Dead by Daylight Best and Worst Killers

Dead by Daylight Best and Worst Killers

Horror games have been dominating the video game world for years, and the addition of the 2016 game “Dead by Daylight” has gamers everywhere excited. The game allows one player to act as the ‘Killer’ while up to 4 others act as the ‘Survivors’, with the ultimate goal of outlasting the other players. One of the most notable aspects of the game is the Killers from which the players can choose, with each having their own unique set of perks and powers. Today, we will be ranking the Dead by Daylight best and worst killers to help you find your ideal player. 

Top 5 Worst Killers  

Starting with the weaker characters, these killers do not pack too much of a punch. Although they possess powers that could certainly catch an unsuspecting survivor off guard, these killers are no match compared to others available in the game. 

The Trapper

As one of the first killers to be introduced into the game, the Trapper used to be a crowd favorite. As new, more horrifying characters were brought into the game, his popularity died out. The Trapper’s power is the bear traps his character possesses, yet he can only carry 2 traps at a time and the damage from them is minimal. It is certainly possible to successfully take down survivors as the Trapper, but he is one of the weaker characters. 

The Pig

The Pig is one of the more terrifying characters, as she possesses a power called ‘Jigsaw’s Baptism.’ This allows her to place timer traps on the heads of the survivors which must be removed before the timer runs out. The downside to this power is the fact that the traps take a significant amount of time to place on survivors and the traps can be removed if a survivor reaches a jigsaw box on the map. Despite the seemingly amazing power, the downsides of it bring The Pig down in the ranks in comparison to other killers in the game.

The Trickster

The Trickster is notably one of the least popular killers in Dead by Daylight. Although he possesses a relatively cool power of being able to throw blades at survivors, his lack of popularity is largely due to how slow he is. This weakness allows survivors to easily be able to attack and can make the Trickster a very hard character to win with. 

The Shape

The Shape is based on the popular killer Michael Myers and shares his weakness of moving slowly. This character possesses a power called ‘Stalk’ in which the killer gains power as he stalks survivors, but it takes a long time to be able to successfully use this power. The Shape has been known to be a frustrating and slow-paced character leaving him at the bottom of the ranks for killers. 

The Twins

The Twins are the only character that allows you to play as 2 separate people. Although this may sound like an advantage, it can become very confusing to new players and is very hard to master. The Twins, Charlotte and Victor, both possess very different abilities and can be extremely useful when used correctly. Using these players ultimately requires a lot of skill and knowledge. The Twins are interesting characters, but not a go-to. 

Top 5 Best Killers 

Now that we have covered some of the less desirable characters in the game, it is time to talk about some of the crowd favorites. With some of the best powers and capabilities, these killers are sure to win against even the best survivors. 

The Spirit

Undeniably one of the most popular characters, The Spirit possesses the ability to leave her body and play from the spiritual realm. When in the spiritual realm, The Spirit is not able to be seen by survivors giving her a massive advantage. The Spirit can also move significantly faster while outside of her body and, when used efficiently, she is one of the most deadly killers. 

The Nurse

Another wildly popular character, the Nurse, can be one of the most terrifying killers when used correctly. She possesses the ability to ‘blink’ and quickly travel from one point to another. When being used, she can collect add-ons and blink further distances. This type of speed makes her extremely hard to see coming and gives her a significant upper hand. 

The Oni

The Oni is one of the most deadly killers in the game, but also one of the easiest to use. The power The Oni possesses is called ‘Yamaoka’s Wrath’ and allows him to absorb blood from survivors. Once he absorbs enough blood, he can move very quickly and attack with such power that it can be fatal to a survivor with one attack. Due to these abilities, The Oni earns his place in the top 5. 

The Hag

The Hag is one of the more popular trap killers in Dead by Daylight. She is somewhat difficult to learn to use, but once you master her abilities you can easily trap an entire team of survivors. Her power allows her to set up to 10 traps at once making her an extremely hard killer to play against. 

The Nightmare

Based on the infamous killer Freddy Krueger, The Nightmare is one of the most timeless characters. He was one of the first killers in the game but has remained popular because of his character’s speed and ability to not be seen. The Nightmare is one of the more deadly killers and is relatively easy to use, making him a crowd favorite. 

Dead by Daylight Best and Worst Killers: A Conclusion

Now that we have gone over the top picks of the game as well as characters to avoid, you’re ready to play as a successful killer. While these aren’t all of the killers featured in Dead by Daylight, these top picks will be sure to help you decide which character is the best fit for you. Happy gaming! 

Written by: Neely Campany

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