extremely healthy and long-living breeds, which make for great family pets. Another point to look at is that the food intake of a Dachshund will be much less, and therefore much cheaper than that of larger breeds. This also makes Dachshunds safer to have around kids and fewer worries about jumping on strangers!

Dachshund Conclusion

Dachshunds make great pets for those who are ready to commit to caring for a pet. These dogs are amazing sidekicks and will leave you smiling every day. In conclusion, they are relatively low-maintenance pets as long as the bare minimum upkeep is done. They are small, so fit into a much larger scope of peoples’ lives. If you want a dog that will run with you, cuddle with you, and sing along to your favorite Taylor Swift song with you, a Dachshund may be just the right fit!

Written By:

Jena Zahdeh

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