How Much to Build a Garage

How Much to Build a Garage

Do you want to add incredible value to your property?

Adding a garage to your home can add a lot of value. On average, how much to build a garage in your home will run you between $16,000 and $38,000 in the United States. The most common cost is around $27,000 for a new garage. There are plenty of ways to customize garages to fit your home design, or make them more affordable!

Cost to Build a Garage

Typical Range: $16,000 to $38,000

National Average: $27,000

It is common to spend about 40 to 70 dollars per square foot for a standard garage that doesn’t have many upgrades. Garage styles can vary from having unfinished drywall, to having walls insulated and with built-in cabinetry. Another way to decipher how expensive your garage plan will be is whether you want an attached or a detached garage. An attached garage will usually cost you less to build than a detached garage. But, both are decently similar in price.

The main cost of building a garage is the foundation and roof. An attached garage will typically cost about 10-15% less than a detached garage, usually due to the fact that electrical wiring can be shared with the home. In a detached garage, additional wiring may have to be laid. Including new wiring can cost about $6-$10 per square foot.

Size and Number of Garage Doors

As stated before, you can expect to pay between $40 – $70 per square foot. A single garage that is attached is the most affordable option for a garage addition to your home. This would usually be around 240-380 square feet. The most popular option for a garage is a 2-car garage.


Some areas may require your contractor to obtain a permit to construct your garage. This depends on laws and local regulations. A permit is an additional cost you may want to consider, which could possibly run you about $200-$1500. This cost is billed to you, not your contractor.


Labor for building a garage will also be a huge chunk of the cost, as it is a very large task. Construction labor for building your new garage will probably be around 50-70% of the final price tag. Inquiring for quotes from multiple contractors is a way to mitigate overpaying in labor. But also, cheap labor is not always good labor. Be sure to do research in this area.


When considering costs for building a garage, consider if you may want windows. Windows will allow for less cost in lighting, but which option is cheaper depends on your preferences. Windows provide nice natural lighting in a garage. Most quotes will not automatically include the cost of including windows, so you must inquire about this before construction. A window may cost between $200-$1200 depending on size and kind. Without including windows, more will likely be spent on lighting fixtures. 


As stated before, the foundation of the garage is one of the most important parts of constructing the space. And most of the time, this component will take up most of the finalized costs. The cost of the foundation for your garage will ultimately depend on how big it will be. Based on average costs, a garage foundation runs for about $150 per cubic yard or a total of $1500 to $8500.


Roofing can also be a pricey part of building a new garage for your home. An average roof for a garage may cost homeowners between $1000 to $10000. These costs depend greatly on the size of the roof, the style of the roof, and even potential features, such as lights or skylights. Price may or may not be quoted with labor. Labor for roofing is also a cost to consider.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Once you have the main idea of how you want your garage to look, based on size, shape, and type, it is time to look into what extra features you may require to have a purposeful garage for your space. One very common addition to a new garage is a garage door opener, so that you can open your door without leaving the car. A garage door opener may add a lot of value, especially to buyers who prioritize convenience. This addition isn’t crazy expensive, you can probably imagine paying around $250-$475. Other things like plumbing or HVAC will be more expensive additions.

How Much to Build a Garage Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a lot of various costs that may go into constructing the perfect garage for your space and property. Everyone has different desires and dream homes. With careful consideration of the costs we have listed here, you can make an informed decision about what kind of garage you may want to build to add a huge amount of value to your home. These costs are customizable depending on your specific needs. 

Written by: Jena Zahdeh

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